News and Multimedia from 2009

Rain Forest Residents, Texaco Face Off In Ecuador

30 April 2009 | National Public Radio

Morning Edition, April 30, 2009 · A judge is preparing to render a decision in a long-running, multibillion-dollar lawsuit filed by residents of Ecuador's Amazonian rain forest against Texaco for fouling their land.     Read more...

Chevron Blasted before U.S. Congress for Violating Human Rights in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

More than 1,400 Cancer Deaths Reported By Experts
30 April 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, D.C. (April 30, 2009) – Chevron is responsible for creating a “humanitarian crisis of epic proportions” in Ecuador’s rainforest where more than 1,400 people reportedly have died of cancer and indigenous groups are struggling to survive the dumping of billions of gallons of toxic waste, a representative of the local communities testified this week before the U.S. Congress.      Read more...

In Ecuador, High Stakes in Case Against Chevron

Legal Battle in the Amazon
28 April 2009 | The Washington Post

After 16 years, attorneys are wrapping up a landmark pollution lawsuit brought by Ecuadoran Indians against U.S. oil company Chevron Texaco.      Read more...

In Ecuador, High Stakes in Case Against Chevron

28 April 2009 | The Washington Post

Deep in the northern Ecuadoran rain forest, next to pits filled with noxious sludge, a lawyer on his very first case argued that a U.S. oil company had deliberately fouled a swath of jungle nearly the size of Delaware during two decades of production.     Read more...

Mickey Kantor Criticized for Lobbying Former Agency that he Led

Accused of Trying to Help Chevron Quash Contamination Lawsuit in Ecuador
27 April 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Citing new lobbying rules put into place by the Obama Administration, two environmental groups are strongly criticizing Mickey Kantor for lobbying on behalf of Chevron before the same trade agency he led for several years under the Clinton Administration.     Read more...

Chevron's Amazon Chernobyl Lawsuit in Ecuador Subject of Congressional Hearing on Environment and Human Rights

27 April 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Exploring the specific examples of communities in Ecuador, Nigeria, and West Papua, the Commission hearing will analyze the relationship between environmental degradation and human rights, particularly in relation to indigenous and traditional peoples around the globe.      Read more...

Pension Funds Fret as Chevron Faces Ecuador Ruling

8 April 2009 | The Wall Street Journal

Big public pension funds are raising concerns about an impending court judgment that could hold Chevron Corp. liable for billions of dollars in alleged environmental damages in the Ecuadorian jungle.

The funds, which together hold $1 billion in Chevron shares, are worried that the oil giant could face as much as $27 billion in damages in the 15-year-old class-action case, which was filed by a U.S.


Chevron Deceiving U.S. Government to Protect Ill-Gotten Profits in Ecuador, Indigenous Groups Say

Chevron Lobbyists Misleading USTR Over Ecuador Environmental Case
23 April 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington – A team of prominent Chevron lobbyists are again misleading the U.S. Trade Representative as part of a campaign to retaliate against Ecuador’s government for refusing to interfere in a private environmental lawsuit against the oil giant, representatives of Amazonian communities say.     Read more...

Chevron shareholders to vote on environmental report

16 April 2009 | Business News Americas

Chevron's shareholders will decide May 27 whether the board must prepare a report on the California-based oil major's compliance with host country environmental policies.      Read more...

Pension Funds Reportedly Worried Over Chevron Suit

Environmental case in Ecuador at heart of a dispute involving the SEC
8 April 2009 | MarketWatch

NEW YORK – The Securities and Exchange Commission has sided with public pension funds in a dispute over whether Chevron Corp. should be required to include a shareholder proposal citing an environmental court case in Ecuador for which the oil giant is potentially liable for billions of dollars.     Read more...