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Chevron Ecuador Risk Analysis Report

An Analysis of the Financial and Operational Risks to Chevron Corporation from Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco
May 2011 | An independent report commissioned by Amazon Watch & Rainforest Action Network

Drawing on the unusually rich and revealing publicly available legal filings in this case, this report examines the potential damage and disruption to Chevron's operations from enforcement of the $18 billion Ecuador court judgment that was delivered on February 14, 2011. This report also assesses the risk that Chevron's aggressive counter-litigation and public relations campaign against the Ecuadorian plaintiffs' will backfire and prove to be a long-term barrier to the company's obtaining the legal right and social license to explore and operate in new regions.     Read more...

An Open Letter to the People of the United States from the Ecuadorian Plaintiffs

30 April 2011 | Asamblea de Afectados por Texaco

An open letter written to the people of the United States from the 30,000 Ecuadorian plaintiffs in the Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco trial.     Read more...

Chevron's Internal Audits Demonstrating Extensive Contamination

29 March 2011

Chevron's own internal audits conducted in the early 1990s showed extensive contamination of the rainforest. View them here.     Read more...

Statement of Stratus Consulting Regarding Chevron Countersuit

3 February 2011 | Stratus Consulting

Chevron's claims against Stratus Consulting are false. Released on the eve of an impending judgment in Ecuador, Chevron's assertion of RICO claims against Stratus Consulting is a gross misuse of the federal courts. Stratus Consulting never engaged in the misconduct alleged by Chevron, and Chevron knows as much.     Read more...

Amazon Watch's Response to Chevron's Outrageous Accusations

3 February 2011 | Amazon Watch

We are appalled to be named in Chevron's legal assault, but will not be intimated by this corporate bullying. We stand in solidarity with the victims of Chevron's ongoing and apparently escalating abuse, and will stand with them until they get the justice they have sought for too long.     Read more...

Summary of Final Argument (Part I)

Summary of the Alegato – Pt. I of Final Argument in Lawsuit
24 January 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lawyers for the Amazonian communities suing Chevron have submitted the first part of their final written argument to the Ecuador court, outlining the evidence demonstrating Chevron's liability in the $113 billion environmental damages lawsuit, and the fraud behind the company's primary defense of remediation.


Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Briefing Paper

Understanding Recent Developments in the Landmark Chevron-Ecuador Case
Winter 2011 | Amazon Watch

After more than 17 years of litigation, the monumental class action against oil giant Chevron (formerly Texaco) for widespread environmental devastation in the Ecuadorian Amazon is nearing an end. This briefing paper provides a brief background on this historic legal battle, followed by an outline of some of Chevron's strategies to evade accountability for one of the world's worst ecological disasters.     Read more...

Plaintiffs' Motion to Depose Diego Borja

31 December 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Plaintiffs' motion to depose Chevron operative Diego Borja, who has admitted to having evidence of Chevron misconduct in the trial.     Read more...

Legal Threats Against Judge Nicolas Zambrano

21 December 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a series of recent legal papers, Chevron lawyers Enrique Carbajal and Alberto Racines threatened trial Judge Nicolas Zambrano with criminal sanctions and prison if he failed to grant their motions asking for a dismissal of the case, which has been on trial since 2003 in the Amazon town of Lago Agrio.     Read more...

Summary of Analysis of Damages to Ecuador's Amazon Basin

17 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In accordance with the Ecuador Court's Order, the Ecuadorian communities submitted a legal brief along with six Annexes prepared by environmental, economic, and medical consultants retained by the communities. These expert valuation assessments were submitted to add additional scientific analysis and insight for the Court on the issue of damages utilizing evidence in the record and from relevant public studies.     Read more...