News and Multimedia from 2009

Chevron Fights Massive Lawsuit in Ecuador

Chevron Fights Massive Lawsuit in Ecuador

A case about responsibility for cleaning up a toxic drilling site could cost the company billions and send a chill through the industry.
29 May 2009 | Christian Science Monitor

An article and video photo essay exploring Chevron, who knowingly unleashed toxins across an estimated 1,700 square miles in the Ecuador Rainforest – roughly the size of Rhode Island.     Read more...

KQED's Forum Discussion of "The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report"

28 May 2009 | KQED Forum

We talk with Antonia Juhasz, policy analyst, author of "The Tyranny of Oil" and lead author and editor of "The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report" and look at the latest news and geopolitical issues surrounding the company.      Read more...

Chevron Charged with Engaging in Intense Lobbying Battle to Defeat Shareholder Resolution, but Results Mixed for Company

$9B In Chevron Shares Ended Up Defying Company Management
27 May 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

San Ramon, CA (May 27, 2009) – In the days ahead of its annual meeting, Chevron’s management engaged in a fierce and unconventional lobbying campaign to convince shareholders to defeat a shareholder resolution over the company’s potential $27 billion liability in Ecuador but investors holding $9 billion in Chevron shares voted for it anyway, officials with the environmental group Amazon Watch said today.     Read more...

Chevron CEO O'Reilly Under Intense Fire At Shareholder Meeting for Negligence on Ecuador Case

Refuses to Let Board Members Answer Own Questions As Conflict of Interest Becomes Evident
27 May 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

San Ramon, CA (May 27, 2009) – Several large investors blasted Chevron CEO David O’Reilly today at the company’s annual meeting for mishandling a potential $27 billion liability in Ecuador, while O’Reilly left open the possibility he would visit Ecuador to inspect the damage personally after being invited by a well-known local community leader.     Read more...

Chevron Botching Ecuador Case, Says Influential Report

$27 Billion Liability in Ecuador “Poorly Handled” By Chevron’s Top Management, Analyst Tells Leading Trade Publication
27 May 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY (May 27, 2009) – Platt’s Oilgram News, the leading trade publication for the oil industry, is reporting that “momentum seems to be growing against Chevron” in the long-running environmental case brought by Amazon communities in Ecuador that could lead to a $27 billion judgment later this year.     Read more...

Chevron Annual Meeting Heats Up Over Ecuador Suit

27 May 2009 | Associated Press

In a combative and sometimes colorful annual meeting, Chevron's CEO and chairman exchanged barbs with activists over pollution in the Amazon rain forest and the company's human rights record, twice scolding speakers who addressed executives.     Read more...

Chevron AGM 2009 Action

Chevron AGM 2009 Action

27 May 2009

Representatives of indigenous and farming communities from Ecuador's Amazon brought their 15-year battle for justice to Chevron's doorstep.     Read more...

An Open Letter to America

27 May 2009 | MatadorChange

Emergildo Criollo Quenama, a leader of the indigenous Cofan of Ecuador’s Amazon, writes an open letter to Americans in which he shares his experiences living with the direct effects of Chevron’s environmental and human rights abuses.     Read more...

Chevron Falls Short On Disclosure Obligations Relating to $27 Billion Ecuador Liability, Says Investor Advisory Group

Oppenheimer Warns Ecuador Problem Could “Depress” Chevron Stock; Risk Metrics Urges Greater “Transparency” From Oil Giant
26 May 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY (May 26, 2009) – In another setback to Chevron management, a leading investment advisory group is urging the oil giant to disclose more details of a potential $27 billion environmental liability in Ecuador just before what is expected to be a major showdown on the issue at the annual shareholder’s meeting May 27th in California.


Chevron CEO O'Reilly Faces Major Challenge Over Ecuador Lawsuit At Annual Meeting

New Questions Relating to Chevron's Lack of Financial Disclosure of $27 Billion Liability
26 May 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

San Francisco, CA – A growing number of shareholders are challenging Chevron CEO and Board Chairman David O'Reilly's management and oversight of the environmental and human rights policies of the nation's third largest company at a Chevron shareholders' meeting this week.     Read more...