News and Multimedia from 2011

Appeal of Injunction Against Ecuador Verdict Expedited

13 May 2011 | Legal Newsline

New York, NY – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted a group of Ecuadorians, who previously won an $18 billion judgment against Chevron Corp., an expedited appeal of a preliminary injunction in an order filed this week.     Read more...

Ecuadoreans Win Round in Drawn-out Chevron Battle

12 May 2011 | Reuters

New York, NY – A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New York, in a terse ruling, relaxed rules in the order to allow plaintiffs' lawyers to meet with their clients and raise funds to fight Chevron in court.     Read more...

Chevron in Ecuador: A Defining Moment

Chevron in Ecuador: A Defining Moment

12 May 2011

Chevron has been found guilty of massive contamination of the Amazon and fined $18 billion, but the company has vowed to fight the verdict "until Hell freezes over."     Read more...

Report Finds Chevron Downplaying Shareholder Risk and Liability from $18 Billion Ecuador Judgment

11 May 2011 | Amazon Watch, RAN

San Francisco, CA – Two weeks before Chevron's Annual General Shareholders meeting, a report released today finds that Chevron's multi-billion liability in Ecuador poses serious financial and operational risk to the company and its shareholders.      Read more...

Chevron Ecuador Risk Analysis Report

An Analysis of the Financial and Operational Risks to Chevron Corporation from Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco
May 2011 | An independent report commissioned by Amazon Watch & Rainforest Action Network

Drawing on the unusually rich and revealing publicly available legal filings in this case, this report examines the potential damage and disruption to Chevron's operations from enforcement of the $18 billion Ecuador court judgment that was delivered on February 14, 2011. This report also assesses the risk that Chevron's aggressive counter-litigation and public relations campaign against the Ecuadorian plaintiffs' will backfire and prove to be a long-term barrier to the company's obtaining the legal right and social license to explore and operate in new regions.     Read more...

Appeals Court in NYC Puts Chevron on Defensive

10 May 2011 | Associated Press

New York, NY – A lawyer for energy company Chevron found himself on the defensive Tuesday as he argued that it was urgent that the courts protect the company from an $18 billion judgment against it in Ecuador over damage done to the Ecuadorean rain forest decades ago.     Read more...

Chevron Fights Justice in Ecuador on Two Fronts, but Needs to Win Everywhere

4 May 2011 | EarthRights International

Since February, Chevron has been facing what is probably the largest environmental judgment in history. They've gone on the offensive against this judgment on two fronts. But they need to win not just these cases, but every other one that the plaintiffs might file.     Read more...

Duel in the Amazon

Excursions in Ecuador's jungles show two sides in Chevron's long legal battle over the environment.
30 April 2011 | Los Angeles Times

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Donald Moncayo walks to the edge of a flat grassy field that once held two large pits that brimmed with a stew of water and crude from an oil-drilling operation. He lifts a heavy auger above his head and prepares to plunge it into the ground. "They always show you the shirt, the coat and the tie," he said of the area, called Sacha 53, which is now pastureland and spindly trees. "They never show you the tumor underneath the shirt."     Read more...

An Open Letter to the People of the United States from the Ecuadorian Plaintiffs

30 April 2011 | Asamblea de Afectados por Texaco

An open letter written to the people of the United States from the 30,000 Ecuadorian plaintiffs in the Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco trial.     Read more...

An Open Letter to the People of the United States from the Ecuadorian Plaintiffs

An Open Letter to the People of the United States from the Ecuadorian Plaintiffs

30 April 2011

To commemorate a delegation of Ecuadorians visiting the U.S. to demand justice from Chevron, the communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon issued an Open Letter to the People of the United States.     Read more...