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Chevron Outed for Corporate Espionage Spy Scandal in Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest

Atlantic Magazine Exposes Offer to Journalist to Go Undercover to Sabotage $27 Billion Environmental Case
03 August 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron, long accused of engaging in an illegal dirty tricks campaign in Ecuador, tried to recruit an American journalist to take part in a corporate espionage spy ring in Ecuador's Amazon to undermine an expected multi-billion judgment against the oil giant in a high-profile environmental lawsuit, according to an article published in the latest issue of The Atlantic.     More »

Statement from Ecuador Plaintiffs Regarding Chevron's Attempt to Obtain Private Film Outtakes

14 July 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's legal theatrics in New York are part of a larger strategy created to evade responsibility for creating the world's worst and longest-lasting environmental catastrophe. Today's hearing was part of a much broader effort by Chevron to launch multiple litigations in various states and countries to hide the company's massive legal and reputational problems in Ecuador from its own shareholders, employees and the public.      More »

Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen, Academy of Motion Pictures Join Filmmaker In Showdown with Chevron over Ecuador Footage

Robert Redford, Bill Moyers, Mikhail Gorbachev, Trudie Styler Also Line Up Against Oil Giant In Legal Battle
Key First Amendment Case Attracts Wide Attention

14 July 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen, Robert Redford, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have joined forces with celebrated filmmaker Joe Berlinger as he faces a key legal showdown Wednesday with Chevron over its attempt to access 600 hours of private video footage from the film CRUDE that documents the oil giant's massive environmental contamination of Ecuador's Amazon.     More »

Chevron Draws Fire from U.S. Council of Bishops, Sierra Club over Improper Ecuador Lobbying

Oil Giant's Campaign to Cancel Ecuador's Trade Preferences Derailed for Fifth Straight Year
8 July 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's lobbying campaign to cancel Ecuador's trade preferences over a $27 billion environmental lawsuit brought by indigenous groups appears headed for failure yet again.     More »

Historic Town Hall Event: Bayou American Indian Tribe Hard Hit by BP Gulf Spill to Host Leaders of Ecuador’s Indigenous Communities Devastated by Chevron Oil Contamination

Event will include presentation by Ecuadoreans on lessons learned about recovery from oil disasters, native cultural exchange & ceremony, music, dance, and community meal
29 June 2010 | Amazon Watch

The United Houma Nation, a Gulf Coast Native American tribe in southeast Louisiana severely affected by the Gulf oil spill, is hosting a cultural exchange with their Ecuadorean counterparts who have been severely impacted for decades by Chevron's oil contamination in Ecuador's rainforest.     More »

Cultural Exchange: Bayou American Indian Tribes Impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster to Host Leaders of Ecuador’s Indigenous Communities Devastated by Chevron Oil Contamination

28 June 2010 | Amazon Watch

Gulf Coast American Indian Tribes in southeast Louisiana impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will be hosting a cultural exchange with their Ecuadorean counterparts who have been severely impacted for decades by Chevron's oil contamination in Ecuador's rainforest.     More »

Indigenous Amazon Victims Call for Chevron to End Attempts to Sabotage Court System

Chevron Would Have Opportunity to Submit Information Before Court Issues Final Decree in Ecological Disaster Case
23 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lawyers representing the victims of a massive ecological disaster caused by Chevron's oil explorations in the Amazon rainforest have called on the company to end its reckless campaign to sabotage the Ecuadoran court system.     More »

Chevron CEO Watson Joins BP on Hot Seat In Congress For Ecuador Disaster, Nigeria Killings

California Company Facing Renewed Charges of Human Rights Abuses on Eve of Hearing
15 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

BP's executives will be joined by Chevron CEO John Watson as oil men on the Congressional hot seat today. Chevron's Watson will testify today before the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment as he faces withering criticism for the mishandling of an oil disaster in Ecuador's Amazon that is considered far larger and more devastating than the tragic BP spill in the Gulf.     More »

Key Witness Testifies that Chevron Paid Bribes, Switched Soil Samples in $27b Ecuador Lawsui

Communities Urge Ecuadorian Prosecutors to Interview Chevron Contractor Diego Borja over Massive Fraud by Oil Giant
11 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A Chevron contractor bragged that he participated in a wide-ranging fraud by Chevron to pay bribes, fake court-ordered soil samples and doctor evidence to cover up the company's culpability in a $27.3 billion environmental lawsuit, according to sworn testimony from a key government witness.     More »

Chevron's $27 Billion Liability In Ecuador "Glaringly Low" In Light of BP Disaster

Chevron Dumped Toxins for 26 Years; Indigenous Groups Decimated; CEO Fights Shareholders; Chatter about Bankruptcy
8 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's potential $27.3 billion liability for causing the world's worst oil-related catastrophe in Ecuador's rainforest – dubbed the "Amazon Chernobyl" by locals – is starting to look like a glaring underestimate compared to the astronomical damages facing BP in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, according to an analysis in The New York Times published today.     More »