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The Truth Has No Place in Kaplan's Court

26 November 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

How on Earth could this unlikely and significant victory be so ridiculously, unethically and illegally turned on its head and evolve into the shocking display that just played out in a US Federal Court?     More »

"Most Maligned Lawyer in America" Opens Up as End of Trial Nears

25 November 2013 | Courthouse News Service

New York, NY – ​For his role in securing a roughly $9.5 billion judgment for environmental devastation in Ecuador, attorney Steven Donziger has been branded a "racketeer" by Chevron, pilloried in the press, and saddled with allegations that could sap his finances and stain his professional reputation. So, what makes him so calm, cheerful and confident that he will have the last laugh?     More »

"Welcome to America – Now Give Us Your Property or You're under Arrest!"

18 November 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Donald Moncayo is no stranger to the foul smell and noxious contamination in Ecuador, but that wasn't enough to prepare him for the despicable treatment he would receive in a US federal court.     More »

U.S. Court Authorizes Ecuador to Use Information on Chevron

18 November 2013 | Prensa Latina

Quito, Ecuador – ​A U.S. court authorized Ecuador to use, within the international arbitration known as Chevron III, thousands of documents which the oil company intended to keep reserved, official sources said today.     More »

Through the Looking Glass in Chevron's Delusional Kangaroo Court

12 November 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Try to imagine an Ecuadorian oil company submerging Alabama in toxic wastewater and then when the people of Alabama successfully sued the company to pay for a cleanup, a random judge in Ecuador declares the verdict invalid.     More »

Chevron Ordered to Pay Ecuador $9.51 Billion on Appeal

12 November 2013 | AFP

Quito, Ecuador – An Ecuadoran court upheld a ruling that US oil giant Chevron was liable for environmental damage in its Amazon basin region by sister company Texaco, but ordered it to pay a reduced $9.51 billion.     More »

You Get What You Pay for (Perjury, in This Case)

31 October 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Having virtually all the money in the world often means you can buy silence, time, and lies. This time Chevron has bought a bag of lies from a thoroughly disreputable source, and they aren't able to hide the price tag.     More »

Donziger, Ecuadorians File Motion to Strike Former Judge's Testimony

30 October 2013 | Legal Newsline

New York, NY – The legal team for New York attorney Steven Donziger and the Ecuadorian defendants in Chevron Corp.'s fraud suit have filed a motion to strike the testimony of the company's key witness, former Ecuadorian judge Alberto Guerra.     More »

Donziger & Ecuadorians File Motion to Strike Testimony of Chevron's Well-Paid Witness

30 October 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Today, the legal team for Steven Donziger and the Ecuadorians targeted by Chevron's retaliatory RICO suit filed a motion – filled with devastating detail – to strike the testimony of the oil giant's star witness, disgraced former Ecuadorian Judge Alberto Guerra.     More »

Damning Testimony in Chevron Case Attacked

30 October 2013 | Courthouse News Service

New York, NY – An Ecuadorean judge whose testimony threatens a $19 billion judgment against Chevron must not be credited because he was paid off, the oil giant's opponents told a federal judge Wednesday.     More »