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Chevron's Greed and Racism Highlighted by BP's $18 Billion Settlement

6 July 2015 | The Chevron Pit

BP's latest settlement for its Gulf of Mexico spill, for the amount of $18.7 billion, further highlights the greed and racism of Chevron for refusing to settle claims over the far worse ecological damage caused by the company to the people of Ecuador's Amazon region.     More »

Rumble in the Jungle: Chevron vs. Ecuador Legal Battle Rages on

19 June 2015 | Latin Correspondent

Chevron's decades-old dispute with Ecuadorean authorities continues to drag on, in what environmental experts have termed "Chernobyl in the Amazon."     More »

In Blow to Chevron, Judges Rule That Ecuador Pollution Dispute Belongs in the Courts of Ecuador

17 June 2015 | The Chevron Pit

A five-judge panel from a respected New York appeals court has dealt a blow to Chevron in a dispute between two groups of villagers related to the company's $9.5 billion pollution liability in Ecuador.     More »

Chevron Hits Out at British Documentary on Oil Pollution in Ecuador

Company upset over short film that uses Pablo Neruda’s famous poem on how US corporations treated Latin American countries as empty "banana republics"
17 June 2015 | The Guardian

The US oil giant Chevron has attacked the British makers of a short art-house documentary film about oil pollution in the Ecuadorean Amazon featuring the actor Julie Christie reading a Pablo Neruda poem.     More »

The Nation Magazine Exposes Chevron's Lies About Its Toxic Dumping in Ecuador

8 June 2015 | The Chevron Pit

More journalists are beginning to expose the lies behind Chevron's retaliation campaign against the indigenous and farmer communities who held it accountable in a court of law for dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste in Ecuador's rainforest.     More »

Corporate Courtship a Specter in Human Rights Reports on Ecuador

4 June 2015 | Courthouse News Service

For years before and after her tenure, the State Department published human rights reports that criticize the Ecuadorean justice system as susceptible to corruption. The distinguishing feature of the reports during Clinton's tenure is the advocacy in favor of Chevron through direct references to its legal fight, within the criticism of Ecuador's legal system.     More »

Ecuador's Battle for Environmental Justice Against Chevron

For more than two decades, impoverished indigenous people have been seeking restitution from the oil giant for polluting their region.
2 June 2015 | The Nation

The American public is largely uninformed about this epic struggle, even though it's as important as the dispute over the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The mainstream US media, when it hasn't ignored the case, has often taken Chevron's side, implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) endorsing the company's view that an alliance of Ecuadoran extortionists and crooked US lawyers is using the corrupt Ecuadoran court system to shake down an innocent corporation. On closer inspection, the truth is totally different.     More »

Seven Years Documenting Chevron's Environmental Crimes in Ecuador Pollution Case

1 June 2015 | Huffington Post

Seven years ago this month, I traveled to Ecuador's rainforest to learn about one of the world's largest environmental oil disasters. It was a life-changing trip.     More »

Judge Kaplan's Decision for Chevron Based on Falsified Evidence, Says New Report

1 June 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron is on the ropes yet again in the Ecuador pollution case as its main defense continues to unravel, according to prominent appellate lawyer Deepak Gupta of the Gupta Beck law firm in Washington, DC.     More »

David and Goliath in the Amazon

1 June 2015 | Council on Hemispheric Affairs

As Amazon Watch's Paul Paz y Miño's put the matter, "Chevron deliberately caused a lifetime of suffering and death by polluting the Ecuadorian Amazon to increase its already high profits to obscene levels. Chevron has also inflicted years of abusive lawsuits designed to leave affected communities defenseless and has tried to win by might what it could never win by merit." It is past time for justice for all those harmed by Chevron's greed and irresponsibility.     More »