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Chevron Concedes Errors in Crucial Witness Testimony

1 December 2015 | Courthouse News

"Although Chevron now euphemistically acknowledges that Guerra 'misspoke' during that testimony, Chevron's primary response appears to be that his lengthy history of admitted lies is not a new development because Guerra is a known liar."     More »

Chevron Paying Income Taxes and Salary of Corrupt Witness Who Committed Perjury in Ecuador Case

16 November 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Without public disclosure, Chevron has re-upped its contract to pay $144,000 annually to former Ecuadorian judge Alberto Guerra after he admitted perjuring himself in a federal court during the company's RICO trial. The perjury happened after Chevron lawyers at the outside law firm Gibson Dunn coached Guerra on his false testimony for 53 consecutive days.     More »

Chevron's Polluted House of Cards Is Finallly Collapsing

9 November 2015 | KPFT Houston

Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch was interviewed on KPFT Houston's program The Monitor about Chevron's environmental crimes in Ecuador. The interview details how Chevron's entire retaliatory RICO case fell apart with the admission that the company's star witness committed perjury and fabricated his story of a bribe and ghostwritten verdict to get a payoff from Chevron.     More »

This Epic Environmental Lawsuit Just Got a Bit More Complicated

6 November 2015 | VICE News

During the tribunal, Chevron's key witness admitted that there is no evidence to corroborate allegations that he received bribes or that he acted as a ghostwriter in the judgment against Chevron. He also conceded, in cross-examination, that elements of his sworn testimony were exaggerated and, in other cases, simply false.     More »

Shaky Chevron Witness Assailed in New Brief

5 November 2015 | Courthouse News

A lawyer whom Chevron has labeled a racketeer asked the Second Circuit today to consider revelations from an international tribunal in which the oil giant's key witness admits to giving false testimony in U.S. federal court.     More »

Businessweek's Paul Barrett Ignores Spectacular Implosion of Chevron's RICO Case

4 November 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Businessweek reporter Paul Barrett is again taking Chevron's side in the Ecuador pollution litigation by failing to report on the spectacular implosion of the company's RICO case. Readers of Businessweek interested in the latest news on the litigation are getting shortchanged.     More »

Chevron's Key Witness "Exposed as a Paid Liar"

30 October 2015 | RT News

There is a new twist in the long-running saga to clean up environmental contamination in Ecuador: A key witness who testified for Chevron now admitted to lying for the company for a hefty financial reward.     More »

Report: Key Chevron Witness in Amazon Pollution Case Admits Lying

28 October 2015 | Democracy Now

A key witness in Chevron’s effort to avoid paying for environmental contamination in the Ecuadorean Amazon has admitted he lied.     More »

Chevron's Star Witness in $9.5 Billion Ecuador Oil Pollution Claim Admits: "I Lied"

28 October 2015 | The Ecologist

Chevron's polluted house of cards has come crashing down around them. Guerra is a liar – and he freely admits it. Chevron can either double down and insist Guerra was "before it before he was against it" or denounce him now – in which case they can never argue he's credible by any stretch.     More »

"Yes, I Lied": Vindicating Villagers, Star Chevron Witness Busted for Perjury

"Chevron has taken the people of Ecuador and the U.S. court system on a ride, full of lies, deliberate delay, and obstruction of justice, says Amazon Watch
27 October 2015 | Common Dreams

In what is being called "a dramatic turn" in a protracted legal battle, documents publicized Monday reveal that the star witness in a case pitting rainforest villagers against a multinational oil giant has admitted to lying under oath in an effort to help Chevron avoid paying a $9.5 billion judgment for deliberate pollution of the Ecuadorian Amazon.     More »