News and Multimedia from 2009

Kerry Kennedy Accuses Chevron of Cultural Genocide in Ecuador Rainforest

Daughter of RFK Appalled by "Chevron’s Chernobyl"
06 November 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The massive oil contamination for which Chevron faces a potential $27 billion liability in Ecuador's courts is a "clear violation" of the rights of indigenous peoples to life, security, and self-determination, said Kerry Kennedy, a human rights advocate and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.     Read more...

Chevron and Cultural Genocide in Ecuador

04 November 2009 | The Huffington Post

Traces of paradise are still visible. From the air, the rainforest appears as silvery mist and swaths of verdant green. But beneath the cloud cover and canopy, the jungle is a tangle of oil slicks, festering sludge, and rusted pipeline.     Read more...

Chevron's Man in Ecuador: Felon, Drug-Trafficker, and Liar, Oh My!

31 October 2009 | The Huffington Post

To defend itself in a major environmental lawsuit in Ecuador, it appears that American oil giant Chevron is employing methods – and people – that are as dirty as the toxic waste pits it left scattered across the rainforest floor.     Read more...

Revelation Undermines Chevron Case In Ecuador

29 October 2009 | The New York Times

An American whose secret recordings have placed him at the center of a $27 billion lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador is a convicted drug trafficker, records show, throwing another complication into a case already tainted by accusations of bribery and espionage.     Read more...

Report Adds Bizarre Twist to Ecuador Chevron Case

29 October 2009 | Reuters

A lawsuit against Chevron over pollution of Ecuador's jungle in the 1990s took another bizarre turn when the plaintiffs released a report saying a man who helped force the removal of an Ecuadorean judge from the $27 billion case is a convicted drug smuggler.     Read more...

Felon Involved in Clandestine Videos

29 October 2009 | Associated Press

One of two men who made clandestine video recordings allegedly showing government bias and kickback-soliciting in a $27 billion oil contamination lawsuit is a convicted felon with a history of legal troubles.     Read more...

Ecuador Oil Pollution Case Takes New Turn

Ecuador Oil Pollution Case Takes New Turn

29 October 2009 | Al Jazeera

Lucia Newman, Al Jazeera's Latin America editor, reports from Ecuador on the case, and Karen Hinton, a spokesperson for the plaintiffs, talks about the recent developments in the lawsuit, including the revelation that Chevron's key witness in the alleged bribery scandal is a convicted felon with a checkered past.     Read more...

American Who Shot Secret Videos for Chevron in Ecuador Is Convicted Drug Trafficker

Investigation Reveals Life of Deception, No Connection to Oil Remediation, and No Stable Employment
29 October 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Wayne Hansen, the American businessman who helped make the secret videos being used by Chevron in an attempt to taint an environmental trial where the company faces a $27 billion liability, is a convicted felon who was charged with conspiring to import more than 275,000 pounds of marijuana from Colombia to the United States.     Read more...

Chevron Admits Its Lawyers Present at Key Meeting with Ecuador Man Who Taped Video Scandal

In New Letter, Company Refuses to Turn Over Forensic Analysis of Videos; Confirms Ongoing Payments to Ecuadorian Contractor Who Made Tapes
28 October 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a stunning admission, Chevron's top outside counsel on the Ecuador environmental case has publicly conceded that the company's own lawyers met with a Chevron contractor regarding his secret video recordings just days before he taped a critical meeting in Ecuador about a purported bribe that the company is trying to use to taint a trial where it faces a $27.3 billion environmental liability.     Read more...

Incoming Chevron Chief Toes Company Line on Ecuador Oil Pollution Case During Debut in Nation’s Capital

Supporters of Amazon Residents Who Are Suing Chevron for Environmental Cleanup Put $27 Billion Contamination Case Front and Center During CEO-to-be John Watson's Chamber of Commerce Visit
27 October 2009

Incoming Chevron CEO John S. Watson’s debut speech in the nation’s capital addressed a range of issues from the future of the world’s energy economy to rising gas prices to the company’s $27 billion litigation in Ecuador for massive environmental contamination. Asked how he would address the massive oil pollution case as CEO, Watson toed the company line, vowing to continue Chevron’s practice of evading responsibility for the contamination inherited from Texaco upon its acquisition of the company in 2001.      Read more...