News and Multimedia from 2005

Ecuadorian Attorney General Tells ChevronTexaco Shareholders Remediation Agreement May Be Invalid

12 April 2005 |

The questionable validity of the remediation agreement indemnifying ChevronTexaco could carry implications for the lawsuit and beyond (part three of a multipart article).     More »

Asphalt Jungle: Did Oil Drilling by Texaco Create Environmental and Social Harm in Ecuador?

11 April 2005 |

Both ChevronTexaco and lawsuit plaintiffs are finding evidence of contamination during judicial site inspections: the question is, does it pose human health or environmental risks? (part two of a multi-part article.)      More »

Shareholder Call for Chevron to Address Ecuador Abuses

7 April 2005 | Trillium Asset Management, New York State Comptroller, Amnesty International & Sisters of Mercy

A new coalition of Chevron Texaco shareholders gather support for resolution addressing ecuadorian contamination controversy.     More »

Scientists Denounce Tactics of Texaco and Its Academic Consultants in Ecuadorean Oil Dispute

6 April 2005 | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Fifty scientists have sent a letter to a journal of environmental and occupational health to decry the behavior of other researchers who have acted as consultants to ChevronTexaco in a dispute over oil drilling in Ecuador.     More »

Letter Arguing that Chevron Misleads About Health Impacts

April 2005

Fifty eminent scientists and doctors from across Latin America, North America and Europe write to the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health to warn that Chevron's paid experts may mislead about the health impacts of the oil giant's operations in Ecuador.     More »

ChevronTexaco Resorts to Blackmail in Attempting to Win Historical Lawsuit in the Amazon

17 March 2005 | Amazon Watch

With this letter, ChevronTexaco requested that President Bush not re-certify Ecuador's most favored nation status this year.     More »

ChevronTexaco on the Defensive

Suit in Ecuador Alleges Drilling by Texaco Caused Environmental Damage in Amazon
3 March 2005 | San Francisco Chronicle

When Chevron merged with Texaco in 2001, it inherited a simmering environmental dispute in Ecuador that could cost the company billions.     More »

Sacha-10 (Spanish)

The judicial inspections found that the waste pits next to this well, built by Texaco in 1971, contained high levels of toxins well over Ecuadorian norms. Significantly, these pits were subjected to Texaco's remediation in the mid 1990s.      More »

Separation Station, Shushufindi Southeast (Spanish)

This is the first of Texaco's 18 separation stations to be inspected, and the results were extremely negative for the company. At each separation station, Texaco separated the water of formation from the marketable crude and simply dumped sludge into a large wetlands area, sometimes at the rate of millions of gallons per week. Some of the results from this particular inspection were as follows.     More »

Shushufindi-48 Inspection Results (Spanish)

This well was built by Texaco in 1974, and produced hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil and water of formation before being "remediated" by Texaco in the mid-1990s. The results of this inspection were as follows.     More »