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Chevron In Open Conflict With Brazil and Ecuador Over Worsening Oil Spills

American Company Faces Loss of Credibility With Oil Producing Nations in Latin America
18 November 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – Chevron, which already faces allegations of fraud over an $18 billion liability in Ecuador for environmental damage, is being accused in Brazil of trying to cover up the extent of an oil spill caused by one of the company's offshore drilling rigs.     More »

Chevron's Ecuador Environmental Problems Pose Risks for Company's Strategic Projects In Australia

Prominent Australian Journalist Mike Monro Blasts Chevron On Television for Refusing to Clean Toxic Mess
26 October 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron's $18 billion environmental liability in Ecuador is causing a whale of trouble for the oil giant's image in Australia where it still must clear regulatory hurdles to realize profits from two strategically critical natural gas projects.     More »

Chevron "Dirty Tricks" Operative Diego Borja Could Face Criminal Liability for Obstructing Ecuador Trial, Lawyer Concedes

Borja Claimed Chevron Tried to Corrupt Process That Led to $18 Billion Judgment Against Oil Giant
21 October 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

San Francisco, CA – Chevron's self-proclaimed "dirty tricks" operative Diego Borja – accused of trying to orchestrate a bribe to an Ecuador judge to undermine the environmental lawsuit against Chevron – could face potential criminal liability in the U.S. for his actions, according to an unusual admission in federal court made recently by his own lawyer.     More »

Chevron In Open Conflict with Ecuador Government to Evade Environmental Cleanup

Lobbyists and P.R. Firms Attack Ecuador to Evade $18 Billion Judgment As Chevron Lawyers Suffer Setbacks in Courts Around the World
10 October 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, D.C. – Chevron is paying U.S. lobbyists and public relations firms millions of dollars to foment open conflict with Ecuador's government as part of a global strategy to evade paying an $18.2 billion court judgment for environmental contamination, according to public spending records and legal documents.     More »

New York Comptroller Urges Chevron to Save "Battered Reputation" In Ecuador Litigation

5 October 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – The Comptroller who runs New York's $146 billion state pension fund has gone public to urge Chevron to "spare the company's battered reputation" by settling an environmental lawsuit spanning two decades in the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »

Wikileaks Cables Expose Chevron's Lobbying of Ecuador Government to Kill $18 Billion Environmental Case

Newly Released Cables Raise Questions About Chevron Ties to U.S. Embassy and Misrepresentations
21 September 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron engaged in a clandestine lobbying campaign of Ecuador's government to improperly shut down the historic environmental case brought by thousands of indigenous persons, according to a series of cables written by U.S. government officials and recently disclosed by Wikileaks.     More »

Amazon Watch Statement on the September 19th 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Order Lifting the U.S. District Court's Injunction Barring Enforcement of Ecuadorian Court Verdict Against Chevron

20 September 2011 | Amazon Watch

Yesterday's order from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals brings the oil-ravaged indigenous and rural communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon one step closer to justice after nearly two decades of fighting to hold American oil giant Chevron accountable for the devastation it caused in their rainforest lands.     More »

U.S. State Department Concludes Ecuador Provides Impartial Tribunals, Says Expert Report

Chevron Continues to Manipulate Data to Evade Environmental Liability
8 September 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A new report based on U.S. government data and independent surveys demonstrates conclusively that Ecuador's court system ranks better than most of its neighbors in Latin America and provides impartial tribunals to litigants, clearly undermining Chevron's claims that an $18 billion judgment against it for environmental damage from the South American country cannot be enforced.     More »

Arbitration Panel Slashed Chevron Damages Claim by 87%, Granting Oil Giant Only 13 Cents On the Dollar

Award Fails to Offset Chevron's $18 Billion Liability in Ecuador
2 September 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – An international arbitration tribunal this week slashed a Chevron damage claim against Ecuador in a series of commercial disputes by 87%, granting the oil giant a paltry 13 cents on the dollar and failing to offset the company's $18 billion liability in a separate environmental case.     More »

Chevron Seeking "Do Over" of Eight-Year Pollution Trial Before Favored Judge

Oil Giant Shelves RICO Case and Now Plans to Call Experts To Assert Massive Pollution In Ecuador Is Not Its Problem, Say Legal Papers
30 August 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Ecuadorian indigenous residents are accusing a New York federal judge of improperly allowing Chevron to re-litigate an eight-year pollution trial that it lost to help bail out the company from a potential $18 billion clean-up liability, according to legal papers filed in recent days in New York federal court.     More »