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The Fight for Justice for Ecuador's Amazon Continues

19 April 2015 | Upside Down World

On April 20, U.S. attorney Steven Donziger will help defend one of the most historic class-action court judgments against a large corporation: Ecuador's Supreme Court decision in 2011 that holds Chevron liable for $9.6 billion of damages for environmental harms affecting an estimated 30,000 Amazonian people.     More »

Chevron, Donziger to Face Off Over $9.5 Billion Judgement

19 April 2015 | Wall Street Journal

Chevron Corp. will go head-to-head in an appeals court Monday with the lawyer who has tried for years to get the oil giant to pay a $9.5 billion environmental-damage award, the latest development in one of the longest-running legal battles in corporate history.     More »

The Chevron Tapes: 30 Years and Still Waiting for Justice

17 April 2015 | Eye on the Amazon

This week we're highlighting a rainforest resident's story of how he lost three daughters due to the toxic contamination of his home and an interview with a former oil worker who recalls the helplessness he felt at being ordered by Chevron to dump toxic waste directly into the rainforest, day after day:     More »

Secret Report Shoring Up $9.8B Verdict Against Chevron Unveiled

16 April 2015 | Courthouse News Service

"There is ... no evidence ... that any document was copied from a USB device to either the new computer or the old computer and used to create any part of the Lago Agrio judgment between October 2010 and February 2011," Racich wrote, referring to the dates of Zambrano's tenure. "Nor has Mr. Lynch presented any evidence (and I have found none) suggesting that any part of the Lago Agrio judgment was received by email or by any other means."     More »

In Ecuador, Chevron Found Contamination – and Comedy – in Soil They Testified Was Clean

16 April 2015 | AmericaBlog

If we have no cohesive mechanism to hold large corporations accountable for their actions, we’re going to get even more of this: perpetrators laughing in the face of pollution.     More »

EU Legislators Express Support for Chevron Victims in Ecuador

The representatives expressed their support to the 30,000 victims of the oil company Chevron in the Amazon
16 April 2015 | TeleSur

​Some 40 left-wing Members of the European Parliament(MEPs) read a letter supporting the victims of the environmental damages wrought by oil giant Chevron-Texaco, during a public audience held in parliament Wednesday.     More »

Donziger's Case Against Chevron, In His Own Words

15 April 2015 | Law360

As one of the U.S. lawyers who worked with a talented group of Ecuadorian advocates to help win the judgment and who now finds himself the main target of Chevron's retaliation campaign, I want to present my perspective on the history of this two-decade dispute and explain why I and others working for those affected believe the company's strategy distorts basic facts, undermines the rule of law and ultimately will backfire.     More »

Chevron Whistleblower Videos Prove Oil Giant's Guilt in Ecuador - AGAIN

15 April 2015 | Huffington Post

On April 8th, Amazon Watch released secret videos turned over by a Chevron whistleblower that clearly show company technicians finding extensive oil pollution at well sites in the Amazon that Chevron had previously certified as "remediated". The videos are amazingly damning to Chevron.     More »

The Chevron Tapes: How U.S. Federal Judge Kaplan Tried to Help Oil Giant Hide Its Corruption in Ecuador

14 April 2015 | The Chevron Pit

The stunning internal Chevron internal videos released last week by VICE and the environmental group Amazon Watch demonstrate the oil company knew of its massive contamination in Ecuador's rainforest and had an elaborate ruse to lie about it in court.     More »

Leaked Videos Suggest Chevron Cover-up of Amazon Pollution

10 April 2015 | Al Jazeera America

Videos allegedly leaked by a whistleblower at Chevron Corporation purport to show employees and consultants paid by the energy giant finding petroleum contamination at sites in the Ecuadorean Amazon that the company claimed had been cleaned up years earlier.     More »