News and Multimedia from 2011

Ecuadoran Court Slaps Chevron With $8 Billion Fine

14 February 2011 | San Francisco Chronicle

An Ecuadoran judge today fined Chevron Corp. $8 billion in a bitter, 18-year-old lawsuit over oil-field contamination in the Amazon rain forest.     Read more...

Victims of Chevron's Contamination React to Being Sued by Company

Victims of Chevron's Contamination React to Being Sued by Company

7 February 2011

Victims of Chevron's contamination from the region around oil boom-town Coca learn the news that the oil giant is suing them, accusing them of racketeering and extortion for their efforts to hold the company accountable for its abuses.      Read more...

Chevron Finds Its Toxic Dumping Didn't Harm a Soul in Ecuador

In Final Argument, Oil Giant's Tally for Clean-up is "Zero" Despite Dumping Billions of Gallons of Waste Into Amazon
7 February 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Chevron has found that dumping of billions of gallons of toxic waste into Ecuador's Amazon didn't harm a single person or the environment, according to the company's final argument submitted to the Ecuador court hearing the historic environmental case.     Read more...

Statement of Stratus Consulting Regarding Chevron Countersuit

3 February 2011 | Stratus Consulting

Chevron's claims against Stratus Consulting are false. Released on the eve of an impending judgment in Ecuador, Chevron's assertion of RICO claims against Stratus Consulting is a gross misuse of the federal courts. Stratus Consulting never engaged in the misconduct alleged by Chevron, and Chevron knows as much.     Read more...

Chevron Threatened Ecuador Judge With Prison Time If He Failed to Grant Motions, Court Papers Say

On Eve of Judgment, Chevron Resorting to Intimidation Tactics
3 February 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Chevron's lawyers in Ecuador have threatened the trial judge overseeing the historic environmental trial where the company faces a potential judgment in the billions of dollars, according to court papers made available by the plaintiffs.     Read more...

Amazon Watch's Response to Chevron's Outrageous Accusations

3 February 2011 | Amazon Watch

We are appalled to be named in Chevron's legal assault, but will not be intimated by this corporate bullying. We stand in solidarity with the victims of Chevron's ongoing and apparently escalating abuse, and will stand with them until they get the justice they have sought for too long.     Read more...

The Kitchen Sink Defense

Chevron Files Retaliatory Lawsuit Against Indigenous Ecuadorians Seeking Amazon Cleanup
2 February 2011 | EarthRights International

Chevron's efforts to discredit the case reached a new level this week, as Chevron sued the Ecuadorian plaintiffs themselves in federal court in New York, accusing them of fraud, interfering with contracts, trespass, unjust enrichment, and conspiracy.      Read more...

Scientific Evidence Will Triumph Over Chevron's Intimidation Tactics in Ecuador, Say Plaintiffs

2 February 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – With the scientific evidence against Chevron in the historic Ecuador environmental trial fully before the court, the oil giant is now resorting to threats and intimidation to try to derail a final judgment that could cost the company's shareholders tens of billions of dollars, say representatives of the plaintiffs.     Read more...

Chevron's RICO Lawsuit in Pollution Case Part of Wider Legal Strategy

2 February 2011 | The New York Times

Chevron's racketeering suit filed yesterday against the legal team seeking damages for pollution in Ecuador is likely part of a wider strategy aimed at helping the oil giant reach a more favorable settlement, according to legal experts.     Read more...

Chevron, Trying to Fight Ecuador Lawsuit, Now Claiming Plaintiffs Don't Really Exist

Event In Amazon Jungle Puts Lie to Oil Giant's Latest Desperate Tactic
28 January 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Several indigenous plaintiffs in the historic environmental lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador came together this week at one of the oil giant's polluted well sites in the Amazon rainforest to once again "prove" they are real in light of Chevron's latest legal motion claiming they don't really exist.     Read more...