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Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader to Confront Chevron CEO Over Falsified Evidence and Secret Company Videos at Annual Meeting

25 May 2015 | UDAPT

San Francisco, CA – With evidence mounting that Chevron falsified evidence to evade paying a $9.5 billion pollution liability in Ecuador, Chevron CEO John Watson faces an embarrassing public reprimand this week from an Ecuadorian indigenous leader who has traveled from the rainforest to the company's annual meeting to confront top management with proof that it has gone rogue in the long-running litigation.     More »

Affected Peoples from Ecuador and Richmond Announce Growing Worldwide Coalition to Confront Chevron at Annual Shareholder Meeting

Company management to be confronted with multiple resolutions on corporate accountability, climate change, political funding and environmental protection
22 May 2015 | Amazon Watch

San Francisco, CA – On May 26th, at the headquarters of the Sierra Club, representatives of communities affected by Chevron environmental destruction and disregard for human rights will announce plans to return to Chevron's Annual Shareholders Meeting the following morning in San Ramon, CA.     More »

Chevron's Main Defense Unraveling in Ecuador Pollution Case, Says New Forensic Report

11 May 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – Chevron’s claim that an Ecuador trial court judgment against it was “ghostwritten” is unraveling, according to a confidential forensic report and a separate article documenting the bombshell new evidence published by the Huffington Post.     More »

Donziger: Funder of Ecuador Pollution Case Signed False Confession to Stop Chevron's Litigation Bullying in Gibraltar

4 May 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – A London-based funder of the historic environmental lawsuit brought by Ecuadorian villagers against Chevron admitted repeatedly in recent weeks that it was planning to sign a false confession required by the oil giant as a condition of withdrawing an increasingly contentious lawsuit in Gibraltar.     More »

On Eve of Key Court Hearing, Chevron Drops Fraud Claims Against Funder of Ecuador Pollution Case

19 April 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – On the eve of an important court hearing and with its key factual evidence of "ghostwriting" firmly rebutted, Chevron has decided to drop a long-running litigation against a small funder of the Ecuador pollution lawsuit in a settlement where no money is being exchanged.     More »

More Secret Videos from Chevron Whistleblower Show Ecuadorian Villager Asking for Help Oil Giant Never Provided

A Worker Describes How Chevron Ordered Him and Others to Release Toxic Water Directly into Streams Used for Drinking and Bathing
17 April 2015 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Amazon Watch has released more secret video footage from a Chevron whistleblower today, showing an Ecuadorian villager asking for help that Chevron never provided to protect his children.     More »

Chevron's Contamination in Ecuador "Just Scratches the Surface," a New Report Finds

15 April 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – Contamination left by Texaco, now Chevron, in the Ecuador rainforest five decades ago continues to harm the environment and jeopardize human health, finds a new report by a leading New Jersey-based environmental engineering firm.     More »

Chevron's Secret Videos Show Company Technicians Finding and Mocking Extensive Oil Contamination in Ecuador Rainforest

"Pre-inspection" videos are further evidence of Chevron's effort to corrupt Ecuador pollution trial
8 April 2015 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Internal Chevron videos of secret “pre-inspections” of well sites during the Ecuador pollution trial show company technicians finding and then mocking the extensive oil contamination in areas of the Amazon rainforest that the oil giant had claimed in various courts had been remediated.     More »

Chevron Falsified Evidence Before U.S. Federal Court About Authorship of Ecuador Judgment, Arbitration Panel Is Told

31 March 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – A new forensic analysis appears to completely undermine the testimony of Chevron's star witness in the Ecuador pollution case and suggests the oil company falsified evidence about the authorship of the Ecuador trial judgment to evade paying its $9.5 billion liability, according to legal filings presented recently to an investor arbitration panel.     More »

Chevron-DeLeon Settlement in Ecuador Case Will Lead to More Funds for Environmental Clean-up, Villagers Say

16 February 2015 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – Chevron's settlement with London-based businessman Russell DeLeon over his support for indigenous rainforest villagers will lead to more funds for environmental clean-up and ultimately backfire against the oil giant.     More »