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Victory! Judge Thwarts Chevron's Attempt to Open Amazon Watch's Confidential Files

4 April 2013 | EarthRights International

Yesterday, in a major victory for our friends at Amazon Watch and ERI’s legal team, a Federal Judge in California quashed two sweeping subpoenas issued to AW by Chevron. ERI, serving as AW’s lawyers, successfully argued that the subpoenas violated Amazon Watch’s First Amendment rights and were unduly burdensome and intended to harass one of Chevron’s public critics.     More »

Take That Chevron: There's A First Amendment After All

4 April 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron took a severe punch yesterday in its home state of California when a judge there ruled to ditch the oil giant's subpoena against an environmental group that has been highly critical of the company concerning its massive contamination of the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »

Chevron Can't Force Ecuador Advocacy Group To Reveal Docs

4 April 2013 | Law360

San Francisco, CA – A California federal judge on Wednesday rejected Chevron's bid to compel advocacy group Amazon Watch to turn over thousands of documents in connection with the company's New York racketeering suit over a $19.2 billion Ecuadorean pollution judgment.     More »

Judge Rejects Chevron Subpoena of Advocacy Group in Ecuador Case

3 April 2013 | Reuters

San Francisco, CA – A U.S. judge has rejected efforts by Chevron Corp to secure documents from a California environmental advocacy group in a fraud case related to a $19 billion award for rainforest pollution in Ecuador.     More »

Chevron Can Solve Its Argentina Problem: Pay the Judgment

28 March 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron's head of operations in Argentina has complained to the Ecuadorians, who recently won a $19 billion judgment against the company for massive oil contamination, that future exploration and drilling is threatened in Argentina because of a local court's decision to freeze its assets.     More »

Third Chevron Spill In Utah Bigger Than Thought – Why Are We Not Surprised

27 March 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron always downplays the impact of its drilling and exploration practices on the environment and human health. One expert, John Connor, has even testified that he has never found any evidence that Chevron's drilling has harmed anyone or anything EVER.      More »

More Chevron Spies & Lies

20 March 2013 | The Chevron Pit

This is the stuff of spy novels and would be hard to believe if it all hadn't been so well-documented. Karen Hinton offers up a compilation of some of the dirty tricks played by Chevron's private investigative firms that have been hired to discredit the $19 billion judgment against the company for oil contamination.     More »

SEC Tries to Silence Chevron Shareholders

18 March 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Not surprisingly, the Securities and Exchange Commission has rubber stamped Chevron's request to remove a shareholder resolution from consideration at its annual shareholders meeting that would have stripped John Watson of his Chairman's title and responsibilities.     More »

Feds Side with Chevron vs. Activist Shareholders

18 March 2013 | San Francisco Chronicle

"This decision prevents a free debate among Chevron shareholders over whether the board should exercise proper oversight of management and its strategy in the Ecuador case," said Simon Billenness.     More »

U.S. Oil Company Spies on Latin American Country to Escape Multi-Billion Court Judgment

14 March 2013 | The Huffington Post

The Chevron Corporation has spied – and perhaps is still spying – on the Republic of Ecuador, fueling a fierce battle between the oil giant and President Rafael Correa, who is calling on other South American countries to hold Chevron accountable for the world's largest oil-related disaster in the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »