News and Multimedia from 2007

Texaco’s Toxic Legacy In Ecuador

14 June 2007 | Common Dreams

It can be considered one of the most unequal battles in the world today. It pits a group of indigenous people in Ecuador, almost totally devoid of material resources, against one of the most powerful oil corporations in the world. The outcome of this battle will impact them for the rest of their lives.     Read more...

Spotlight on Environmental Catastrophe Effecting Indigenous People in Ecuador Illuminated by Celebrity Visit

11 June 2007 | Native American Times

Far from the bright lights of Hollywood, Daryl Hannah and Q'orianka Kilcher are drawing international attention to the environmental damages and ongoing catastrophe effecting indigenous people living in Ecuador.     Read more...

Daryl Hannah Joins Amazon Protesters Taking On Oil Giant

6 June 2007 | The Independent

Daryl Hannah, the actress turned environmentalist, is adding her voice to a campaign demanding redress for the inhabitants of Ecuador's Amazon region, which has been blighted by 30 years of oil exploration by Texaco.     Read more...

Hannah Visits Polluted Site in Ecuadaor

5 June 2007 | Associated Press

Daryl Hannah said she planned to meet with Ecuador's president Tuesday to discuss a lawsuit by Indians and settlers against Chevron Corp., a day after she trudged through the jungle to visit the polluted site.     Read more...

Chevron's Ecuador Disaster in the Spotlight as Celebrities Open Photo Exhibit, Tour Rainforest Communities

Daryl Hannah and Q’orianka Kilcher, the “Peruvian Pocahontas”, in Quito to Pressure Oil Giant
Judgment Nears in Landmark $6 Billion-Environmental Trial

4 June 2007 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's three decades of devastating toxic dumping in the Ecuadorian rainforest will be in the spotlight this week as the actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah, tours communities ravaged by cancers and other diseases related to the contamination.     Read more...

Chevron Caused Environmental "Barbarity" in Ecuador: Correa

26 April 2007 | Reuters

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, accused the US oil giant, ChevronTexaco, of provoking from 1972 to 1992 a greater ecological and economic disaster than that caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.     Read more...

Ecuador President Rails Against Chevron for Alleged Environmental Damage

26 April 2007 | Associated Press

Leftist President Rafael Correa railed against U.S. oil giant Chevron Corp. on Thursday for allegedly dumping billions of gallons (liters) of toxic wastewater in Ecuador's Amazon jungle.     Read more...

Chevron's Ecuadorean Foes Try to Drum Up Support in U.S.

25 April 2007 | Associated Press

In what has become an annual rite, Chevron Corp.'s opponents in a South American environmental and legal quagmire have come to the United States in an effort to sway consumers, investors and politicians to support their cause.     Read more...

How Green is Chevron?

25 April 2007 | San Francisco Chronicle

Chevron shareholders meet today in San Ramon for the first time since the Democrats' takeover of Congress and the subsequent effort to recast the West's largest refiner as an environmentalist.     Read more...

Ecuador Disaster Dominates Chevron Shareholder Meeting

Chevron CEO Invited: "Join Us: Put These Scandals behind You."
25 April 2007 | Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network

Chevron's annual shareholder meeting was again dominated by allegations of human rights abuses and environmental destruction today as two leaders of indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon confronted CEO David O'Reilly about his company's massive toxic dumping in the region.     Read more...