News and Multimedia from 2010

Chevron Toxic Waste Pit in Ecuador: Designed to Pollute

Chevron Toxic Waste Pit in Ecuador: Designed to Pollute

14 October 2010

Amazon Watch's Mitch Anderson shows us how toxic waste pits built by Texaco (now Chevron) around the company's oil drilling sites in Ecuador are designed to pollute, and continue to spread oil contamination in the Amazon rainforest environment.     Read more...

Chevron's Lead Ecuador Expert Suffers Major Blow to Credibility in U.S. Trial, Court Documents Say

Chevron Hit With $19 Million Judgment After Jury Rejects John Connor's Testimony
12 October 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – John Connor, Chevron's lead American expert in its multi-billion dollar Ecuador environmental trial, suffered a major blow to his credibility when a U.S. jury rejected his testimony and delivered a $19 million judgment against the oil giant.     Read more...

Federal Judges Beginning To Question Chevron Legal Strategy In Ecuadorian Lawsuit

7 October 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Federal courts are beginning to raise questions regarding Chevron's efforts to use the U.S. legal system in service of an effort by the oil giant to derail a potential multi-billion dollar environmental lawsuit in Ecuador.     Read more...


Chevron Hit Hard In Sworn Testimony Over Massive Ecuador Liability

Gibson Dunn Lawyer Flies Into Panic As American Expert Provides Devastating Evidence
6 October 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Denver, CO – One of Chevron's lawyers at the law firm of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher flew into a panic during a recent deposition when an American consulting expert began to testify about the massive quantities of toxins dumped by the oil giant in Ecuador, where Chevron faces a multi-billion dollar legal liability, according to court papers filed recently.      Read more...

Chevron Should Pay for Its Pollution in Ecuador

1 October 2010 | The Wall Street Journal

Scientific evidence from experts demonstrates that Chevron has been contaminating an area in Ecuador the size of Rhode Island and taking advantage of indigenous groups for decades. Now Chevron is trying to sabotage a seven-year trial to evade accountability.     Read more...

Chevron Misleads U.S. Courts with Inaccurate Translation in Multi-Billion Dollar Ecuador Contamination Lawsuit

Gibson Dunn's Aggressive Legal Strategy Backfires In Federal Court
1 October 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has been submitting an inaccurate and misleading translation to U.S. federal courts as part of its effort to evade liability in the multi-billion dollar Ecuador environmental lawsuit, according to court papers filed recently.     Read more...

Steven Donziger Response to Chevron's Campaign to Deflect Attention from Its Liability for Massive Oil-Related Environmental Contamination in Ecuador

23 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

"Chevron's efforts to smear those acting to hold the oil giant accountable for its criminal misconduct in Ecuador is a long-running tactic of the company. I am the fourth lawyer to represent the Amazonian communities in Ecuador who has been the target of what I believe is abusive legal action by Chevron; this is all part of the company's strategy to delay the trial and distract attention from the mountain of evidence pointing to its responsibility for massive contamination in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest."     Read more...

Federal Judge Hits Chevron Over Ecuador Litigation Tactics

Says Oil Giant's Legal Motions Are "Spiraling Out of Control"
22 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A federal magistrate judge in Tennessee told Chevron yesterday that he would sharply limit any further discovery of a scientific consultant for the Amazonian communities suing for the clean-up of what is believed to be the world's worst oil-related disaster, according to court papers in the case.     Read more...

Summary of Analysis of Damages to Ecuador's Amazon Basin

17 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In accordance with the Ecuador Court's Order, the Ecuadorian communities submitted a legal brief along with six Annexes prepared by environmental, economic, and medical consultants retained by the communities. These expert valuation assessments were submitted to add additional scientific analysis and insight for the Court on the issue of damages utilizing evidence in the record and from relevant public studies.     Read more...