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"Chevron Was Just Fabricating a Lie To Get Out of Paying for a Cleanup"

5 May 2017 | CounterSpin

Janine Jackson interviewed Paul Paz y Miño about Chevron’s oil spill in Ecuador for the May 5, 2017 episode of CounterSpin.      More »

Epic Court Battle Between Ecuadorian Villagers and Chevron Moves to Canada

12 September 2016 | Free Speech Radio News

FSRN’s Shannon Young spoke with Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director at Amazon Watch, an environmental non-profit that has campaigned on behalf of affected communities for more than 15 years.     More »

Indigenous Ecuadorian Leader Confronts Chevron CEO at Shareholder Meeting

25 May 2016 | Rising Up with Sonali

Solani Kolhatkar interviewed Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director
of Amazon Watch.     More »

Steven Donziger: Oil and Its Aftermath

15 March 2016 | Alec Baldwin's Here's The Thing on WNYC

Alec Baldwin interviewed Steven Donziger on WNYC's program Here's The Thing about Chevron's environmental crimes in Ecuador.     More »

Chevron's Polluted House of Cards Is Finallly Collapsing

9 November 2015 | KPFT Houston

Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch was interviewed on KPFT Houston's program The Monitor about Chevron's environmental crimes in Ecuador. The interview details how Chevron's entire retaliatory RICO case fell apart with the admission that the company's star witness committed perjury and fabricated his story of a bribe and ghostwritten verdict to get a payoff from Chevron.     More »

Street Beat: Chevron Shareholder Meeting Draws Critics from Frontline Communities

28 May 2015 | Free Speech Radio News

About 100 people including members of environmental and human rights’ groups and representatives from frontline communities in Ecuador, Nigeria, and the San Francisco Bay Area demonstrated Wednesday in front of Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting at its world headquarters in San Ramon, California.     More »

Protests Greet Shareholders at Chevron's Annual Meeting

27 May 2015 | KPFA Pacifica Evening News

The Pacifica Evening News interviews protesters outside of Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting at its world headquarters in San Ramon, California.     More »

Richmond Residents Rally at Chevron's Refinery to Mark a Global Day of Action

21 May 2014 | KPFA News

KPFA News' Nick St. Charles interviews protesters at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, California on world #AntiChevron day.     More »

Interview with Steven Donziger

27 March 2014 | KPFA

Listen to Steven Donziger, lawyer for the Ecuadorian communities who successfully sued Chevron for $9.5 billion dollars, give an update on the case and Chevron's retaliatory RICO action aimed at silencing its critics and attempting to evade justice.     More »

Interview with Steven Donziger, Lou Dematteis and Paul Paz y Miño

24 March 2014 | KPFA

KPFA Radio interview by Nina Serrano with human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, photographer Lou Dematteis and Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch about the latest developments in the Chevron-Ecuador case and Chevron's RICO retaliatory attacks on Ecuadorian communities and their allies.     More »

Ecuadorian Locals Still Seeking Damages from Chevron for Environmental Damage

17 June 2013 | Public Radio International

Despite winning a long court battle, Ecuadorian plaintiffs seeking repayment for environmental destruction have been unable to collect from Chevron, the company the indigenous people and their lawyers blame for the leaked oil contaminating the land and water.     More »

Free Speech Radio News previews CRUDE

9 September 2009 | Free Speech Radio News

FSRN spoke with Mitch Anderson, the lead campaigner for Amazon Watch's Ecuador project.     More »

KQED's Forum Discussion of "The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report"

28 May 2009 | KQED Forum

We talk with Antonia Juhasz, policy analyst, author of "The Tyranny of Oil" and lead author and editor of "The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report" and look at the latest news and geopolitical issues surrounding the company.      More »

Uprising Radio Interview on Chevron Shareholder Meeting

26 May 2008 | Uprising Radio

Ahead of its annual shareholder meeting tomorrow, the Chevron Corporation is facing increasing scrutiny for its business practices around the world from California to Ecuador.     More »

Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Wins the Top BENNY Award for 2008

November 19 2008 | Corporate Watchdog Radio

The Top BENNY Award for 2008 went to the Clean Up Ecuador campaign for bringing Chevron to justice for decades of pollution in the Amazon.     More »

Chevron, Ecuador In Costly Environmental Dispute

Texaco is accused of failing to clean up billions of gallons of toxic waste in Ecuador.
18 September 2008 | Tell Me More, NPR

Oil giant Texaco, now owned by Chevron, is involved in an epic environmental lawsuit brought on behalf of the indigenous people of Ecuador's rain forest. Attorney Stephen Donziger, who works with the plaintiffs legal team, and Chevron spokesperson Kent Robertson discuss the case on NPR.     More »

Oil and Justice in the Amazon

6 August 2008 | On Point - WBUR, NPR

In a town called Lago Agrio, "sour lake," deep in the oil-rich rain forest of Ecuador, what could be the biggest environmental lawsuit in history is being fought.     More »

KPFA's Against the Grain Explores the Landmark Environmental Class-Action Lawsuit Against Chevron in Ecuador

12 September 2006 | KPFA

Amazon Watch's Simeon Tegel discusses the landmark environmental class-action lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador on KPFA's Against the Grain.     More »

The Morning Show Examines Chevron's Ecuador Disaster

21 April 2006 | Morning Show, KPFA 94.1fm

Chevron Runs Amok in Ecuador - Interview with Steven Donzigor, attorney for the plaintiffs, and Leila Salazar-Lopez, Clean Up Ecuador organizer.     More »

Selling the Amazon for a Handful of Beads

17 January 2006 | Democracy Now & AlterNet

Scanning bookshelves in his tiny law office in Quito, Ecuador, Bolivar Beltran's disdain for Big Oil is as legible as the contracts that map their nefarious ways.     More »