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Pablo Fajardo Wins CNN Hero Award

7 December 2007 | Amazon Watch

Pablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer for the 30,000 plaintiffs in the landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron (formerly Texaco) in Ecuador has won the CNN Hero award, in the Fighting for Justice category.     More »

Indigenous Group Sues Chevron For Defamation Over Bogus Military Report

Alleges Chevron Gave Ecuadorian Army False Information to Halt Environmental Trial
14 November 2007 | Amazon Watch

Members of the indigenous Cofan people of the Ecuadorian Amazon filed a lawsuit yesterday against Chevron for allegedly pressuring a member of the Ecuadorian military to produce an intelligence report that defamed their reputation and caused the suspension of a critical field inspection in a larger, landmark environmental lawsuit against the oil major.     More »

Chevron Investors Urged To Freeze Purchase of Company Stock Because of Ecuador Disaster

Amazon Contamination is a Moral and Financial Liability No Company Should Sanction, Warn Environmentalists
Trudie Styler, Amazon Watch Join Forces To Call for Buy Freeze

24 October 2007 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch and environmental activist/producer Trudie Styler joined forces today to urge Chevron investors to impose a "buy freeze" of Chevron stock until the oil major resolves a multi-billion dollar liability arising from a landmark environmental lawsuit over its toxic contamination of a vast area of the Ecuadorian Amazon.     More »

Sanctioned American Lawyer Has No Connection to $10 Billion Class-Action Against Chevron In Ecuador

Chevron Criticized for Using Court Decision to Hide Environmental Liability in Rainforest
19 October 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Representatives of indigenous groups and Amazon rainforest communities suing Chevron for massive oil contamination in Ecuador announced today that an American attorney sanctioned this week by a U.S. court for filing bogus claims has no connection to their own class action lawsuit that is nearing a decision in the coming months.     More »

Top Chevron Executive Steps In to Manage Rapidly Growing Liability In Ecuador Environmental Trial

Concern Grows Over Potential $10 Billion Damages Claim and Grievous Harm to Indigenous Groups
Ethics Probes In Two Countries Indicate Wider Risks For Chevron

16 October 2007 | Amazon Watch

For the first time in 14 years of litigation over an environmental disaster in the Amazon rainforest, a high-level Chevron executive reporting directly to CEO David O'Reilly has stepped in to contain a rapidly growing liability and manage several related civil and criminal investigations that have cast a shadow over Chevron's corporate reputation.     More »

Demandantes Contra Texaco Restan Importancia al Pedido de Nulidad de Juicio

Home » » » Press Releases Press Release October 8th, 2007 Contact: Luis Yanza: 593-9-397-7809 Lupita De Heredia: 593-9-970-7369 Demandantes Contra Texaco Restan Importancia al Pedido de Nulidad de Juicio No existen fundamentos jurídicos y es un intento de vitimización de la transnacional
8 October 2008 | Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia

La Asamblea de Afectados por Texaco y el Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía, indicaron que el intento de la petrolera para que se desestime el juicio implantado en su contra, no responde a fundamentos jurídicos sino a una estrategia repetitiva de evitar que el proceso concluya.     More »

Chevron's Human Rights Problems Span Three Continents

Oil Giant Under Fire In Burma, Nigeria and Ecuador For Rights Abuses and Environmental Neglect
Still No Defined Human Rights Policy Despite Shareholder Pressure

8 October 2007 | Amazon Watch

Repression in Burma, an environmental disaster in Ecuador's rainforest, and a federal judge's decision last month to force Chevron to stand trial in the U.S. for the massacre of Nigerian villagers highlight the oil giant's growing human rights liabilities around the world.     More »

Ecuador Congressman Presses Criminal Investigation of Chevron for Fraud In Environmental Clean-up, Amazon Coalition Says

19 September 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A leading congressman in Ecuador this week asked the country's national prosecutor to re-open a criminal investigation of Chevron for committing fraud in a botched remediation of a large oil-related disaster in the Amazon rainforest, according to the Amazon Defense Coalition.     More »

Ralph Marquez, a Bush Insider, Built Career Using Junk Science to Protect Corporate Polluters

30 August 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador - With much fanfare, Chevron recently announced the appointment of an "independent" expert to monitor a trial in Ecuador where the company faces a potential $10 billion-plus liability for dumping toxic waste into the Amazon rainforest.

As has become standard with Chevron in this high-profile trial, there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

What Chevron doesn't say is that its new "ex

     More »

Victims of Chevron's Ecuador Contamination Clarify Issues Relating to Dismissal of Claims of Three Plaintiffs in San Francisco Lawsuit

8 August 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The dismissal by a U.S. federal judge of the claims of three Ecuadorian individuals in a minor lawsuit against Chevron in San Francisco does not affect a completely unrelated $6 billion class-action environmental lawsuit against the oil giant brought by tens of thousands of people in Ecuador, according to attorneys for the plaintiffs in the class-action case.     More »