News & Multimedia from 2017

Haunted by Ecuador Judgment, Chevron Now Trying To Impose $32 Million "Fine" on Lawyer Who Beat It in Court

14 August 2017 | The Chevron Pit

While fossil fuel giant Chevron still refuses to pay its $12 billion environmental judgment to the indigenous groups it poisoned in Ecuador, company CEO John Watson apparently has found the resources to try to impose a massive liability on the human rights lawyer who beat his company in court.     Read more...

Bloomberg Should Fire Legal Reporter Paul Barrett for His Blatant Bias

1 August 2017 | The Chevron Pit

When is Bloomberg going to finally wake up and fire reporter Paul Barrett for his overall crappy reporting and his repeated bias in favor of Chevron in its scorched-earth campaign to evade paying the $12 billion Ecuador environmental judgment?     Read more...

In Huge Blunder, U.S. Courts Ignored Chevron's Fabricated Evidence in Historic Ecuador Pollution Case

Ecuadorian Villagers and Counsel Offer Rebuttals to 12 False "Findings" by Judge Kaplan and Second Circuit Court of Appeals
27 June 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

New York, NY – U.S. appellate courts have ignored devastating evidence that Chevron and its lawyers fabricated witness testimony and violated multiple federal criminal law statutes when trying to immunize the company from a historic $9.5 billion environmental liability in Ecuador, according to a new report called How U.S. Courts Got It Wrong In Chevron's Amazon Pollution Case.     Read more...

George Mason Law Professor Is Chevron's New Stooge in Ecuador Pollution Case

22 June 2017 | The Chevron Pit

You might want to ask Krauss in his next ethics class if his obvious ties to Chevron and his obfuscation of the truth compromise the academic standards of George Mason.     Read more...

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Review Evidence that Chevron Committed Fraud and Bribed a Witness in Ecuador Pollution Case

19 June 2017 | Amazon Watch

SCOTUS' failure to review the case in the face of this new evidence is a grave miscarriage of justice, and has chilling ramifications for similar environmental justice and human rights cases. Among those is the likelihood that corporations will be inspired to pursue many more retaliatory suits against human rights and environmental groups for speaking out against abuses.     Read more...

U.S. Supreme Court Makes "Grave Mistake" in Refusing To Hear Chevron $12 Billion Pollution Liability in Ecuador

Next Hearing in Canada To Seize Chevron Assets Scheduled for October 10th in Ontario Court of Appeals
19 June 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

Washington, DC – Ecuadorian indigenous villagers and their lawyer today said the U.S. Supreme Court made a "grave mistake" in refusing to hear evidence that Chevron committed a massive fraud to evade paying a $12 billion Ecuador pollution judgment.     Read more...

Facing Bribery Charges, Chevron Trying To Mislead U.S. Supreme Court With Fake Facts and Flawed Arguments

6 June 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

Washington, DC – Faced with undisputed proof that it illegally paid huge sums of money to bribe its star witness, Chevron is now trying to mislead the U.S. Supreme Court by using fabricated evidence and flawed legal arguments to evade paying the $12 billion Ecuador environmental judgment.     Read more...

Chevron's Payments To RICO Witness Are Not Just Ugly - They're Criminal

2 June 2017 | The Huffington Post

Did Chevron and its legal team at Gibson Dunn give "anything of value" to Alberto Guerra "for or because of [his] testimony" in Chevron's RICO case? Did they do so "to influence [Guerra's] testimony"? Oh yeah. Oh $$$ Yeah.      Read more...

Chevron CEO Is Lying to His Own Shareholders Over $12 Billion Ecuador Liability

2 June 2017 | The Chevron Pit

One thing clear from the wreckage that was Chevron's annual meeting this week: CEO John Watson is blatantly lying to his own shareholders over the disastrous handling of the company's $12 billion Ecuador environmental liability.     Read more...

Chevron CEO Suffers Major Rebuke Over $12 Billion Ecuador Liability at Annual Shareholder Meeting

1 June 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

Chevron CEO John Watson awakened today following a rollicking shareholder meeting facing the hard reality that the company's huge expenditures to try to kill off the $12 billion Ecuador environmental case have fundamentally failed, with the affected indigenous villagers "more animated than ever" following a major shareholder rebuke of the company.     Read more...