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Ecuadorean Rainforest Communities Continue Their Long Fight Against Chevron

25 September 2015 | Huffington Post

The good news from the Supreme Court of Canada is spreading quickly through the rainforest communities in eastern Ecuador, along the dirt roads and over the local radio stations. For more than two decades, 30,000 poor farmers there have campaigned for environmental justice against the Chevron corporation, which they accuse of polluting vast stretches of their territory. On September 4, Canada's high court ruled unanimously that the Ecuadoreans can put the American oil giant on trial in Toronto, in an effort to seize $9.5 billion in damages from its Canadian subsidiary.     More »

Chevron's Forum Shopping Over Ecuador Pollution Hits Dead End in Canada

25 September 2015 | The Chevron Pit

It is widely known that Chevron has acted as a serial forum shopper when it comes to trying to evade its liability for creating an environmental disaster in Ecuador's Amazon. But Chevron's game of corporate subterfuge and litigation abuse seems to be unraveling before our very eyes, spelling huge new risks for company shareholders.     More »

Toxic Waste Dumped on Poorest Ecuadoreans for 26 Years but Chevron Has Yet to Pay

Canadians must now counter Chevron's inevitable propaganda campaign as the legal battle continues
23 September 2015 | teleSUR

On September 4, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that indigenous people from the Ecuadorean Amazon are allowed to use Canadian courts to try (key word is "try") to collect US$9 billion dollars in damages from Chevron that they were awarded in Ecuador.     More »

Ecuador vs. Chevron, by Way of Canada

16 September 2015 | CounterPunch

In the latest twist to a 22-year-old legal saga, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled on September 4th that Ecuadorian villagers can seek to enforce an Ecuadorian legal judgment in Canada for $9.5 billion against Chevron Corporation for polluting the Amazon rainforest.     More »

Chevron Paying Notre Dame "Human Rights" Professor Cassel To Publicly Attack Ecuadorian Villagers

11 September 2015 | The Chevron Pit

If you want a new example of corruption in legal academia, look no further than Chevron's relationship with Notre Dame "human rights" law professor Douglas Cassel. Chevron is paying Cassel to attack the rainforest villagers and lawyers who have held Chevron accountable in Ecuador for its environmental disaster in one of the great recent successes of the corporate accountability and human rights movements.     More »

Canada's Highest Court Gives Ecuadorians Green Light To Pursue Chevron Assets

11 September 2015 | DeSmog

Chevron lost a high-profile pollution case in Ecuador in 2011 and was ordered to pay $9.5 billion for cleanup of billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Amazon rainforest. So far, the company hasn’t paid a dime – but a recent ruling in Canada might finally force Chevron to pay up.     More »

Supreme Court of Canada Ruling Says Ecuadorian Villages Can Sue Chevron

Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch and Dimitri Lascaris, Green Party Candidate for London West, Ontario, discuss the decision of an Ontario court to allow the case to go forward
9 September 2015 | The Real News Network

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday ruled that indigenous Amazonians of Ecuador can use an Ontario court in an attempt to collect billions of dollars from Chevron for contaminating their rainforest and the subsequent environmental and health damages it caused for the people living in the area.     More »

Canada Decision Is Message to Chevron: Stop Deaths in Ecuador Now!

9 September 2015 | Eye on the Amazon

In light of yet another of Chevron's courtroom setbacks in the Ecuador pollution case, company CEO John Watson and his management team again face a stark choice: admit defeat and prevent further death to rainforest villagers, or continue on their disastrous folly by denying the truth. How many more people will lose their lives if Chevron fights on?     More »

Six Reasons Why Chevron's Ecuador Disaster Just Became a Company Nightmare in Canada

8 September 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron's Ecuador environmental disaster – called "The Amazon Chernobyl" by its indigenous and farmer victims in the rainforest – has now spread to Canada in what is fast becoming a business and legal nightmare for company management.     More »

Ecuadoreans Can Sue Chevron in Canada, Supreme Court Rules

Ecuadoreans Can Sue Chevron in Canada, Supreme Court Rules

4 September 2015 | The Globe and Mail

Ecuadorean villagers can sue Chevron and its Canadian subsidiary in an Ontario court to enforce a $9.5-billion (U.S.) judgment from Ecuador, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday.     More »