News and Multimedia from 2009

Chevron’s Recent Setbacks In U.S. Courts Forced Its Hand On Arbitration Claim, Lawyers Say

Latest Move to Avoid $27 Billion Environmental Liability Contains Risks for Oil Giant
24 September 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron’s filing of an arbitration claim against Ecuador’s government over a potential $27.3 billion environmental liability in Ecuador can best be explained by an embarrassing string of legal defeats the company has suffered in U.S. and Ecuadorian courts on several of the same issues the company will bring before the arbitration panel, lawyers for the Amazonian communities said today.      Read more...

Activist 911: CRUDE The Real Price of Oil

Activist 911: CRUDE The Real Price of Oil

23 September 2009 | Current Green

Current Green interviews Han Shan, activist with Amazon Watch about the new film, CRUDE. Three years in the making, this cinéma-vérité feature from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger is the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial environmental lawsuits on the planet.     Read more...

The Hollywood Premiere of CRUDE a Huge Hit

Sean Penn, Isla Fisher, Stuart Townsend, Q’orianka Kilcher, Armand Assante, Billy Wirth, Rosanna Arquette Among Dozens of Celebrities Who Turn Up to Support Amazon Watch’s Screening of CRUDE Chevron’s Fears Grow as Documentary Shines Spotlight on $27 Billion Lawsuit
18 September 2009 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch hosted the Hollywood premiere of CRUDE, an inspiring new film about Chevron’s $27 billion lawsuit, by award-winning filmmaker, Joe Berlinger.     Read more...

Los Angeles Premiere of CRUDE

Los Angeles Premiere of CRUDE

10 September 2009

Amazon Watch, in association with Rainforest Action Network, hosted this sneak preview screening of CRUDE, an award-winning documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger.     Read more...

Lawyer Steven Donziger On Chevron's Warped Values In Ecuador

16 September 2009 | Forbes

For all the nice words, Chevron's actions – and values – have not always been so responsible. In fact, there is increasing evidence that some of those actions have been downright harmful to the environment and continue to create health risks for thousands of men, woman and children.      Read more...

Chevron Helps Hire Two Criminal Defense Attorneys In Ecuador Bribery Scheme

Oil Giant Trying to Block Investigation of Its Own Role in Doctoring Videos and Facilitating Misconduct,
Says Amazon Defense Coalition

15 September 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has arranged for two prominent criminal defense attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area to represent the men who secretly videotaped a purported bribery scheme in Ecuador, apparently to block an investigation to determine the company's own role in orchestrating the incident to disrupt a trial where Chevron faces a $27 billion liability.     Read more...

Chevron Fears CRUDE’s Box Office Succes

Chevron’s Board of Directors Urged to Investigate Management’s Role in the Attempted Bribery Scheme
September 15 2009 | Amazon Watch

CRUDE, the new documentary about the $27 billion lawsuit against Chevron opened in New York last week with the highest grossing film per-screen in the US. The film’s success and high profile has provoked increasingly desperate tactics from Chevron, including the release of a purported bribery scandal video in an attempt to confuse the public and delay the legal proceedings in the 16-year trial.     Read more...

Amazon Watch Letter to Chevron Board Members

15 September 2009 | Amazon Watch

We write to urge you to investigate recent activities of Chevron's management, legal team, and public relations firms which may have violated Chevron's own code of ethics, U.S. and Ecuadorian law, and exposed your company to significant criminal and civil liability.     Read more...

Crude Filmmaker Responds to Chevron’s Attacks on Acclaimed New Documentary

Chevron Becomes More Defensive as theaters fill up for "Crude"
11 September 2009

In the September 9 Reuters news story “Is Chevron Scared of ‘Crude’ The Movie?”, Chevron spokesperson Kent Robertson criticizes the award-winning new film Crude on the day of its theatrical premiere, calling it “long on emotion and short on facts.” Crude director Joe Berlinger responds to the allegations:     Read more...

New York City Premiere of CRUDE

New York City Premiere of CRUDE

10 September 2009

The September 9th New York City premiere of CRUDE was hosted by @Radical.Media and Trudie Styler.     Read more...