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Investors Square Off with Chevron CEO at Shareowner Meeting

Shareowner advocate Simon Billenness cites the company's $19 billion legal quagmire in Ecuador in requesting a lower threshold for calling special meetings while Atossa Soltani of Amazon Watch is ejected from meeting at request of CEO John Watson
1 June 2013 |

Much against the wishes of corporate management, Chevron's annual general meetings of recent years have prominently featured shareowner resolutions and demonstrations by activists addressing the $19 billion judgment against the company for environmental destruction in Ecuador.     More »

Forget WallyWorld, at Chevron They Live in WatsonWorld

31 May 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

While hundreds protested outside the 2013 Chevron Annual Shareholder Meeting holding the largest "pink slip" you've even seen, Chevron CEO John Watson once again demonstrated that he is largely divorced from reality when it comes to the company's $19B liability in Ecuador and its other environmental problems.     More »

Chevron CEO Faces Down Critics

At shareholders meeting, CEO defends company's handling of pollution suit
30 May 2013 | San Francisco Chronicle

When an Ecuadoran farmer said oil-field contamination killed his parents, Watson told the man that he had been misled by lawyers eager to make money at Chevron's expense. When the head of an environmental group questioned Watson's own actions in the case and kept speaking past her allotted time, Watson had her ejected from the room.     More »

Chevron Touts Strong Year, Skeptics Question Company's Environmental Record

29 May 2013 | Contra Costa Times

San Ramon, CA – During a contentious annual meeting in San Ramon on Wednesday, Chevron executives touted the company's $26 billion in annual profits and robust production efforts, but skeptics peppered management with pointed questions about company's environmental practices.     More »

Chevron Rejects Shareholder Demands to Explain Record Political Spending

29 May 2013 | IPS

Washington, DC – At an annual shareholder meeting held Wednesday, upper-level management for the oil conglomerate Chevron faced renewed questioning over its record-setting political contributions during last year's national election.     More »

Chevron Foes Target CEO Watson

29 May 2013 | SFGate

Critics often crash Chevron's annual shareholders meeting to demand that America's second-largest oil company change its ways. This year, they're also demanding that Chevron change its management.     More »

Activist Shareholders Want Chevron CEO Watson Fired

28 May 2013 | Forbes

A day before Chevron's shareholder meeting in San Ramon, CA, environmental groups and and activists gathered for a conference call in Oakland to demand the firing of John Watson, the company's chief executive.     More »

Servio Returns to Hand Watson a Pink Slip

20 May 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Two years ago Ecuadorian farmer Servio Curipoma left his rainforest home and traveled thousands of miles to bring his story to the US. This month he returns to demand that John Watson resign from his dirty post as CEO of Chevron.     More »

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Allowing Chevron to Use Secret Witnesses Against Ecuadorians and Donziger

Decision Compared to "Spanish Inquisition" and "Star Chamber"
17 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Judge Kaplan is now routinely entertaining Chevron motions to deny the Ecuadorians and Donziger the right to know the identities of witnesses the oil giant plans to use against them.     More »

Million Dollar Fee Denounced for Chevron Mediator Against Ecuador

15 May 2013 | Prensa Latina

Quito, Ecuador – The mediator that presided over the case against Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador charged nearly a million dollars in fees, reported the Andes agency today, citing the Cecilia Olivet report, "When Injustice is a Business."     More »