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Shareholders Slam Chevron With Request for SEC Investigation Over Ecuador Judgment

14 May 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron now faces another headache over its $18 billion Ecuador judgments – this time from some of its own investors.     More »

Chevron Suffers Major Legal Setback as U.S. Court Throws Out Fraud Claims, Rejects Motion to Attach Assets

14 May 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron suffered two new legal setbacks today when a U.S. federal judge who usually favors the company rejected its attempt to attach the assets of the Ecuadorians and separately tossed out two fraud-related claims against an American lawyer.     More »

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Confirmed Chevron's Ecuador Pollution in Powerful Essay

Saw Scenes That Looked Like "War" During Trip to Remote Region of Amazon in Early 1990s
7 May 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In 1990, noted environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the first outsiders to travel to a remote area of Ecuador's Amazon to assess what at the time was considered one of the worst oil disasters on the planet.     More »

Only In America: Chevron Lawyer Receives $7.8 Million For Losing $18 Billion Ecuador Lawsuit

24 April 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron's Board of Directors recently awarded its General Counsel R. Hewitt Pate a 75% raise – bringing his 2011 salary to a whopping $7.8 million – for losing the landmark $18 billion environmental lawsuit in Ecuador.     More »

Report: Chevron Misleading Investors Over Ecuador Environmental Judgment

17 April 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron's 2011 annual report misleads shareholders and the financial markets with information that is either demonstrably false or materially misleading regarding the $18 billion judgment against the company in Ecuador for causing environmental damage.     More »

Chevron Lawyer Claims Victims of Rainforest Contamination Are "Irrelevant"

16 April 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – A lead Chevron lawyer has made the preposterous claim that the 30,000 Ecuadorian victims of the oil giant's contamination are "irrelevant" to the court case that led to an $18 billion judgment against the company.     More »

For Fourth Time, Ecuador Appellate Court Denies Chevron Attempt to Block Enforcement of $18 Billion Judgment

30 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – A three-judge appellate panel in Ecuador has denied for the fourth time a Chevron attempt to block enforcement of the $18 billion environmental judgment against the oil giant, according to a decision released this week.     More »

No April Fool's Joke: Monsanto Voted Biggest "Corporate Fool" with the Worst Business Practices for 2012

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Chevron Are Runners-Up in Facebook Balloting
29 March 2012 | Green America

Just in time for April Fool's Day, Green America announced the winners of its online contest to determine the biggest "Corporate Fool": Agricultural and chemical giant Monsanto came in first, followed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Chevron.     More »

Chevron Using Espionage Against Lawyers Who Won $18 Billion Verdict In Ecuador

Urgent Measures Sought to Protect Physical Security In Light of Threats, Surveillance
15 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Facing increased financial risk in Latin America, Chevron has launched a corporate espionage campaign designed to intimidate and track the whereabouts of the lead lawyers who recently won an $18 billion judgment for environmental damage against the oil giant in Ecuador's courts.     More »

Undisputed Facts Show Chevron Guilty of Environmental Crimes in Ecuador Rainforest

8 March 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – The Ecuadorians, who recently won an $18 billion judgment against Chevron for massive oil contamination in the Ecuador rainforest, said today undisputed facts clearly show the company guilty of environmental crimes that resulted in the destruction of once pristine land and water and direct harm to the health of the area's 30,000 residents.     More »