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Chevron "Unconscionable": Oil Giant Attempting to Block Indigenous Groups with Costs Order on Eve of Critical Court Hearing Over Company’s Pollution in Ecuador

Chevron lawyers trying to close courthouse doors in Canada to First Nations communities, say advocates
6 October 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - Oil conglomerate Chevron, which faces a large environmental liability to indigenous groups in the Amazon after it dumped billions of gallons of toxic oil waste onto their ancestral lands, is being slammed by Canadian aboriginal leaders and environmentalists for trying to block a critical court hearing in Toronto by imposing a massive costs order on its impoverished adversaries.      Read more...

Canadian Indigenous Leaders Travel to See Ecuador Environmental Disaster

The group hopes to ally with 60 Indigenous tribes in Ecuador to help them fight Chevron in Canadian court
27 September 2017 | CBC News

Canadian Indigenous leaders witnessed first hand this week the devastation and pollution left behind by oil companies in Indigenous lands in Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron Hit Hard In Canada: Major Indigenous Leaders Back Collection of $12b Ecuador Pollution Judgment

21 September 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - In a blow to Chevron's prospects in the historic Ecuador pollution litigation, three major Canadian indigenous leaders and a co-founder of Greenpeace have announced they are joining with rainforest communities to force the oil major to comply with an Ecuador court order that it remediate damage caused by the deliberate dumping of billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Amazon region.     Read more...

Greenpeace Co-founder Rex Weyler Condemns Chevron for "Ecological Crimes" in Ecuador's Amazon Region

18 September 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Amsterdam – One of the founders of the legendary environmental organization Greenpeace has blasted Chevron and its high-priced team of corporate lawyers for using "intimidation" tactics to evade responsibility for committing some of the world's "worst ecological crimes" in Ecuador's Amazon region.     Read more...

Chevron's Amazon Chernobyl Case Moves to Canada

15 September 2017 | Greenpeace

If U.S. courts refuse to provide the Ecuadorians a fair hearing, then Canada’s courts must do so for the sake of corporate accountability, universal principles of justice, and Indigenous rights.     Read more...

Chevron Trying to Bankrupt U.S. Human Rights Lawyer Who Helped Indigenous Groups Win Historic Judgment in Ecuador

Greenpeace Founder Rex Weyler Also Blasts Chevron for "Unthinkable Corporate Irresponsibility" in Ecuador
12 September 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – After being caught paying a witness who lied to a U.S. federal court, Chevron is now trying to bankrupt the human rights attorney who helped indigenous groups win a $12 billion environmental judgment against the company for creating widespread destruction in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron Texaco Benefitted from Dumping Oil in Ecuador Beyond Saving Money

A study of the Chevron Texaco oil dumping case in Ecuador reveals that oil companies have an incentive to pollute that goes beyond saving money from oil dumping, explains Lindsay Ofrias, the study's author
5 September 2017 | Real News Network

Oil companies and similar corporations save money by contaminating the environment. A recent study conducted in the context of the Chevron Texaco case argues that oil companies also have an incentive to contaminate the environment that goes beyond saving money.     Read more...

Chevron CEO Watson Tarred His Legacy by Using Corrupt Witness and Fumbling Environmental Issues, Lawyers Say

After Seven Years, Watson Leaves Chevron With "Bleak" Long-term Prognosis
30 August 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

New York, NY – Chevron's surprise announcement that CEO John Watson is stepping down was due to massive cost overruns in Australia and his refusal to adequately deal with huge environmental liabilities in Ecuador and California that will tar his own legacy.     Read more...

Chevron CEO Watson Leaves a Legacy of Toxic Waste

29 August 2017 | Eye on the Amazon

After seven dreadful years, Chevron CEO John Watson recently made a surprise announcement that he is finally slinking off with his tail between his legs. Yet the world will continue to suffer from the disastrous effects of his terrible decisions for many years to come.     Read more...

Chevron CEO Watson Tarred His Own Legacy by Fumbling Environmental Issues

23 August 2017 | The Chevron Pit

Burdened with a series of intractable problems, Chevron CEO John Watson announced this week that he is stepping down after seven years at the helm of America's second-largest energy company. He will be remembered far more for saddling Chevron with huge environmental liabilities than for delivering value to shareholders.     Read more...