News and Multimedia from 2006

Judge Expected to Rule on Validity of Chevron's Scientific Results After Lab Snafu

Chevron's U.S. Laboratory Operated Without Official Permit From Ecuadorian Government
15 March 2006 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The laboratory used by Chevron to analyze scientific evidence in a landmark environmental trial in Ecuador operated without official permits from the Ecuadorian authorities, potentially leading to another major setback for the oil giant in the closely watched legal case.     Read more...

300 Community Members Observe San Carlos Judicial Inspection in Ecuadorian Amazon

Military Blocks Community Participation
10 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

The first field inspection of 2006 by the judge in a landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon took place this week near San Carlos, a small rainforest town with skyrocketing rates of cancer.     Read more...

Report on Chevron's Deceptive Sampling Techniques

8 March 2006

This 2006 report analyzes the soil sampling and analysis techniques used by Chevron's experts at sites under inspection in Ecuador. It concludes that Chevron used methods that were calculated in several ways to minimize or hide evidence of contamination.     Read more...

Chevron Faces Human Rights Questions in Ecuador Lawsuit, Warns Amazon Watch

6 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron faces serious questions about its human rights record in Ecuador's rainforest following a disturbing pattern of threats and corruption in a landmark environmental trial where the oil giant is a defendant, according to Amazon Watch, an environmental group monitoring the case.     Read more...

Plaintiffs' Letter to US Trade Representative

3 March 2006

Letter from plaintiffs' legal team to Ambassador Rob Portman, written in 2006, about Chevron's efforts to undermine the judicial process in Ecuador through political maneuvering. Chevron has urged the U.S. to make trade preferences for Ecuador contingent on its dismissal of the lawsuit against Chevron, preventing 30,000 Ecuadorian citizens from having their day in court.     Read more...

More Pressure On SEC To Investigate Chevron For Hiding Massive Environmental Liability In Rainforest

1 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron distorted the results of a court report in Ecuador to hide a multi-billion liability it faces in a landmark environmental trial in the Amazon over what locals dub the "Rainforest Chernobyl", Amazon Watch has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission in a follow-up letter to a complaint the environmental group lodged with the regulator last month.     Read more...

2006 Letter to SEC on Chevron Misinformation Campaign

28 February 2006 | Amazon Watch

This letter from Amazon Watch, a follow-up to a letter to the SEC about Chevron's failure to disclose its potential Ecuador liability to shareholders, warns the SEC of a misleading public relations campaign by Chevron intended to keep investors and the public in the dark. In the PR blitz in question, Chevron painted a very inaccurate picture of the results from the judicial inspection at the Sacha-53 well site, in order to downplay the significance of the evidence against the company.     Read more...

Request for Trial Observers

23 February 2006

In 2006, the Amazon Defense Coalition wrote to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) to request trial observers to protect the integrity of the judicial process. This was motivated by a series of threats and attacks against plaintiffs' legal defenders and associates, and by a pattern of corruption and extrajudicial pressure. This pattern included an attempt by Chevron's close associates in the military to cancel judicial inspections based on a bogus, unsubstantiated allegation of a security threat.     Read more...

Plaintiffs' Lawyers' Letter to International Commission of Jurists

23 February 2006 | Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia

Letter from plaintiffs' lawyers in 2006 requesting neutral trial observers to ensure that the judicial inspections could proceed properly and that the Chevron trial would be held to high standards of fairness and transparency. The letter was written in response to a pattern of threats and intimidation of members of the plaintiffs' legal team, as well as apparent efforts by Chevron's military associates to cancel or postpone judicial inspections that might reflect badly on Chevron.     Read more...

Chevron, Plaintiffs Dispute Findings of Court Experts Report

7 February 2006 | Business News Americas

US oil company Chevron (NYSE: CVX) and plaintiffs against the company in a lawsuit over environmental remediation by Chevron's former subsidiary Texpet in Ecuador's Amazon region are disputing the interpretation of a technical report by a group of court-appointed experts in the case.     Read more...