News and Multimedia from 2009

LA Times Blasts Chevron for "Shifty" Litigation Tactics

Negative Publicity Continues to Cast Shadow Over Oil Giant
5 October 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron’s attempt to move the battle over its $27 billion environmental liability in Ecuador to a secret international tribunal where indigenous groups would not be represented has been blasted by the Los Angeles Times, which characterized it as a "shifty shifting of venue" designed to avoid accountability for the company’s devastation of the Amazon rainforest.     Read more...

Affected Communities March Against Chevron Corruption in Ecuador

As Chevron CEO Retires, Plaintiffs "Bury" His Legacy
5 October 2009 | Amazon Watch

Over 400 people from indigenous and farming communities around Lago Agrio, Ecuador, marched to a toxic dump site today to protest Chevron's on-going attempts to derail the $27 billion lawsuit that will soon come to a close after more than 16 years of courtroom struggle.     Read more...

The Millennium Development Goals: Environmental Sustainability at Stake in Aguinda v. Chevron

2 October 2009 | EarthZine

In the fight for achieving environmental sustainability, eyes are currently fixed on Lago Agrio, Ecuador, where a ruling in one of the world's largest environmental lawsuits will be decided. It is a veritable David and Goliath battle pitting the inhabitants of the eastern section of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest known as the Oriente against American oil giant Chevron. At stake is the clean up of one of Earth's most delicate and important ecosystems.      Read more...

Chevron's Shifty Shifting of Venue

2 October 2009 | Los Angeles Times

The oil giant, facing a $27-billion damage claim in a pollution case brought by natives in Ecuador, shops the case to The Hague in a bid to escape liability.      Read more...

Chevron CEO’s Legacy Marred by Mishandling of Ecuador Environmental Crisis

Failure to Properly Vet Texaco for Liability Likely Drove O’Reilly to Retire Early, Say Amazonian Communities
September 30 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

David O’Reilly’s surprise early retirement as CEO of Chevron comes at a time he was under increasing pressure from shareholders and the media over an environmental liability in Ecuador that could eat up roughly 20% of the market value of the company and has caused a wave of negative publicity and scrutiny from Wall Street analysts and a potential criminal investigation by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.      Read more...

San Francisco Premiere of CRUDE

San Francisco Premiere of CRUDE

26 September 2009

Yet another sold out premiere! This screening of CRUDE, an award-winning documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger was hosted by Amazon Watch in association with Rainforest Action Network.     Read more...

Questions about Chevron Role in Ecuador Bribery Scandal

September 2009

In what appears to be a last-ditch effort to evade a potential $27.3 billion environmental liability in Ecuador, Chevron recently posted to YouTube secret video recordings that the company claimed implicates the trial judge and government officials in a purported $3 million bribery scheme.     Read more...

Highlights from the LA Premiere of CRUDE

Highlights from the LA Premiere of CRUDE

25 September 2009

Sean Penn, Isla Fisher, Stuart Townsend, Q'orianka Kilcher, Armand Assante, Billy Wirth, Rosanna Arquette Among Dozens of Celebrities Who Turn Up to Support Amazon Watch's Screening of CRUDE.     Read more...

Trudie Styler Personally Invites 6000 Chevron Employees to CRUDE

CRUDE Documentary to Premiere in Chevron’s Backyard
25 September 2009 | Amazon Watch

CRUDE, the acclaimed and controversial documentary chronicling the $27 billion lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador, opens in San Francisco, Chevron’s backyard, this Friday. In advance of the premiere, today prominent human rights activist featured in CRUDE, Trudie Styler, has extended a personal invitation to all 6,000 Bay Area Chevron employees to attend a screening of the film for free.     Read more...

Ecuador Rejects Chevron Arbitration Claim

24 September 2009 | Associated Press

Ecuador on Thursday rejected as an inappropriate last-ditch effort Chevron Corp.'s attempt to force it into international arbitration so it might share liability in a $27 billion lawsuit over environmental damage in the Amazon rainforest.     Read more...