News and Multimedia from 2006

Chevron Wins 2006 Corporate "Irresponsibility" Award In Davos For Contaminating Amazon

25 January 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's troubled brand image took another battering today after the California-based oil giant won the 2006 Public Eye on Davos Award for corporate irresponsibility in the environment category during a ceremony coinciding with the Davos World Economic Forum.     More »

Selling the Amazon for a Handful of Beads

17 January 2006 | Democracy Now & AlterNet

Scanning bookshelves in his tiny law office in Quito, Ecuador, Bolivar Beltran's disdain for Big Oil is as legible as the contracts that map their nefarious ways.     More »

Chevron Fights Rights Abuse Allegations

1 January 2006 | Associated Press

A young boy holds out a deformed hand. A woman is missing a lower leg that was amputated to remove a tumor. A gaunt middle-aged man lays in a hammock dying of stomach cancer.     More »