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Chevron Secret Arbitration "Order" Will Have No Impact On $18 Billion Judgment, Ecuadorians Assert

Will Backfire Against Oil Giant In Courts Around World
17 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – A secret "order" issued Thursday from a private investor arbitration panel purporting to freeze a nine-year environmental litigation against Chevron in Ecuador violates international law and will have little or no impact on any potential enforcement action against the oil giant in countries around the world, said representatives of the plaintiffs.     More »

Video Exposes Chevron's Decimation of Indigenous Groups In Ecuador's Amazon

A Sordid Tale of Crime and Cover-up By Major U.S. Oil Company
16 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In the Ecuadorian rainforest, far from the eyes of the U.S. news media, sits one of the world's most devastating environmental disasters – one that has killed numerous people and likely will kill thousands more in the coming years from cancer and other oil-related diseases if not properly remediated.     More »

Criticism of Chevron Grows Over Use of "Secret" Panel to Evade $18 Billion Ecuador Judgment

International Jurists Protest Oil Giant's Latest Maneuver
13 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – The Andean Commission of Jurists and five prestigious international law experts from around the world have joined a growing chorus of criticism targeting Chevron’s attempt to use a secret investor arbitration as part of its campaign to evade an $18 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador.     More »

Ecuador Communities Target Chevron's Secret Investor Arbitration In New Court Filing

Petition Accuses Oil Giant of Trying to Deny Human Rights to Thousands of Rainforest Inhabitants
10 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – Indigenous rainforest communities from Ecuador who recently won an $18 billion judgment against Chevron for environmental damage have filed suit before a renowned international human rights court seeking an order that would prevent the oil giant from using a secret arbitration to violate their legal rights.     More »

New Evidence That Chevron Used U.S. Professors to Defraud Ecuador Court In $18 Billion Environmental Lawsuit

Alvarez and Mackay Under Spotlight For Defending Efforts to Hide Contamination From Ecuador Judge
7 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron is refusing to deny that it defrauded Ecuador's courts by altering a key document to induce U.S. academic "experts" to endorse fake testing methods to hide the presence of massive quantities of cancer-causing toxins at the company's former well sites in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.     More »

Chevron Blasted In U.N. Letter for Violating International Law In Ecuador Case

"Egregious Misuse" of U.S.-Ecuador Investment Treaty As Oil Giant Tries Yet Again to Evade $18 Billion Liability
6 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A distinguished international law jurist from Latin America has issued a letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asking for a review of Chevron's "egregious misuse" of an investor treaty to evade its $18 billion liability in Ecuador for creating one of the world's worst oil-related disasters in the Amazon rainforest.     More »

Facing Devastating Setbacks, Chevron Now Seeks Taxpayer Bailout from $18 Billion Ecuador Judgment

Oil Giant's Legal Options Continue to Narrow
1 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – Facing devastating setbacks in the courts of two countries over its $18 billion Ecuador liability, Chevron is now seeking a taxpayer-funded bailout for the clean-up costs of its environmental catastrophe in the Amazon rainforest.     More »

Chevron CEO's Plan to Evade $18b Ecuador Liability Falters As Courts Slam Oil Giant

Analysis of Litigation Offered to Company Shareholders by Leaders of Indigenous Groups
30 January 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, ,NY – U.S. courts are showing increasing hostility toward Chevron and its CEO John Watson over the company's $18 billion Ecuador liability as the oil giant's plan to quash the landmark case continues to falter.     More »

Second Circuit Ruling Sets Right Grave Injustice Against Ecuadorians

Chevron's Abusive Legal Tactics Rebuked
26 January 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A grave injustice against the Ecuadorians has been set right by today's 2nd Circuit ruling. It rebukes Chevron's abusive legal tactics of the past two years designed solely to malign the very people who suffer as a result of the company's deliberate poisoning of their homeland, the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »

Chevron Paid $2.2 Million to Man Who Threatened to Expose Company's Corruption in Ecuador

23 January 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron has paid a whopping $2.2 million to a longtime company contractor who repeatedly threatened to expose the company's attempts to mislead the court and corrupt the landmark environmental trial in Ecuador, according to new court documents.     More »