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Chevron Should Stop Hiding Behind Bogus PR Campaigns & Use Record Profits to Clean Up Its Toxic Wastes

21 May 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron should stop hiding behind its bogus public relations campaign about protecting the environment and start putting its record profits to work by cleaning up the billions of gallons of toxic waste it deliberately­ dumped into Ecuador's rainforest, causing hundreds of deaths to indigenous peoples.     More »

Rebuttals to Wall Street Journal Editorial

26 April 2008 | Wall Street Journal

In April 2008, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial that uncritically accepted Chevron's misleading account of the litigation against it in Ecuador.      More »

Rebuttal to Chevron's Deceptive Op-Ed

In Letter To O'Reilly Activists Correct Chevron's Distorted Claims About Ecuador Trial
16 April 2008

In April 2008, shortly after Pablo Fajardo and Luis Yanza, leaders of the plaintiffs' legal effort in Ecuador, were awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, Chevron retaliated with an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle. That piece slanders plaintiffs as con artists and misleads about Chevron's liability. This letter from Fajardo and Yanza sets the record straight.     More »

Amazon Watch Blasts Consultant Sam Singer For Designing Chevron Attack On Goldman Prize Winners

Says Singer Helping Oil Giant Hide $16 Billion Liability from Shareholders
16 April 2008 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch today blasted San Francisco consultant Sam Singer for letting himself be used by Chevron to wage a personal and unsubstantiated attack on two renowned Ecuadorian environmental activists who were in town to receive the prestigious Goldman Prize this week.     More »

Chevron Has Only Itself to Blame for Historic $16 Billion Claim in Ecuador Case, Lawyers Say

Company's Bungled Legal Strategy Created Much of Scientific Proof Used Against It by Independent Court Expert
14 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has only itself to blame for facing a judgment of up to $16 billion in a historic environmental case in Ecuador because it produced most of the evidence that is now being used against it, say representatives of the rainforest groups that brought the case.     More »

Ecuadorian Campaigners Win Prestigious Environmental Prize for Fight to hold Chevron Accountable for Rainforest Disaster

Goldman Prize Comes Two Weeks After Court Expert Estimates Chevron Damages at up to $16 Billion
13 April 2008 | Amazon Watch

Two campaigners who have spearheaded a landmark class-action lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador have been awarded the Goldman Prize, the world's most prestigious environmental honor, for their efforts to make the company clean up what experts believe is the world's worst oil-related disaster.     More »

Chevron Accused of Lying To Shareholders Over $16 Billion Damages Claim In Ecuador Rainforest Case By Amazon Defense Coalition

CEO O'Reilly Violates SEC Regulations and Corporate Governance Duties By Hiding Liability, Lawyers Say
3 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron Corp.'s (CVX) management is lying to shareholders about the finding by a court expert that it faces up to $16 billion in liability for a major human rights catastrophe in the Amazon rainforest by dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste.     More »

Court Expert Smacks Chevron With Up to $16 Billion in Damages for Polluting Indigenous Lands in Amazon

Independent Analysis Validates Most Claims of Plaintiffs In Long Ecuador Legal Battle, But Offers Compromise On Some Issues
2 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a long-awaited court report submitted as part of the final phase of a trial, an independent expert has proposed that Chevron pay a minimum of $7 billion and up to $16 billion to compensate for environmental contamination caused to Ecuador's Amazon rainforest during a 26-year period when the oil giant operated a large concession in the country.     More »

SEC Complaint Lodged Against Chevron for Hiding $10 Billion Liability in Ecuador

Chevron Misleads Investors, Says Amazon Watch
26 March 2008 | Amazon Watch

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was today urged to impose a "substantial" sanction on Chevron for misrepresenting facts to shareholders over a potential $10 billion liability resulting from a class-action environmental lawsuit in Ecuador's Amazon region.     More »

Chevron Accused of “Unethical Attacks” On Court-Appointed Special Master in Ecuador Environmental Trial

28 February 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Representatives of thousands of Ecuadorians suing Chevron are charging the oil giant with "engaging in a pattern of extrajudicial attacks" on a court-appointed special master who is preparing a damages assessment against the company in a historic multi-billion dollar environmental trial in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.     More »