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RICO Bombshell Further Erodes Credibility of Key Chevron Witness

16 October 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Reis Veiga's admission is substantial and eviscerates the credibility of the witness Chevron is relying on to support its most explosive – and ridiculous – allegations in the case.     More »

Corporate Rights or Human Rights?

16 October 2013 | EarthRights International

Faced with an $18 billion judgment against it for environmental devastation in the Amazon, Chevron has relentlessly targeted the organizations, lawyers, journalists and activists who have campaigned or publicly spoken out about the company’s destructive operations in Ecuador. In spite of sanctions and other judicial admonishments, Chevron’s lawyers have continued to SLAPP activists with harassing subpoenas and depositions, undoubtedly aimed at chilling the future First Amendment activity that makes their company look bad.      More »

Retaliation Trial Opens Against Victims of Chevron Contamination in Ecuador

15 October 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

The oil company has declared that it will fight us "until hell freezes over." Obviously our economic conditions are not the same; they can buy justice, we cannot. Because of this we must unite to fight against a giant that understands money, but not values like solidarity, truth, fellowship, and above all, justice.     More »

Smooth Criminal: Chevron Sues Rainforest Communities It Contaminated

15 October 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Chevron has taken "blame the victim" to a new extreme in its attempt to avoid the $19 billion guilty verdict handed down by an Ecuadorian court in February 2012.     More »

Richmond Mayor Vows Solidarity with Ecuador, Rips Chevron on Eve of Federal Court Case

15 October 2013 | Contra Costa Times

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin led about 25 protesters in a Tuesday morning demonstration at City Hall denouncing Chevron Corp. and pledging the city's solidarity with Ecuadorean plaintiffs in their legal battles with the energy giant. "What is really at the heart of this case is human rights, justice and environmental protection," McLaughlin said.     More »

NY Trial Begins in Chevron's Bid to Prevent Collection in US of $18B Environmental Judgment

15 October 2013 | Associated Press

A judge who once tried to stop collection worldwide of an $18 billion environmental judgment against energy giant Chevron began hearing evidence Tuesday in the oil company's bid to block collection in the U.S.     More »

Chevron's Retaliatory Show Trial Opens in New York

15 October 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Today in a New York courtroom,  Chevron’s campaign to evade accountability for its environmental and human rights abuses in Ecuador officially enters a new, egregious, ridiculous stage.     More »

Chevron v. Donziger Is the $19 Billion Trial to Watch

The oil company is seeking to avoid a major fine imposed for environmental damage caused in Ecuador
15 October 2013 |

The case deserves the attention it is receiving because it will help define the extent to which the U.S. legal system can be used to sort out alleged overseas misconduct of American multinationals. It will also help define the extent to which would-be American vindicators of the poor overseas will be held accountable for their alleged misconduct in foreign legal proceedings. Billions of dollars are at stake, as are the unhappy conditions in which tens of thousands of Ecuadorian villagers live.     More »

Chevron Fights Amazon Pollution Verdict in U.S. Court

15 October 2013 | IPS

Two years after they were awarded 18 billion dollars by an Ecuadorian court for environmental damage caused by Chevron in the Amazonian rainforest, a group of indigenous villagers and their U.S. lawyer went on trial Tuesday in New York, accused by the oil company of bribery and racketeering.     More »

Chevron Ecuador Case Shows Limits of Legal System

14 October 2013 | Huffington Post

Nothing better demonstrates how ineffective the judiciary can be at righting wrongs than the $19 billion legal battle over Texaco's massive oil contamination of the Ecuadorian rainforest from 1964 to 1990.     More »