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Chevron Accused of Misleading Investors over $16 Billion Litigation Risk on Eve of Earnings Report

Lawsuit’s Plaintiffs Claim Oil Giant Avoiding Full Disclosure
1 August 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In advance of Chevron's quarterly earnings report, representatives of Amazon indigenous leaders are warning oil industry analysts and the public markets that Chevron’s management is downplaying the company’s $16 billion litigation risk in a historic environmental case in Ecuador.     More »

Amazon Indians Accuse Chevron Lobbyists of Misleading Congress over $16 Billion Liability

Tribal Leaders Say Oil Giant Disrespects "Rule of Law," Plan Trip to Washington to Meet with Congress
31 July 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Leaders from Ecuador's rainforest, suing Chevron over the "Amazon Chernobyl", are accusing the oil giant of misleading the Bush Administration and Congress to escape a potential $16 billion liability in an environmental lawsuit.     More »

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approves Resolution Condemning Chevron's Abuses Worldwide

Resolution Criticizes Chevron's Profiteering in Iraq, Nigeria Slayings and Ecuador Disaster
11 June 2008 | Amazon Watch

Citing transgressions including profiteering from the Iraq war, the dumping of 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater in an inhabited area of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and complicity in the slayings of peaceful protestors in Nigeria, the resolution was filed by Supervisors Tom Ammiano, Chris Daly, Ross Mirkarimi and Aaron Peskin.     More »

San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Vote on Resolution Condemning Chevron's Abuses Worldwide

Resolution Criticizes Chevron's Profiteering in Iraq, Nigeria Slayings and Ecuador Disaster
3 June 2008 | Amazon Watch

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is to vote on a resolution condemning Chevron for its disturbing record of human rights abuses and environmental destruction around the world.     More »

"Systemic" Human Rights Abuses Dominate Chevron Annual General Meeting, Casting Shadow over CEO and Record Profits

Chevron's Victims from Burma, Ecuador and Nigeria Confront CEO David O’Reilly at Shareholder Meeting
28 May 2008 | Amazon Watch

In a dramatic face-to-face showdown at Chevron's annual general meeting, victims of the company's grave human rights abuses from three continents today told shareholders and senior executives that the oil major must live up to its corporate rhetoric on human rights and the environment.     More »

Letter from the President of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions

28 May 2008 | U.S. Labor Against the War

We call upon the governments, corporations and other institutions behind the ongoing occupation of Iraq to respond to our demands for real democracy, true sovereignty and self-determination, free of all foreign interference.      More »

Rising Tide of Human Rights Abuses Haunts Chevron on Eve of Annual Shareholder's Meeting

Communities from Nigeria, Ecuador, Burma and US to Confront CEO David O'Reilly in San Ramon; Billions in Potential Liability
27 May 2008 | Amazon Watch / Asian Pacific Environmental Network / EarthRights International

Representatives from Ecuador, Nigeria, and Burma have traveled to the Bay Area to confront Chevron CEO David O’Reilly at an annual shareholder’s meeting over what they call a “grave pattern of human rights abuses” in their home countries that could lead to billions of dollars of liabilities for Chevron shareholders.     More »

Chevron Should Stop Hiding Behind Bogus PR Campaigns & Use Record Profits to Clean Up Its Toxic Wastes

21 May 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron should stop hiding behind its bogus public relations campaign about protecting the environment and start putting its record profits to work by cleaning up the billions of gallons of toxic waste it deliberately­ dumped into Ecuador's rainforest, causing hundreds of deaths to indigenous peoples.     More »

Rebuttals to Wall Street Journal Editorial

26 April 2008 | Wall Street Journal

In April 2008, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial that uncritically accepted Chevron's misleading account of the litigation against it in Ecuador.      More »

Rebuttal to Chevron's Deceptive Op-Ed

In Letter To O'Reilly Activists Correct Chevron's Distorted Claims About Ecuador Trial
16 April 2008

In April 2008, shortly after Pablo Fajardo and Luis Yanza, leaders of the plaintiffs' legal effort in Ecuador, were awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, Chevron retaliated with an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle. That piece slanders plaintiffs as con artists and misleads about Chevron's liability. This letter from Fajardo and Yanza sets the record straight.     More »