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No April Fool's Joke: Monsanto Voted Biggest "Corporate Fool" with the Worst Business Practices for 2012

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Chevron Are Runners-Up in Facebook Balloting
29 March 2012 | Green America

Just in time for April Fool's Day, Green America announced the winners of its online contest to determine the biggest "Corporate Fool": Agricultural and chemical giant Monsanto came in first, followed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Chevron.     More »

Chevron Using Espionage Against Lawyers Who Won $18 Billion Verdict In Ecuador

Urgent Measures Sought to Protect Physical Security In Light of Threats, Surveillance
15 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Facing increased financial risk in Latin America, Chevron has launched a corporate espionage campaign designed to intimidate and track the whereabouts of the lead lawyers who recently won an $18 billion judgment for environmental damage against the oil giant in Ecuador's courts.     More »

Undisputed Facts Show Chevron Guilty of Environmental Crimes in Ecuador Rainforest

8 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – The Ecuadorians, who recently won an $18 billion judgment against Chevron for massive oil contamination in the Ecuador rainforest, said today undisputed facts clearly show the company guilty of environmental crimes that resulted in the destruction of once pristine land and water and direct harm to the health of the area's 30,000 residents.     More »

For Second Time, Ecuador Appellate Panel Rejects Chevron Attempt to Block $18 Billion Judgment For Dumping Toxic Waste

2 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – A three-judge appellate panel Thursday denied for the second time a Chevron motion to block Amazon communities from enforcing their $18 billion judgment in countries around the world, moving the long-warring parties one step closer to a global judicial showdown that pits some of the most impoverished indigenous groups against one of the world's biggest oil giants.     More »

International Human Rights Commission to Review Chevron's Abuses In Ecuador

Rainforest Communities to Provide More Information About Health Impacts of Chevron Contamination
1 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, D.C. – An international human rights court has agreed to hear the claims of the Ecuadorian indigenous rainforest communities who recently won an $18 billion judgment against the American oil company Chevron for its poisoning of their ancestral lands.     More »

BP Talks Settlement In Gulf, While Chevron Pouts Over Larger $18 Billion Ecuador Disaster

1 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – While BP is in settlement talks over the Gulf oil spill disaster, Chevron continues to pout over its $18 billion Ecuador judgment after being found guilty of waging a deliberate multi-decade contamination of the Amazon rainforest.     More »

Chevron's Arbitrator Suffers from Acute Ethical Problems, Ecuadorians Assert

Grigera Noan's "Business Relationship" With Chevron Lawyer Raises Questions
23 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Horacio Grigera Noan, Chevron's arbitrator in a secret investor proceeding related to an $18 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador, has what amounts to a "business relationship" with the oil giant's lead American lawyer and therefore should be disqualified and sanctioned under the ethical rules governing international arbitrators.     More »

Shareholders Challenge Chevron Management Over $18 Billion Ecuador Liability

Financial Times Newsletter Describes Chevron Board As "Nearly Invisible"
22 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A highly-respected newsletter distributed to corporate directors has described Chevron's Board as "nearly invisible" when dealing with the risks stemming from company's $18 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador.     More »

Ecuador Court Rejects Latest Chevron Attempt to Block Enforcement of $18 Billion Judgment

20 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – With its options dwindling and the mistakes of its legal team mounting, Chevron has suffered another courtroom setback in its eleventh-hour attempt to block indigenous rainforest communities from enforcing their $18 billion judgment against the oil giant's assets around the world.     More »

Will Chevron Case Take Down Trade Pact "Investor-State" Enforcement System?

Unprecedented Ruling Today by International Investor Tribunal Orders Ecuadorian Government to Violate Its Constitution, Interfere in Its Independent Court System to Help Chevron Evade Liability for Amazonian Contamination
17 February 2012 | Public Citizen

Washington, DC – An unprecedented ruling today, in which an investor-state international arbitral tribunal initiated by Chevron ordered the Ecuadorian government to interfere in the operations of Ecuador's independent court system on behalf of the oil giant, provides a chilling glimpse of how corporations are trying to use international investor tribunals to evade justice, said Public Citizen.     More »