News and Multimedia from 2005

Chevron "Cover-Up" Exposed on the Eve of its Earnings Release

In Letter to Company, Amazon Watch Says Chevron Hiding Massive Liability in Ecuador
28 October 2005

Chevron was accused today of failing to disclose a potential multi-billion dollar liability in a growing scandal that raises major issues of corporate governance at the California-based oil giant.     Read more...

Chevron’s Massive Liability

Amazon Watch Letter to Chevron Lawyer
25 October 2005 | Amazon Watch

This 2005 letter to Chevron Vice President and General Counsel Edward B. Scott criticizes the company's position on the court case in Ecuador for denying overwhelming evidence of Chevron's liability as well as ignoring many of the key issues at stake.     Read more...

Rain Forest Jekyll and Hyde?

20 October 2005 | New York Times

On Oct. 28, during a gala ceremony at its headquarters in San Ramon, Calif., the company, which until May was known as ChevronTexaco, will honor the latest recipients of the annual Chevron Conservation Awards. Meanwhile, Chevron's lawyers are in Ecuador defending the company against charges that it contributed to one of the worst environmental disasters on the planet.     Read more...

Military Report on Cancellation of Guanta Inspection

20 October 2005

A judicial inspection at the Guanta petroleum separation station was cancelled in October 2005, on account of a supposed plan by local Cofán indigenous people to disrupt the inspection and take Chevron personnel hostage. In reality, the one page document alleging the existence of such a security threat seems to have been fabricated by military officials on behalf of Chevron, as there is no credible evidence that such a plan ever existed. This military report reveals the suspicious circumstances under which the Guanta inspection was cancelled.     Read more...

Amazon Indians say Texaco Left Damage

20 October 2005 | Associated Press

About 50 Cofan Indians, some holding handkerchiefs over their faces to fend off an acrid chemical stench, gathered around two contaminated open pits they say were left behind and never adequately cleaned up by the former Texaco Corp.     Read more...

Chevron Lawyers Fail to Show for Ecuador Court Date with Indians

In Secret Police Report, Chevron Claimed To Judge That Indians Whose Land The Company Contaminated Want To Kidnap Them
19 October 2005 | Amazon Watch

n last-minute maneuvering yesterday that had the apparent odor of corruption, Chevron lawyers managed to convince the Ecuador judge presiding over the environmental "trial of the century" to cancel a long-planned judicial site visit to the territory of a near-extinct indigenous tribe where several tribe members planned to testify against the company.     Read more...

100 Percent of Inspected Well Sites Show Contamination

Affected Communities Claim Chevron Dumped 30 Times More Oil than Exxon Valdez onto Lands
18 October 2005 | Amazon Watch

The latest results from Chevron's historic rainforest trial in Ecuador show the oil giant continues to lose ground to a group of indigenous tribes and jungle communities who have brought the first-ever environmental case against an American company in a rainforest court.     Read more...

Fighting for Survival, Rainforest Indians To Testify Against Chevron

With $6 Billion Liability, Chevron To Be Confronted By Leaders of Communities It Displaced Years Ago
30 Times More Crude Dumped Than Exxon Valdez

12 October 2005

Several survivors of Ecuador's Cofan indigenous group, forced off their ancestral lands by the oil operations of Texaco (now Chevron), are preparing to testify in the historic trial against the oil giant over an estimated $6 billion in environmental damages.     Read more...

Texaco Hid Contamination at Shushufindi

23 September 2005 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The month of September concluded with the judicial inspection of the central production station of Shushufindi, located a few kilometers from the municipality of Shushufindi in the province of Sucumbios.     Read more...

August 2005 Press Kit on Judicial Inspection Results

Scientific Results in Ecuador Trial Point to a Billion-Dollar Liability for Chevron
24 August 2005 | Amazon Watch / Amazon Defense Coalition

The included tables compare the results of soil and water samples taken by the plaintiffs and by Chevron, revealing that even Chevron's own samples reveal strong evidence of contamination above Ecuadorian norms. As early as 2005, Chevron was proving the case against itself.     Read more...