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New Questions About Chevron CEO in Wake of Arrests, Shareholder Defiance, at Annual Meeting

Human Rights Issues, Ecuador Calamity Drive Opposition; Watson Loses Control in Face of Criticism
27 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron CEO John Watson was accused of violating corporate governance requirements and other laws when he apparently lost control of Chevron's annual meeting yesterday, resulting in five arrests of well-known Chevron critics and a stunning shareholder rebuke over the company's $27 billion potential Ecuador liability.     Read more...

Activists Arrested at Chevron Shareholders' Meeting

Activists Arrested at Chevron Shareholders' Meeting

26 May 2010

Five activists were arrested at the Chevron annual shareholders' meeting in Houston, Texas. Activists and people from affected communities from across the US and countries such as Ecuador, Angola, Kazakhstan and Canada had traveled to Texas to make their voices heard. Despite the fact that they arrived holding valid proxy passes to attend the meeting, nearly the entire delegation was denied entry.     Read more...

Chevron Management Hit Hard at Annual Meeting over Ecuador Liability
$38 Billion In Shareholder Value Defies CEO Watson

Board Members Confronted by Angry Shareholders,
Indigenous Leaders; Five People Arrested As Company Refuses Proxies

26 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's annual shareholder meeting erupted in chaos today after CEO John Watson received a stern rebuke from shareholders for its Ecuador environmental disaster and a 71-year-old Ecuadorian woman said the company was responsible for an environmental atrocity in the rainforest that cost her two children and was devastating the lives of thousands of people.     Read more...

Chevron Condemned for Human Rights Abuses, Ecuador Disaster at Annual Shareholder Meeting Today

Activists Arrested Inside and Outside Chevron's Meeting
Community Leaders Barred, Ejected from Annual Meeting for Exposing the Truth about Chevron

26 May 2010 | Amazon Watch

At Chevron's shareholder meeting today the company faced outrage for its continued lies, deception, silencing of critics, and human rights abuses. Concerned community leaders from several nations including Ecuador and Nigeria traveled from around the world yet were refused entry to Chevron's annual meeting.     Read more...

Activists Rally at Chevron's Houston Offices During Shareholders' Meeting

26 May 2010 | Houston Business Journal

An international group of activists alleging human rights abuses and environmental destruction on the part of Chevron Corp. was poised to rally in front of the energy company's Houston offices on Wednesday.     Read more...

Protesters Accuse Chevron of Human Rights, Environmental Abuse

25 May 2010 | Houston Chronicle

An international group of activists alleging human rights abuses and environmental destruction on the part of Chevron Corp. was poised to rally in front of the energy company's Houston offices on Wednesday.     Read more...

Chevron AGM 2010 Action

Chevron AGM 2010 Action

25 May 2010

A powerful coalition of leaders from communities around the world negatively impacted by Chevron's operations are gathered in Houston to confront the oil giant during its annual shareholders meeting. Guillermo Grefa and Mariana Jimenez, two people from Ecuador's Amazon rainforest region, are among those speaking out about the "True Cost of Chevron."     Read more...

Chevron General Counsel Misleads Public in Desperate Defense of $27 Billion Ecuador Environmental Disaster

Chevron's Hewitt Pate Issues False Statements Ahead of Wednesday Shareholder Meeting
24 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's chief lawyer, Hewitt Pate, is putting out false statements to lay the groundwork for the oil giant to avoid paying a potential $27.3 billion judgment for contaminating the Ecuadorian rainforest ahead of the annual shareholder meeting Wednesday, representatives of the indigenous and farmer communities suing Chevron said today.     Read more...

Chevron Sues Over 'Crude'

A documentary's unused footage, akin to reporters' notes, should be protected
20 May 2010 | Los Angeles Times

Journalism that serves society does not always spring from objectivity, nor is it always written from a distance. When Upton Sinclair exposed the conditions of Chicago's meat industry, he did so on assignment from a socialist newspaper. He went to work in grim stockyards and returned with "The Jungle." The result was a revolution in food safety and the founding of the Food and Drug Administration.     Read more...

Filmmaker Battling Chevron Over Ecuador Footage Receives Groundswell of Support

Bill Moyers, Trudie Styler, Michael Moore, Ric Burns Warn of "Chilling Effect" on Journalists and Whistleblowers
Growing Public Relations Problem for Chevron; Hearing Today on Stay Request

19 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's attempt to use a U.S. federal court to gain access to more than 600 hours of private video outtakes of its Ecuador environmental disaster from the celebrated filmmaker Joe Berlinger has run into a groundswell of criticism as the issue heads up to an appellate court for judicial review.     Read more...