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Corporate Polluters Close Rank Behind Chevron In Ecuador Case

Dow Chemical, Shell, and Dole File Legal Brief Designed To Help Chevron Evade Rainforest Clean-up Liability
13 July 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Some of the world's most notorious polluters are closing rank behind Chevron to help the oil giant evade its legal obligation to clean-up billions of gallons of toxic waste dumped into the Amazon region of Ecuador, according to legal briefs filed before a New York appeals court.     More »

Environmental Groups Line Up Against Chevron Over Company's Attempt to Block Ecuador Clean-up

EarthRights International Criticizes Chevron's "Gamesmanship" Before U.S. Federal Judge
11 July 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In legal briefs, two prominent U.S. environmental law groups are criticizing Chevron's "unprecedented" attempt to use U.S. courts to try to block its legal obligation to pay clean-up costs in Ecuador for contaminating the Amazon rainforest.     More »

Nine U.S. Law Professors Say Federal Judge Acted Improperly In Trying to Block Environmental Judgment Against Chevron

Injunction Shows "Judicial Arrogance" and Violates the Constitution, Says Bert Neuborne of New York University
28 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Nine U.S. law professors, including a former member of the U.S. Congress, have joined numerous international law scholars in asking a U.S. appeals court to overturn the decision of a federal judge who claims he has worldwide authority to block a group of Ecuadorian citizens from enforcing their $18 billion judgment against Chevron.     More »

Ecuador Government Criticizes U.S. Judge for Comments about Country's Court System

In Legal Brief, Government Urges Appeals Court to Dissolve Injunction over $18 Billion Chevron Judgment
20 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Ecuador's government has taken the extraordinary step of asking a U.S. appeals court to rein in New York judge Lewis A. Kaplan for his "belittlement" of their country's court system and for mocking the Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities who recently won an $18 billion judgment against Chevron, according to legal papers filed recently in New York.     More »

International Law Scholars Say Attempt by U.S. Judge to Block $18 Billion Court Judgment Against Chevron "Unlawful" and "Futile"

Scholars Ask Appellate Court to Dissolve Order of Judge Lewis A. Kaplan
13 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A group of 16 international law scholars have asked a federal appeals court in New York to overturn what they say is a U.S. trial court's "futile" and unlawful injunction that purports to prohibit foreign citizens from Ecuador from collecting an $18 billion judgment against Chevron in courts around the world.     More »

U.S. Federal Judge Insults Ecuadorian Indigenous Plaintiffs Who Won $18 Billion Judgment Against Chevron

Legal Papers Ask for Removal of Lewis A. Kaplan Due to Inappropriate Comments, Apparent Bias Against Historic Lawsuit
7 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A U.S. federal judge in New York is questioning whether the Ecuadorian indigenous plaintiffs who for almost two decades have battled Chevron in one of the world's largest environmental litigations even exist, according to a legal brief asking an appellate panel to order the judge off a case involving the Ecuadorians because of his apparent bias against their lawsuit.     More »

Chevron Issues New Discovery Requests in Six Federal Courts to Deplete Funds of Ecuadorian Plaintiffs, Lawyers Say

Even Interns Working on Historic Lawsuit Receive Oil Giant's Subpoenas
4 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron is renewing its strategy to deplete the modest financial resources of the Ecuadorian indigenous plaintiffs who won an $18 billion judgment against the company by issuing discovery requests in six federal courts seeking thousands of documents.     More »

Chevron CEO Misled Shareholders at Annual Meeting with Corporate Video

Narrator Repeated False Statements in Cynical Bid to Blunt SEC Probe & Investor Outrage
1 June 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A corporate video shown by Chevron CEO John Watson at last week's annual meeting was an attempt to mislead shareholders about the company's $18 billion Ecuador liability in the wake of a potential SEC probe, representatives of Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities said Tuesday.     More »

Investors Ask SEC to Probe Chevron Over $18 Billion Ecuador Liability

Annual Meeting Dominated by Issues Relating to Ecuador Environmental Catastrophe
26 May 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

San Ramon, CA – With an $18 billion judgment in Ecuador hanging around its neck, Chevron's management now faces the unpleasant prospect of an SEC probe and a growing revolt among large shareholders upset with the company's failure to contain the risk related to the historic environmental lawsuit.     More »

$18 Billion Ecuadorian Lawsuit Dominates Chevron Shareholder Meeting

Chevron confronted with mismanaged multibillion-dollar liability; Major institutional shareholders urge settlement
25 May 2011 | Amazon Watch

San Ramon, CA – At the company's Annual General Meeting of shareholders today, Chevron management and Board of Directors came under fire for their handling of the massive $18 billion environmental disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     More »