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Chevron CEO Watson Misleading Shareholders Over $19B Ecuador Liability, Says New Report

14 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron's CEO John Watson and his management team are misleading shareholders over the company's $19 billion Ecuador judgment and potentially breaching U.S. securities laws, according to a new report published today.     More »

$19B Ecuador Liability Puts Chevron CEO Watson on Hot Seat Before Annual Meeting

14 May 2013 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Facing growing shareholder unrest over asset seizure actions and forced to testify about his alleged misconduct in the $19 billon Ecuador case, Chevron CEO John Watson again will be on the hot seat at the company's annual meeting in late May where rainforest indigenous villagers and investors plan to confront him over his company's toxic dumping in the Amazon.     More »

Judge Orders Chevron CEO to Answer Questions about Company's Bribery and Toxic Destruction in Ecuador's Amazon

Kroll official also must answer questions about Chevron bribery
7 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron CEO John S. Watson, who perhaps more than anyone knew about the grim history of deliberate and negligent dumping of oil and toxic chemicals by his company into the soil and streams of Ecuador's Amazon region, will not escape his day in court.     More »

Confronting Bribery and Bullying by Oil Company and Hostility of Judge, Lawyers Seek Withdrawal from New York Case

Chevron can afford to litigate until hell freezes over, but impoverished plaintiffs refuse to play along.
3 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Denouncing Chevron's use of bullying, bribery and its overwhelming financial power to crush defendants in a hostile courtroom, attorneys Craig Smyser and John Keker filed motions Friday afternoon to withdraw as counsel in the Southern District of New York case brought by Chevron against the participants in the successful $19 billion environmental contamination verdict obtained in Ecuador in 2011.     More »

Ecuadorian Plaintiffs Vow to Pursue Justice Following Canadian Court Ruling as Chevron Fights to Avoid $19 Billion Judgment

Legitimacy of Ecuadorian Judgment Not Affected
1 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A provincial judge in Canada today ruled that although there was appropriate jurisdiction there for a suit to attach Chevron's assets in Canada to satisfy a $19 billion court judgment against the oil giant in Ecuador, he would stay the case because it was unclear that Chevron's had assets there that could be attached.     More »

Chevron Offered Suitcase Full of Cash to Former Ecuador Judge Guerra in Exchange for Testimony

1 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York – An American lawyer working for Chevron brought a suitcase full of cash to a meeting with a former Ecuador judge to coax favorable testimony to help the oil giant evade its $19 billion Ecuador judgment.     More »

Maria Aguinda's 20-Year Fight for Justice Continues as Chevron Refuses to Pay $19 Billion Judgment from Ecuador’s Courts

26 April 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Cambridge, MA – The 20-year fight by residents of Ecuador's Amazonian rain forest to make Chevron pay to clean up the contamination and polluted streams it left behind has made civil society stronger and Ecuador's courts better prepared to deal with similar cases in the future.     More »

In Chevron Case, Stratus' Truth-Telling Loses Out to Oil Company Money

12 April 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The decision by the environmental consulting firm Stratus to settle its legal dispute with Chevron and to criticize lawyers for the affected people in Ecuador represents a triumph of money and power over justice.     More »

In Shift, Chevron Drops Key Legal Claim and Now Concedes Pollution Does Exist In Ecuador

19 February 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In a significant tactical retreat that likely will hurt its efforts to resist international enforcement actions, Chevron has told a New York judge that it is withdrawing its claim that the $19 billion Ecuador judgment was the result of "sham" and "objectively baseless" litigation and is in effect conceding that there is evidence that the company caused pollution in the country.     More »

U.S. Federal Appeals Court Deals Chevron Another Setback in $19 Billion Ecuador Case

15 February 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New Orleans, LA – A U.S. federal appellate court dealt Chevron another setback in its $19 billion Ecuador case by ordering the oil giant to turn over key discovery documents relating to an American technical expert accused by the plaintiffs of committing fraud on the Ecuador court.     More »