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Chevron General Counsel Misleads Public in Desperate Defense of $27 Billion Ecuador Environmental Disaster

Chevron's Hewitt Pate Issues False Statements Ahead of Wednesday Shareholder Meeting
24 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's chief lawyer, Hewitt Pate, is putting out false statements to lay the groundwork for the oil giant to avoid paying a potential $27.3 billion judgment for contaminating the Ecuadorian rainforest ahead of the annual shareholder meeting Wednesday, representatives of the indigenous and farmer communities suing Chevron said today.     Read more...

Filmmaker Battling Chevron Over Ecuador Footage Receives Groundswell of Support

Bill Moyers, Trudie Styler, Michael Moore, Ric Burns Warn of "Chilling Effect" on Journalists and Whistleblowers
Growing Public Relations Problem for Chevron; Hearing Today on Stay Request

19 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's attempt to use a U.S. federal court to gain access to more than 600 hours of private video outtakes of its Ecuador environmental disaster from the celebrated filmmaker Joe Berlinger has run into a groundswell of criticism as the issue heads up to an appellate court for judicial review.     Read more...

Chevron, Gibson Dunn Suffer Stiff Setback on Ecuador Pollution Case

14 May 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron and the much-vaunted Gibson Dunn litigation team have suffered a severe setback in California federal court in the company's longstanding effort to evade accountability for a $27 billion environmental disaster in Ecuador's Amazon.     Read more...

Chevron Lawyers Commit Fraud to Undercount Oil Contamination in Ecuador

29 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's lawyers are trying to defraud an Ecuadorian Court by reporting contamination results in an environmental trial using laboratory tests that intentionally exclude the detection of harmful hydrocarbons, representatives of the indigenous and farmer communities suing Chevron said today.     Read more...

Chevron Lawyer Faces Sanctions for Misleading Court Over "Dirty Tricks" Operation in Ecuador

Adolfo Callejas Charged With Hiding Information to Delay Trial
27 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's lead lawyer in Ecuador faces sanctions for misleading the court about a "dirty tricks" operation that the oil giant used to try to delay an environmental trial where it faces a multi-billion dollar liability, representatives of the plaintiffs announced today.     Read more...

Chevron Lied To Columbia Journalism Review About Toxic Oil Well

20 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The plaintiffs in the eco-disaster lawsuit in Ecuador against Chevron released information today that proves the oil giant lied to the highly respected Columbia Journalism Review about an oil well site in the rainforest featured in a 60 Minutes piece that aired almost a year ago.     Read more...

Chevron Whistleblower Reveals Evidence Tampering in Ecuador, but Oil Giant Ignores It

Allegations that Laboratory Was Controlled by Chevron
16 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron is ignoring explosive charges that it tampered with crucial scientific evidence and intentionally misled the court in the Aguinda v ChevronTexaco environmental trial in Ecuador, representatives of the plaintiffs say.     Read more...

Chevron "Cooked" Evidence in Ecuador Environmental Trial, According to Oil Giant's Own Contractor

Diego Borja & Wife Worked For Chevron & Represented Oil Company's "Independent" Lab To Test Contamination Samples
06 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a series of stunning revelations from recorded conversations, longtime Chevron contractor Diego Borja threatened to reveal damaging evidence "cooked" by Chevron in the environmental trial in Ecuador unless he received enough money for turning over secret videotapes to high-ranking Chevron executives in June 2009.     Read more...

Ecuador Plaintiffs Appeal U.S. Court Decision on Arbitration

Rainforest Residents Seek to Enforce Chevron's Promises to U.S. Courts That the Company Would Litigate Case in Ecuador
18 March 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lawyers for the Ecuadorian plaintiffs suing Chevron for dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into Ecuador's Amazon filed a notice of appeal today in U.S. federal court seeking to prevent the oil giant from taking its claims to an international arbitration where the rainforest communities cannot appear.     Read more...

Chevron Faces Critical Hearing over Ecuador Rainforest Contamination in New York Federal Court

Oil Giant Charged With Forum Shopping and Violating Promises to Litigate Claims in Ecuador
08 March 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron will be forced to explain to a U.S. federal judge this Wednesday why it believes it has the right to take the seven-year Ecuador environmental case (Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco) to a closed-door binding arbitration where the rainforest communities cannot appear, in apparent violation of the company's previous promises that it would litigate the case in its requested forum of Ecuador.     Read more...