News and Multimedia from 2008

Chevron Takes on the Plaintiffs

A pair of Ecuadorean activists go up against the corporation over a toxic pollution clean-up.
16 April 2008 | Los Angeles Times

Squaring off beneath the cream-and-gilt ceilings and behind mahogany doors were oil behemoth Chevron Corp. and a pair of Ecuadorean environmental activists. It was not, however, a fair fight. Oil giant vs. environmentalists? In San Francisco? Chevron never had a chance.     Read more...

Chevron's Inhumane Energy

Chevron's Inhumane Energy

14 April 2008

Chevron dumped over 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Now it is trying to hide the disaster launching public relations campaigns about "human energy" and social responsibility.     Read more...

La Energía Inhumana de Chevron

La Energía Inhumana de Chevron

14 April 2008

Entre 1972 y 1992, los derrames de petróleo y las emisiones de desechos tóxicos, equivalentes a treinta veces el tamaño del desastre del derrame del Exxon Valdez contaminaron el suelo y las fuentes de agua de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana, uno de los lugares más frágiles en la tierra.     Read more...

Chevron Has Only Itself to Blame for Historic $16 Billion Claim in Ecuador Case, Lawyers Say

Company's Bungled Legal Strategy Created Much of Scientific Proof Used Against It by Independent Court Expert
14 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has only itself to blame for facing a judgment of up to $16 billion in a historic environmental case in Ecuador because it produced most of the evidence that is now being used against it, say representatives of the rainforest groups that brought the case.     Read more...

Environmental Award Draws Chevron's Ire

14 April 2008 | Reuters

Chevron Corp on Monday criticized the award of a prestigious environmental prize to two leaders of a prolonged legal challenge that claims the oil company polluted the Amazon.      Read more...

Chevron, Enviros Clash Over Goldman Award

13 April 2008 | KTVU News

An attorney representing thousands of Amazonian forest-dwellers in a class-action lawsuit against Chevron told KTVU Monday that the oil giant is engaging in a “misinformation campaign” in response to two Ecuadorian activists winning the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.      Read more...

Amazon Activists Win Goldman Environmental Prize

Two Ecuadoreans pursued legal action against Texaco and then Chevron over what they said was massive oil contamination.
13 April 2008 | Los Angeles Times

Two Ecuadoreans who have waged a 14-year fight to bring a U.S. energy giant to account for what they allege is massive oil contamination in the Amazon are among the winners of an international environmental prize.     Read more...

Ecuadorian Campaigners Win Prestigious Environmental Prize for Fight to hold Chevron Accountable for Rainforest Disaster

Goldman Prize Comes Two Weeks After Court Expert Estimates Chevron Damages at up to $16 Billion
13 April 2008 | Amazon Watch

Two campaigners who have spearheaded a landmark class-action lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador have been awarded the Goldman Prize, the world's most prestigious environmental honor, for their efforts to make the company clean up what experts believe is the world's worst oil-related disaster.     Read more...

Report Says Chevron Owes Billions for Ecuadorean Pollution

3 April 2008 | Reuters

An independent environmental expert told a court in Ecuador that the oil company Chevron should pay $7 billion to $16 billion in compensation for environmental damage in the country.      Read more...

Chevron Accused of Lying To Shareholders Over $16 Billion Damages Claim In Ecuador Rainforest Case By Amazon Defense Coalition

CEO O'Reilly Violates SEC Regulations and Corporate Governance Duties By Hiding Liability, Lawyers Say
3 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron Corp.'s (CVX) management is lying to shareholders about the finding by a court expert that it faces up to $16 billion in liability for a major human rights catastrophe in the Amazon rainforest by dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste.     Read more...