News and Multimedia from 2009

Ecuador: The Tribes vs. Chevron-Texaco

Ecuador: The Tribes vs. Chevron-Texaco

27 October 2009 | Latin Pulse

Latin Pulse talks with Joe Berlinger about his new film on the case, Crude, and with Amazon Watch about the worst environmental disaster since Chernobyl.     Read more...

Activists Confront CEO-to-be John Watson at the Chamber of Commerce

Activists Confront CEO-to-be John Watson at the Chamber of Commerce

Signs Spell Out "Mr. Watson, What Will You Do About Ecuador?"
27 October 2009

Activists organized by Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network challenged Mr. Watson as he spoke to the National Chamber Foundation at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.     Read more...

Not Simply an Underdog's Tale

23 October 2009 | The Washington Post

Had Michael Moore wanted to make a serious movie about capitalism, he would have made "Crude." And yet, "Crude" is that rare thing in fiction or nonfiction cinema, a movie that relies on its audience to draw the right conclusions.     Read more...

Kerry Kennedy Interviewed by Rick Sanchez on CNN

Kerry Kennedy Interviewed by Rick Sanchez on CNN

22 October 2009 | CNN

CNN's Rick Sanchez interviews Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights (and RFK's daughter). Kennedy, who visited parts of the Amazon province of Sucumbios by invitation of the plaintiffs to witness ecological damage, said that Chevron must be held responsible and compensate the local populations.     Read more...

Acclaimed Film About Chevron's Eco-Disaster In Ecuador To Open In Nation's Capital

Time of Intense Questioning of Chevron's Campaign to Undermine $27 Billion Trial
22 October 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The award-winning documentary Crude, which chronicles the compelling 16-year struggle of indigenous groups in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest to hold Chevron accountable for the world's largest oil-related contamination, opens in the nation's capital Friday during a time of intense scrutiny of a trial where the oil giant faces a $27 billion liability that could eat up one-fifth of its market value.     Read more...

Statement by Human Rights Activist Kerry Kennedy After Touring the Chevron Oil Pits in the Ecuadorian Rainforest and Speaking to Local Residents

15 October 2009

I have read hundreds of pages of documents, and seen numerous videos and photographs, of the damage done in Ecuador by Texaco and its mothership Chevron, but nothing could prepare me for the horror that I witnessed last week.     Read more...

Chevron's Story on Ecuador Bribery Scandal Continues to Unravel

News Outlets Expose Discrepancies in Chevron Account; Ecuador Calls for DOJ to Investigate Possible Criminal Violations
13 October 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Questions are mounting over Chevron's continued refusal to respond to new facts that suggest the company manufactured secret videos to undermine a civil trial in Ecuador.     Read more...

Big Oil Still the Big Dog

13 October 2009 | Seattle Post Intelligencer

Peter Maas, author of "Crude World", delivers a basic truth about the architects of our carbon economy: Big oil has no permanent allegiances, only permanent self-interests.     Read more...

RFK's Daughter Backs Ecuadoreans in Chevron Suit

9 October 2009 | Associated Press

Robert F. Kennedy's daughter sided with Ecuadorean Indians and farmers in their $27 billion environmental lawsuit against oil giant Chevron, saying Thursday after visiting former Amazon drilling sites that the case compares unfavorably to the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill.     Read more...

Ecuador Oil Pollution Case Only Grows Murkier

9 October 2009 | The New York Times

The multibillion-dollar legal case between Amazon peasants and Chevron over oil pollution in Ecuador's rain forest keeps unfolding more like a mystery thriller than a battle of briefs.     Read more...