News and Multimedia from 2007

Gov. Will Not Meet Attorney

25 April 2007 | Los Angeles Times

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declined to meet with an attorney from Ecuador who asked for help in pressing a lawsuit that alleges environmental damage by Chevron Corp., a financial supporter of the governor.     Read more...

Chevron AGM 2007 Action

Chevron AGM 2007 Action

25 April 2007

Ecuador Disaster Dominates Chevron Shareholder Meeting, Chevron CEO Invited: Join Us: Put These Scandals behind You.     Read more...

Chevron Facing Multi-Billion Dollar Liability as Landmark Environmental Lawsuit Nears End

Chevron Management Must Inform Investors, Prepare for Possible "Rainforest Chernobyl" Judgment
24 April 2007 | Amazon Watch

The lead lawyer in the landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador is in California to warn that the oil major has failed to prepare for a possible multi-billion dollar damages bill within the coming months.     Read more...

Plaintiffs' Lawyer Asks California Governor to Urge Chevron to Clean Up its Rainforest Mess

Schwarzenegger Invited to Ecuador to Meet Devastated Communities, See Contaminated Land and Water
19 April 2007 | Amazon Watch

ablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer for the plaintiffs in the landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron (formerly Texaco) in Ecuador, has asked California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to urge the oil major to clean up the 18 billion gallons of toxic waste it dumped into the Amazon.     Read more...

Gov.'s Green Credentials Challenged

An Ecuadorean attorney calls on Schwarzenegger to help in his lawsuit against Chevron, a major campaign donor
18 April 2007 | Los Angeles Times

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is being portrayed worldwide as the green governor, he may be forced to choose between environmentalists on one side and well-heeled political donors on the other.     Read more...

Pablo Fajardo Letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

17 April 2007 | Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia

Letter from Pablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer representing the plaintiffs against Chevron in Ecuador, to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. California is Chevron's home state, and Fajardo wrote to invite the governor to witness the damage in Ecuador, and to take a stand against the company for its reckless behavior.     Read more...

Jungle Law

4 April 2007 | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair correspondent William Langewiesche interviewed and profiled plaintiffs' lead attorney Pablo Fajardo and described the history of Chevron's operations in Ecuador and the legal case against it.     Read more...

Ecuador Court Speeds Up Chevron's $6 Billion Amazon Trial Over Rainforest Contamination

Orders That Damage Claim Be Submitted In 120 Days
20 March 2007 | Amazon Watch

The Ecuador judge hearing a $6 billion class-action environmental lawsuit against Chevron for contamination of the Amazon rainforest has ordered that the final phase of the trial, which includes a damage assessment, be completed in 120 days.     Read more...

Criminal Investigation of Chevron Sought in Ecuador by Indigenous Leaders over Rainforest Contamination

Evidence of Fraud from $6 Billion Lawsuit Prompts Letter to National Prosecutor Seeking Quick Action
6 March 2007 | Amazon Watch

Leaders from Ecuador's largest indigenous federation, which represents millions of people, today called for a criminal investigation of Chevron and two of the company's lawyers for allegedly defrauding Ecuador's government during a botched environmental remediation in the mid-1990s.     Read more...