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Chevron's "Fight It Out On The Ice" Strategy For Ecuador Case Is Slipping, Fast

27 March 2015 | Huffington Post

For Chevron, hell froze over on February 14, 2011, the day a small provincial court in Ecuador – the sort of country Chevron in its heyday used to treat like a private hacienda – issued a massive environmental verdict against the company.     More »

Chevron Law Firm Gibson Dunn Blasted by High Court of London Over Ethical Violations

25 March 2015 | The Chevron Pit

This just in from London: none other than the High Court of England has found that a key partner at Chevron's main outside law firm in the Ecuador pollution matter – Gibson Dunn & Crutcher – has falsified evidence in another case.     More »

Bringing Dishonor Upon an Honorary Award

25 March 2015 | Eye on the Amazon

We just found out that the Commonwealth Club of California plans to honor Chevron CEO John Watson as a "distinguished global citizen" who has "given back" to the global community. WHAT?!     More »

Chevron's Ecuador Strategy Starts to Crumble After Stunning Setback in Investor Arbitration

17 March 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Even the three members of a controversial pro-corporate investor arbitration panel – which meets in secret and we believe sits illegitimately – appear to be turning against Chevron in the company's longstanding campaign to evade paying its $10 billion Ecuador pollution liability.     More »

The Hague Rules Against Chevron in Ecuador Case

The international court ruled in favor of Ecuador in its case against the U.S. oil giant for causing one of the world's greatest environmental disasters.
13 March 2015 | TeleSur

The International Court of Justice (CIJ) ruled Thursday a prior ruling by an Ecuadorean court that fined the U.S.-based oil company Chevron US$9.5 billion in 2011 should be upheld.     More »

Ecuador Lands a Victory in Chevron's Hague Challenge

12 March 2015 | Courthouse News Service

Ecuador persuaded an arbitration tribunal in The Hague on Thursday that its settlement with Chevron did not necessarily preclude rainforest residents from suing over the same pollution that decades of oil drilling wrought in the rainforest city of Lago Agrio.     More »

Courthouse News: Forensic Report Suggests Chevron Falsified Evidence in Ecuador

6 March 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron is desperately trying to hide from public view a new forensic report that appears to definitively prove what we have been saying for months: the company's fake narrative that it was the "victim" of the courts in its chosen forum of Ecuador is a house of cards that is fast collapsing.     More »

​The Plan to Mop Up the World's Largest Oil Spill With Fungus

5 March 2015 | Motherboard

"Justice isn't something that the government has in its pocket or Chevron has in its bank account,” said Mitch Anderson of ClearWater. “It's something that communities build.”     More »

Chevron Chutzpah Knows No Bounds in Statements About Ecuadorians' Contamination Case

27 February 2015 | The Huffington Post

Sometimes the less you say, the more you say. That's especially true when your opponent has a habit of making ill-advised and even moronic statements about the most important environmental case in history.     More »

Amazon Judge's Data Secretly Scanned in $9.8B Chevron Fight

"It was a huge gamble and it did not pay off for [Chevron]. The hard drives prove what [Ecuador] has insisted all along: Judge Zambrano wrote the Lago Agrio judgment, and nothing Guerra says can be believed."
27 February 2015 | Courthouse News Service

Lawyers for the Ecuadorean government unveiled a new piece of evidence to support their citizens' embattled $9.8 billion environmental judgment against Chevron. The company performed forensic searches of two of former judge Zambrano's judicial computers, over Ecuador's "vociferous objection. "It was a huge gamble and it did not pay off for [Chevron]. The hard drives prove what [Ecuador] has insisted all along: Judge Zambrano wrote the Lago Agrio judgment, and nothing Guerra says can be believed."     More »