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Chevron Facing Major New Difficulties in Ecuador Pollution Case After Losing Before Canada Supreme Court

10 September 2015 | UDAPT

After losing a critical decision before Canada's Supreme Court, Chevron must now prepare for a possible worst-case scenario in the Ecuador pollution case that could force the company to pay the full amount of the $10 billion environmental judgment and see a disruption to its business operations in a strategically important oil-producing country, according to an analysis by the legal team that won the judgment.     Read more...

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Against Chevron and in Favor of Ecuadorians

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Against Chevron and in Favor of Ecuadorians

4 September 2015 | Amazon Watch

The law has finally caught up with Chevron. Today's unanimous decision from the Supreme Court of Canada opens the door for Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities to enforce their$9.5 billion USD verdict against Chevron and is a major victory for human rights and corporate accountability.     Read more...

Canada Opens Its Doors for Collection of the Judgement Against Chevron

4 September 2015 | UDAPT

Quito, Ecuador – After eight months of waiting, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the ruling on the appeal by the Ontario Court of Appeals, which recognizes that the Canadian courts do have jurisdiction for the Ecuadorian plaintiffs to continue the homologation process of the sentence in which 30,000 indigenous and peasants won against Chevron after proving the company’s responsibility for environmental damages caused in their territories.     Read more...

Canada Supreme Court To Decide Friday Whether Chevron Assets Can Be Targeted by Ecuadorian Villagers

2 September 2015 | UDAPT

Ottawa, Canada – In a decision that could have important implications for human rights victims worldwide, Canada's Supreme Court on Friday will announce whether Ecuadorian villagers can proceed in Canadian courts to try to seize Chevron's assets to force the oil giant to comply with a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian environmental judgment.     Read more...

International Art Auction for Dignity and Justice, a Benefit for Those Affected by Chevron Operations

An exhibit and auction to benefit the victims opened yesterday at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo with 109 pieces from more than 80 artists
18 June 2015 | UDAPT

Quito, Ecuador – More than 80 mixed-media artists and photographers have joined the struggle of the indigenous people and peasants of the Orellana and Sucumbíos provinces against Chevron as they continue to seek compensation for environmental damage the company is responsible for in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...

Chevron Denounced Before the Human Rights Council for Violations of the Human Rights of Indigenous and Peasant Populations in Ecuador

A delegation from the Union of People affected by the activities of the oil company Chevron Texaco in Ecuador (UDAPT) participated in the 29th session of the Human Rights Council with the support of the CETIM to denounce the merciless campaign that the transnational corporation is waging with the aim of criminalizing its victims and silencing their defenders
18 June 2015 | CETIM

Geneva, Switzerland – The Chevron case refers to the 22 years of litigation by indigenous and peasant communities in Ecuador against the transnational corporation Chevron to demand justice and compensation for the damage caused by 26 years of oil drilling in the Amazon region of Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron's Pollution Dispute Belongs in Ecuador's Courts, Says New York Appellate Panel

16 June 2015 | UDAPT

New York, NY – A New York state appellate court has ruled that Ecuador’s courts are entitled to resolve any disputes related to the distribution of funds from the $9.5 billion environmental judgment against Chevron, handing a victory to New York attorney Steven R. Donziger and his Ecuadorian clients in their long-running dispute with the oil giant.     Read more...

Karen Hinton Lauded by Ecuadorian Communities for Work Holding Chevron Accountable for Toxic Dumping

2 June 2015 | UDAPT

New York, NY – The coalition of indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest who won a historic $9.5 billon environmental judgment against Chevron issued statements today lauding Karen Hinton as a "hero" for her work as a communications specialist for the past seven years.     Read more...

Chevron Shareholder Meeting Again Dominated by Ecuador Disaster

CEO Watson refuses to respond to mounting questions around evidence proving company’s responsibility for contamination
27 May 2015 | Amazon Watch

San Ramon, CA – Chevron CEO John Watson could not escape public outrage and shareholder dissent about his mishandling of the massive $9.5 billion environmental disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon at the company's Annual General Meeting of shareholders today.     Read more...

Environmental Justice, Human Rights Groups, and Investors Demand Reform of Chevron Practices at Company’s Annual General Meeting

Oil giant targeted over environmental and human rights abuses worldwide, as stockholder concern grows
26 May 2015 | Amazon Watch, Friends of the Earth, SumofUs, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Justice In Nigeria Now

San Francisco, CA – An ever growing coalition of local, national and international environmental and human rights rights organizations are demanding Chevron Corp be held to account over its environmental and human rights abuses in the Amazon rainforest, Nigerian Delta, and across the bay at its Richmond refinery.     Read more...