News and Multimedia from 2006

KPFA's Against the Grain Explores the Landmark Environmental Class-Action Lawsuit Against Chevron in Ecuador

12 September 2006 | KPFA

Amazon Watch's Simeon Tegel discusses the landmark environmental class-action lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador on KPFA's Against the Grain.     Read more...

Evidence of Contamination at "Remediated" Sites

This table shows evidence from the 2005 and 2006 judicial inspections that every site supposedly remediated by Chevron in the 1990s continues to have illegal levels of contamination.     Read more...

Ruling Will Hasten Long-Running Pollution Case in Ecuador

28 August 2006 | Oil Daily

In the latest development in the ongoing litigation between Chevron and communities of a remote Amazon region in Ecuador, a judge in Ecuador ruled in favor of a plaintiffs' motion to reduce the number of oil field inspections in the high-profile pollution case, a decision that could hasten a verdict in the more than decade-long trial.     Read more...

In Blow to Chevron, Ecuador Court Cancels 64 Judicial Inspections in Rainforest Trial

Decision Should Move $6 Billion Case Toward Faster Conclusion, Say Indigenous Groups and Lawyers
25 August 2006 | Amazon Watch

In a major blow to Chevron in its $6 billion class-action pollution trial in Ecuador, a judge this week canceled almost all of the remaining judicial inspections sought by the parties in a move to speed the case toward a final decision.     Read more...

2006 Amazon Defense Coalition Letter on Chevron's Efforts to Delay Ecuador Trial

25 August 2006

This statement by the Amazon Defense Coalition defends plaintiffs' legal team's decision to withdraw their request for 64 inspections they had initially requested. This decision, taken in order to expedite the trial, is consistent with Ecuadorian law and legal principles accepted worldwide. The plaintiffs need only present as much evidence as they feel is needed to conclusively prove their case.     Read more...

Embattled Chevron Executive Cancels Press Event In Ecuador

Reis Veiga Was To Defend Against Fraud Charges Filed In U.S. Court Over Toxic Dumping
9 August 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron canceled a much-anticipated press conference this week in Ecuador where embattled executive Ricardo Reis Veiga was to defend the company against fraud charges over toxic dumping filed in a U.S. federal court by Ecuador's top law enforcement agency.     Read more...

Chevron Faces Fraud Charges In Ecuador Over Toxic Dumping In Amazon Rainforest

Embattled Chevron Executive Forced To Appear In Quito To Explain Company’s Flawed Remediation
7 August 2006 | Amazon Watch

Embattled Chevron executive Ricardo Reis Veiga is to appear in Quito this week to defend the company against fraud charges filed by Ecuador's top law enforcement agency as Chevron faces a widening circle of criminal and civil investigations in two countries over its environmental remediation in the Amazon rainforest.     Read more...

Activists Protest Chevron Meeting

Environmentalists, human rights workers pepper shareholders with criticism over issues in Ecuador and Nigeria
27 April 2006 | Contra Costa Times

A face-off Wednesday between activists, angered by pollution in the Ecuadorian rain forest, and the top executives of San Ramon-based Chevron Corp. moved from deliberate politeness to barely disguised frustration.     Read more...

Chevron CEO O'Reilly Blasted By Amazon Residents and Scientists Over Ecuador Disaster

Amazon Watch Seeks Independent Board Review of Handling Of $6 Billion Litigation
26 April 2006 | Amazon Watch

Two rainforest leaders sparked a dramatic showdown with Chevron CEO David O'Reilly today over the oil major's devastating $6 billion toxic contamination of their ancestral lands in Ecuador's Amazon region.     Read more...

Two Ecuadoreans Plan to Voice Concern at Chevron Meeting

25 April 2006 | Associated Press

Two Ecuadoreans said Tuesday they plan to confront Chevron Corp.'s CEO during its shareholders meeting this week over allegations that an Amazon rain forest has been contaminated by waste disposal from oil drilling operations.     Read more...