News and Multimedia from 2010

Indigenous Amazon Victims Call for Chevron to End Attempts to Sabotage Court System

Chevron Would Have Opportunity to Submit Information Before Court Issues Final Decree in Ecological Disaster Case
23 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lawyers representing the victims of a massive ecological disaster caused by Chevron's oil explorations in the Amazon rainforest have called on the company to end its reckless campaign to sabotage the Ecuadoran court system.     Read more...

Chevron CEO Watson Joins BP on Hot Seat In Congress For Ecuador Disaster, Nigeria Killings

California Company Facing Renewed Charges of Human Rights Abuses on Eve of Hearing
15 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

BP's executives will be joined by Chevron CEO John Watson as oil men on the Congressional hot seat today. Chevron's Watson will testify today before the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment as he faces withering criticism for the mishandling of an oil disaster in Ecuador's Amazon that is considered far larger and more devastating than the tragic BP spill in the Gulf.     Read more...

Key Witness Testifies that Chevron Paid Bribes, Switched Soil Samples in $27b Ecuador Lawsui

Communities Urge Ecuadorian Prosecutors to Interview Chevron Contractor Diego Borja over Massive Fraud by Oil Giant
11 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A Chevron contractor bragged that he participated in a wide-ranging fraud by Chevron to pay bribes, fake court-ordered soil samples and doctor evidence to cover up the company's culpability in a $27.3 billion environmental lawsuit, according to sworn testimony from a key government witness.     Read more...

Was Oil Named 'Crude' Because of the Way Oil Companies Do Business?

8 June 2010 | Huffington Post

Let me leave it to you; which is it? "Couldn't be" or "certainly possible"? The recent BP crisis could be called the greatest of "natural" disasters. Natural for a company that had already received 760 citations for "egregious, willful violations," accounting for "97% of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry..." according to the Center for Public Integrity, as quoted by Frank Rich in this past Sunday's New York Times.     Read more...

Chevron's $27 Billion Liability In Ecuador "Glaringly Low" In Light of BP Disaster

Chevron Dumped Toxins for 26 Years; Indigenous Groups Decimated; CEO Fights Shareholders; Chatter about Bankruptcy
8 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's potential $27.3 billion liability for causing the world's worst oil-related catastrophe in Ecuador's rainforest – dubbed the "Amazon Chernobyl" by locals – is starting to look like a glaring underestimate compared to the astronomical damages facing BP in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, according to an analysis in The New York Times published today.     Read more...

Chevron Facing Rising Tide of Public Anger Over BP-Like Environmental Tragedy in Amazon Rainforest

Oil Giant’s Actions Over Ecuador Disaster Condemned by Redford, Herbert, and Perkins as Chorus of Prominent Voices Grows
7 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Actor and filmmaker Robert Redford, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and bestselling author John Perkins are the latest voices to condemn Chevron's desperate maneuvers to avoid liability for the massive oil disaster that has plagued Ecuador's rainforest for almost fifty years.     Read more...

Disaster in the Amazon

4 June 2010 | The New York Times

BP's calamitous behavior in the Gulf of Mexico is the big oil story of the moment. But for many years, indigenous people from a formerly pristine region of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador have been trying to get relief from an American company, Texaco (which later merged with Chevron), for what has been described as the largest oil-related environmental catastrophe ever.     Read more...

Joe Berlinger vs. Chevron: Why We Must All Defend Independent Filmmaking

4 June 2010 | Huffington Post

Filmmakers like Joe Berlinger fulfill a crucial role in today's society by providing independent information on pressing contemporary human rights and social issues. Their success as storytellers depends on access to those men and women willing to talk on camera. If the subjects of those documentaries are fearful of the ramifications of telling the truth then the filmmaker has no story.     Read more...

Filmmaker's Battle With Chevron Gains Support of The New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, Dow Jones, AP, Hearst, Gannett and The Washington Post

Floyd Abrams, Leading First Amendment Lawyer, to Lead Court Fight for Major Media to Protect Film Footage
2 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's attempt to view more than 600 hours of private video outtakes from celebrated filmmaker Joe Berlinger is now being opposed by The New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, Dow Jones, the Associated Press, the Hearst Newspapers, the Daily News, and the Gannett Company, according to court papers filed this week by one of the nation's leading First Amendment lawyers.     Read more...

Tragic BP Gulf Spill Casts Light on Chevron Disaster in Ecuador

While BP Is Largest Spill In U.S., Chevron's Ecuador Disaster Is Largest In World
Chevron Admits Dumping at Least 16 Billion Gallons of Toxic Waste into Rainforest

1 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

As the nation remains riveted on the tragic BP spill unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, Chevron still holds the record for creating the world's largest oil-related contamination and it happened deliberately in the populated Amazon rainforest in an even more sensitive ecosystem than the marshes of Louisiana.     Read more...