News and Multimedia from 2005

UN Human Rights Officials Demand Ecuador Protect Plaintiffs in Chevron Lawsuit

17 November 2005

This 2005 letter from human rights officials at the UN to Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Relations expressed concern over a pattern of harassment and serious threats directed at plaintiffs' legal team in the case against Chevron. The letter uged Ecuador's government to take necessary steps to protect the human rights of the targets of this campaign of intimidation.     Read more...

Ecuador Plaintiffs Allege Threat

10 November 2005 | Oil Daily

Threats have been made against the Ecuadorian leaders of an environmental lawsuit against Chevron and an international human rights commission should step in to help, says a petition filed Tuesday.     Read more...

"Crude Reflections" Comes to San Francisco

Photo Exhibit Documents Chevron's Toxic Devastation of Ecuadorian Amazon
10 November 2005 | Amazon Watch

Crude Reflections: ChevronTexaco's Rainforest Legacy, a photo exhibit documenting the human and environmental impacts of Chevron's devastating toxic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon, will open at San Francisco City Hall on November 14.     Read more...

Threats Alleged in Ecuador Environmental Lawsuit against Chevron

8 November 2005 | Associated Press

Threats have been made against the Ecuadorean leaders of an environmental lawsuit against Chevron Corp., and an international human rights commission should step in to help, says a petition filed Tuesday.     Read more...

Press Release on the Legal Petition

8 November 2005 | Amazon Watch

Ecuador leaders in Chevron lawsuit say their lives are in danger. Protection sought from death threat and break-in in $6 billion oil case.     Read more...

Petition to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

In November 2005, Amazon Watch and Ecuadorian leaders from the affected communities filed a legal petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, part of the Organization of American States. The petition sought protection for human rights leaders involved in the case against Chevron in Ecuador, following death threats and a break-in.     Read more...

Chevron Winners Urged to Return Conservation Cash

Don't Let Chevron Dodge Rainforest Abuses, Warns Amazon Watch
3 November 2005 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's Ecuador problem came back to haunt it again today as the six recipients of the company's "conservation" awards received a letter from an environmental group asking them to return their cash prizes to the oil giant.     Read more...

Chevron Rejects Liability Claim

31 October 2005

US supermajor Chevron has failed to disclose a potential multibillion dollar liability over alleged environmental contamination in Ecuador's Amazon jungle, according to the environmental organization AmazonWatch.     Read more...

Chevron's 'Conservation' Awards: Greenwashing Oil Disaster Away

28 October 2005 | Amazon Watch

Chevron (formerly Texaco) will host its 51st Annual Conservation Awards tonight. Aimed at burnishing the corporation's environmental credentials, the ceremony will avoid any mention of the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...

Chevron Fails to Live Up to Corporate Responsibility Rhetoric

Amazon Watch Letter to Chevron CEO
28 October 2005 | Amazon Watch

This 2005 letter to Chevron CEO David O'Reilly urges him to commit his company to a full clean-up of its toxic legacy in Ecuador, thus living up to Chevron's high-minded rhetoric about corporate responsibility and concern for the environment.     Read more...