News and Multimedia from 2007

Victims of Chevron's Ecuador Contamination Clarify Issues Relating to Dismissal of Claims of Three Plaintiffs in San Francisco Lawsuit

8 August 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The dismissal by a U.S. federal judge of the claims of three Ecuadorian individuals in a minor lawsuit against Chevron in San Francisco does not affect a completely unrelated $6 billion class-action environmental lawsuit against the oil giant brought by tens of thousands of people in Ecuador, according to attorneys for the plaintiffs in the class-action case.     Read more...

Chevron's Ads Attacking Ecuadorian Judges and Courts

29 July 2007

Newspaper advertisements paid for by Chevron to attack Ecuadorian judges, court experts, and the court system.     Read more...

Chevron's Environmental Problems In Rainforest Become Focus During Live Earth Concerts

9 July 2007 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's environmental problems in Ecuador's rainforest were a major focus at the Live Earth concerts over the weekend, where millions of people around the globe heard about a historic $6 billion lawsuit against the company brought by several indigenous nations nearing extinction and where the lead lawyer met with environmental hero Al Gore.     Read more...

Trudie Styler on the Suffering of Ecuadorean Tribes

7 July 2007 | Daily Mail

Trudie Styler reveals the suffering endured by tribes in Ecuador after billions of gallons of toxic waste were dumped in the rainforest     Read more...

Artists and Activists Unite to Clean Up Ecuador

Artists and Activists Unite to Clean Up Ecuador

7 July 2007

The 2007 Live Earth concerts spotlighted the plight of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. Pablo Fajardo met with Sting, his wife Trudie Styler and members of The Police, and Daryl Hannah was interviewed on Bravo discussing her recent trip to Ecuador. In Lago, activists formed giant words "Justice" and "SOS".     Read more...

Chevron Launches "Dirty War" On Ecuador Court

Smear Campaign Could Ease Path to Multi-Billion Dollar Judgment For Rainforest Residents In Landmark Case
4 July 2007 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's suggestion this week that it might withdraw from a landmark $6 billion rainforest pollution trial in Ecuador on the eve of a final judgment represents a "desperate move" that could backfire against the oil giant, representatives for the plaintiffs said today.     Read more...

Chevron Increasingly Desperate in $6 Billion Environmental Lawsuit in Amazon Rainforest

Chevron Seeks to Avoid Judgment It Requested in 2002
3 July 2007 | Amazon Watch

Having lost critical legal motions in recent weeks in two countries over its multi-billion dollar liability in the Amazon rainforest, Chevron's prospects in the long-running case are dimming with a final judgment expected within months despite frantic efforts by company lawyers to delay the process.     Read more...

Hundreds March in Ecuadorian Amazon to Protest Chevron's Delay Tactics in Environmental Lawsuit

600 Person "Human Billboard" at Former Texaco Well Site Calls For "Justice Now"
3 July 2007 | Amazon Watch

Hundreds of local indigenous people and campesinos marched today to protest Chevron´s delay tactics as a judgment approaches in a landmark multi-billion dollar environmental lawsuit against the company.     Read more...

Chevron Loses in New York Lawsuit Against Ecuador

21 June 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A federal court in New York has rejected a lawsuit filed by Chevron (formerly Texaco) seeking to subject the Ecuadorian government to arbitration proceedings in the US, thus evading the jurisdiction of the Ecuadorian courts in a case in which 30,000 Ecuadorians are suing the oil giant for environmental damages.     Read more...

US Court Stops Chevron Arbitration Vs State-Owned Petroecuador

20 June 2007 | Dow Jones

District of New York has stopped arbitration proceedings against Ecuadorean state-owned oil company Petroecuador by Chevron Corp. (CVX), siding with the Andean government in the latest chapter of a long-running environmental clean-up case.     Read more...