News and Multimedia from 2008

Chevron Could Lose Billions Over Ecuador Suit

3 April 2008 | San Francisco Chronicle

A court-appointed expert in Ecuador has recommended that Chevron Corp. pay $7 billion to $16 billion if it loses a marathon lawsuit over oil-field contamination in the Amazon rain forest.      Read more...

Court Expert Smacks Chevron With Up to $16 Billion in Damages for Polluting Indigenous Lands in Amazon

Independent Analysis Validates Most Claims of Plaintiffs In Long Ecuador Legal Battle, But Offers Compromise On Some Issues
2 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a long-awaited court report submitted as part of the final phase of a trial, an independent expert has proposed that Chevron pay a minimum of $7 billion and up to $16 billion to compensate for environmental contamination caused to Ecuador's Amazon rainforest during a 26-year period when the oil giant operated a large concession in the country.     Read more...

Fact Sheet on $16 Billion Damages Assessment

2 April 2008

Preliminary Fact Sheet On Damages In Ecuador Trial    

Chevron's Top Exec Paid $15.7M in 2007

1 April 2008 | Associated Press

Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX) Chairman David O'Reilly received a 2007 compensation package valued at $15.7 million, a 17 percent raise that lagged the dramatic rise in oil prices fueling the company's four-year streak of record profits.     Read more...

Oil and Power in Latin America

Indigenous peoples in South America are taking on Big Oil over decades of environmental abuse.
29 March 2008 | Los Angeles Times

Tomas Maynas Carijano, an elder of the Achuar tribe, left his home in the Peruvian Amazon earlier this week and traveled to Los Angeles. He came, he said, to tell the story of his people's suffering at the hands of a U.S. oil company.     Read more...

SEC Complaint Lodged Against Chevron for Hiding $10 Billion Liability in Ecuador

Chevron Misleads Investors, Says Amazon Watch
26 March 2008 | Amazon Watch

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was today urged to impose a "substantial" sanction on Chevron for misrepresenting facts to shareholders over a potential $10 billion liability resulting from a class-action environmental lawsuit in Ecuador's Amazon region.     Read more...

$16 Billion Damages Assessment (Spanish)

24 March 2008

This is the Spanish language version of the executive summary of the court-appointed expert report. It estimates the damages for which Chevron is liable at up to $16.3 billion.     Read more...

Chevron Accused of “Unethical Attacks” On Court-Appointed Special Master in Ecuador Environmental Trial

28 February 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Representatives of thousands of Ecuadorians suing Chevron are charging the oil giant with "engaging in a pattern of extrajudicial attacks" on a court-appointed special master who is preparing a damages assessment against the company in a historic multi-billion dollar environmental trial in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.     Read more...

Chevron's Human Rights Record

Information on Chevron's complicity in human rights violations on four continents, and links to learn more about Chevron's despicable environmental and human rights record outside of Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron Pays $30 Million to Settle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Charges in Oil for Food Case

14 February 2008 | K&L Gates

On November 14, 2007, the SEC filed a settled Foreign Corrupt Practices Act civil complaint against Chevron arising from its role in making $20 million in improper kickbacks paid in connection with the U.N.-administered Oil for Food Program during Saddam Hussein’s reign.     Read more...