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Chevron Tried to Bribe Ecuador Judge with $1 Million Payment on Eve of RICO Trial

Terminating Sanctions Sought Against Oil Giant for Corrupting U.S. Proceedings
13 September 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – In a move that could end Chevron’s RICO trial before it starts, Ecuadorian villagers and their lawyer have turned over proof to a U.S. court that the oil giant has engaged in a "pattern of misconduct and corruption" by offering illicit payments and outright bribes to secure favorable testimony.     Read more...

Bombshell Retreat: Chevron Seeks to Drop $60 Billion in Damages In Ecuador Case

Pleads With U.S. Court To Block Airing of Its Ecuador Abuses Before a Jury; Wants Secret Proceedings
10 September 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – In a clear 11th-hour retreat that suggests it does not believe its own allegations, Chevron has taken the extraordinary step of pleading with a U.S. judge to block a jury from deciding its retaliatory "fraud" and RICO claims against Ecuadorian villagers and their U.S. lawyer.     Read more...

Appeals Court to Consider Removing Key U.S. Judge in Chevron Ecuador Case

29 August 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

Washington, DC – A New York appellate court has said it will consider a petition to reassign federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan from an Ecuador environmental case that resulted in a $19 billion judgment against Chevron.     Read more...

Ecuadorian Victims Secure Rights to $96 Million to Compensate Them in Chevron Oil Disaster

2 July 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – The plaintiffs in a successful suit against the giant oil company Chevron for contaminating the land and water supplies of 30,000 residents of Ecuador's Amazon region have secured the right to collect $96 million owed to Chevron in Ecuador.     Read more...

Nobel Laureate Human Rights Leader Denounces Court Decision Favoring Chevron in Argentina

10 June 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

 Argentina's Nobel Prize-winning human rights figure Adolfo Pérez Esquivel today accused that country's Supreme Court of betraying the interests of Argentine and other Latin Americans last week with its decision freeing the global oil company Chevron from an embargo aimed at compensating victims of oil and chemical spills in the Amazon region of Ecuador.     Read more...

Reaction of Ecuadorian Plaintiffs in Chevron Case to Ruling in Argentina

5 June 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

We have had a temporary setback in Argentina. Their Supreme Court ruled last night, in essence, that the embargo there was premature because the subsidiaries of Chevron in Argentina were not heard in the action in Ecuador that held that the subsidiaries were subject to the embargo, and thus were denied due process.       Read more...

Federal Judge Asked to Stay Case over $19b Ecuador Judgment

4 June 2013 | Donziger and Associates

New York, NY – A New York federal judge long accused of bias against Ecuadorian rainforest residents over a $19B pollution case is continuing to allow Chevron to "systematically harass" two victims of its toxic pollution and their long-time New York lawyer.     Read more...

Ecuadorians Take Case Against Chevron to United Nations

A day after sounding the alarm at Chevron’s shareholder meeting, victims of oil company’s bad faith ask for global action
30 May 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Geneva, Switzerland – Fresh from a day of confronting Chevron's CEO and board at their annual shareholders' meeting in San Ramon, CA, tomorrow representatives of Ecuador's community that won a $19 billion judgment against the U.S. oil company take their case to the United Nations.     Read more...

Investors and Activists Contest Chevron's Actions at Annual Shareholder Meeting

Group calls on Chevron to refrain from political spending and address environmental and human rights violations
29 May 2013 | True Cost of Chevron Network

San Ramon, CA – Chevron shareholders and a coalition of activist groups held a protest outside Chevron's annual shareholder meeting today to call on the company to refrain from political spending, its contribution to the growing threat of climate change, and its human rights abuses in South America.     Read more...

$19 Billion Ecuadorian Lawsuit Dominates Chevron AGM

Communities and stakeholders unite to demand CEO Watson resign
29 May 2013 | Amazon Watch

San Ramon, CA – At the company's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders today, Chevron CEO John Watson personally came under fire for his mishandling of the massive $19 billion environmental disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Years after the landmark legal victory against Chevron in an Ecuadorian court, the Ecuadorian Amazon remains destroyed as the company continues to challenge the verdict and evade justice.      Read more...