News and Multimedia from 2011

New York Comptroller Urges Chevron to Save "Battered Reputation" In Ecuador Litigation

5 October 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – The Comptroller who runs New York's $146 billion state pension fund has gone public to urge Chevron to "spare the company's battered reputation" by settling an environmental lawsuit spanning two decades in the Ecuadorian rainforest.     Read more...

Chevron Rainforest Case Drags Mud into Local Court

30 September 2011 | The Recorder

The long-running legal battle between Ecuadoreans and Chevron waged in more than a dozen courts in this country and abroad has been full of ugly lawyer fights and allegations of dirty tricks. Now a piece of the multibillion dollar rainforest destruction suit is being fought in Bay Area courts. And it isn't pretty.      Read more...

What Chevron Owes the People of Lago Agrio

26 September 2011 | Huffington Post

Since taking office as New York State Comptroller four years ago, I have asked Chevron's board of directors to settle this marathon litigation and spare the company's battered reputation any further damage. The board has chosen to ignore the wishes of the many investors and observers who supported my call.     Read more...

Chevron Lobbying Efforts Revealed by Leaked Cables

22 September 2011 | Courthouse News Service

Chevron tried to shake off multibillion environmental claims in Ecuador by lobbying government officials, even as it blasted opponents for allegedly playing to the courts' corrupt and political side, according to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks.     Read more...

Wikileaks Cables Expose Chevron's Lobbying of Ecuador Government to Kill $18 Billion Environmental Case

Newly Released Cables Raise Questions About Chevron Ties to U.S. Embassy and Misrepresentations
21 September 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron engaged in a clandestine lobbying campaign of Ecuador's government to improperly shut down the historic environmental case brought by thousands of indigenous persons, according to a series of cables written by U.S. government officials and recently disclosed by Wikileaks.     Read more...

US Court's Decision in Ecuador Case Could See Chevron Assets Seized: Analyst

21 September 2011 | Platts

New York, NY – A recent decision by a US appeals court in the years-long dispute between Chevron and indigenous groups in Ecuador's Amazon region opens the possibility that Chevron assets could be seized elsewhere if the company does not make a settlement, Oppenheimer analyst Fadel Gheit said Tuesday.     Read more...

US Court Rules Against Chevron in Ecuador Oil Case

20 September 2011 | BBC News

A US court has overturned a block on Ecuadoreans collecting damages totalling $18.2 billion from Chevron over Amazon oil pollution.     Read more...

Court Ruling Backs Ecuadorian Effort to Hold Chevron Accountable For Amazon Pollution

Court Ruling Backs Ecuadorian Effort to Hold Chevron Accountable For Amazon Pollution

20 September 2011 | Democracy Now!

A U.S. appeals court has ruled oil giant Chevron cannot escape an $18 billion fine for massive pollution of the Amazon rain forest.     Read more...

Amazon Watch Statement on the September 19th 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Order Lifting the U.S. District Court's Injunction Barring Enforcement of Ecuadorian Court Verdict Against Chevron

20 September 2011 | Amazon Watch

Yesterday's order from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals brings the oil-ravaged indigenous and rural communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon one step closer to justice after nearly two decades of fighting to hold American oil giant Chevron accountable for the devastation it caused in their rainforest lands.     Read more...

Order Barring Ecuador from Collecting $18 Billion Vacated

19 September 2011 | Associated Press

New York – A federal appeals court vacated an order Monday by a New York judge that barred an $18 billion judgment in Ecuador against Chevron Inc. for contaminating the Amazon.     Read more...