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Sacha-53 Inspection Results (Spanish)

Built in 1974, this is a well site that ChevronTexaco often shows to journalists as a model of its remediation. The company covered the pits surrounding this well with dirt without first removing the toxins; the sites appear harmless, as they are now covered with vegetation that hides the danger underneath.     More »

March 2005 Summary of Early Evidence from Judicial Inspections

March 2005

ChevronTexaco's larger defense is that it remediated the pits and therefore is not responsible for further clean-up. This defense is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain in light of the evidence from the judicial inspections.     More »

Incidence of Childhood Leukemia and Oil Exploitation in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador

July 2004 | International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

This disturbing scientific report published in the July 2004 edition of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health by Anna Karin Hurtig and Miguel San Sebastian, links Chevron's extensive oil contamination of the Ecuadorian rainforest to instances of child leukemia that are three times the national average.     More »

Chevron Contract with Ecuadorian Military

This 2004 contract details cooperation between Chevron and the Ecuadorian military over the use of facilities on a base near Lago Agrio. The close relationship between Chevron and the military is worrisome for the integrity of the trial, as evidence shows Chevron has attempted to use this relationship to influence the proceedings.     More »

A Public Health Emergency

Oil exploitation in the Amazon basin of Ecuador: a public health emergency
Pan American Journal of Public Health

This report by Miguel San Sebastián and Anna-Karin Hurtig, which was published by the Pan American Journal of Public Health in 2004, summarizes the evidence that there is a public health emergency in the Ecuadorian Oriente, and that these conditions are linked to the region's history of oil exploitation and pollution.     More »

2003 Ecuador Legal Complaint

May 2003

This is the legal complaint filed in 2003 in Lago Agrio, after a US appeals court ruled that the case against Chevron should be heard in Ecuador.     More »

Executive Summary: Inspection of Lago Agrio Central Station

Having analyzed field data, related documents and lab results, the following can be concluded: Contamination produced by Texaco's operations exists even today. Pollution caused by the Defendant was a result of its sub­par operational practices. And, defendant's pollution is causing risks and damages.     More »

Executive Summary: Inspection of Sacha Sur Station

On all three studied sites (3 pits within the station, the marsh that leads to San Carlos and the swamp located southeast of the station), soil and water pollution was found at levels that greatly surpass applicable environmental laws. It was determined that Texaco and its operation of the station is responsible for existing pollution.     More »

Executive Summary: Inspection of Shushufindi-18 Well Site

According to the analyzed documents, Texaco was the sole operator of the Shushufindi-18 well. According to Texaco's RAP (Environmental Reparation Plan) and other documents, remediation actions were implemented in one of Shushufindi-18's pits, however, both field and lab results show the existence of contamination in said pit even today. Current levels of contamination found in some pits of the Shushufindi-18 well violate Ecuatorian environmental laws applicable to soils. In some cases, contamination values exceed even the objective standard proposed by the RAP guidelines.     More »

"Yana Curi" Report on Health Impacts of Oil Activity

Report providing an overview of negative health impacts suffered in the Oriente in the presence of oil development.     More »