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Crude Reflections Photo Exhibit Opens in San Ramon

Exhibit Captures Human Impact of ChevronTexaco's "Rainforest Chernobyl" in Ecuador
Series of 50 Photos Opens National Tour Of Several Cities Near Company Headquarters On Eve Of Shareholder Meeting

25 April 2005 | Amazon Watch

The photo exhibit Crude Reflections: ChevronTexaco's Rainforest Legacy, documenting the human and environmental impact of what experts believe is the worst oil-related environmental disaster on the planet, opens today just miles from ChevronTexaco's world headquarters in San Ramon.     Read more...

Shareholder Call for Chevron to Address Ecuador Abuses

7 April 2005 | Trillium Asset Management, New York State Comptroller, Amnesty International & Sisters of Mercy

A new coalition of Chevron Texaco shareholders gather support for resolution addressing ecuadorian contamination controversy.     Read more...

ChevronTexaco Resorts to Blackmail in Attempting to Win Historical Lawsuit in the Amazon

17 March 2005 | Amazon Watch

With this letter, ChevronTexaco requested that President Bush not re-certify Ecuador's most favored nation status this year.     Read more...

ChevronTexaco Faces Class-Action Lawsuit in Ecuador Over Environmental Damage

11 May 2004

A resolution asking ChevronTexaco to report on new initiatives to address its legacy of environmental damage in Ecuador gained nine percent support from shareowners.     Read more...

Amazon Indian Leader Tells ChevronTexaco His People are on the Brink of Extinction Due to the Company's Oil Contamination

ChevronTexaco CEO Attempts to Shift Blame for Oil Disaster – Calls Ecuador's Government "Inept" and "Inadequate"
29 April 2004 | Amazon Watch

At yesterday’s ChevronTexaco Annual Meeting, CEO David O’Reilly was met with a growing wave of controversy over the oil pollution his company left in the Ecuadorian Amazon following two decades of drilling. Amazonian indigenous leader Toribio Aguinda, renowned human rights advocate Bianca Jagger, shareholders and local clergy and labor leaders each appealed to Mr. O’Reilly for his corporation to clean up the expansive oil contamination his company created and that has resulted in an environmental disaster and health crisis in the rainforest region.      Read more...

Pressure Mounts on ChevronTexaco to Confront its Responsibility for the "Rainforest Chernobyl"

$6 Billion in Potential Liability For World's Largest Oil Disaster
26 April 2004 | Amazon Watch

As ChevronTexaco prepares for its Annual Shareholder Meeting on Wednesday, April 28th at its bucolic suburban office park outside of San Francisco, a host of players are moving closer to creating a "tipping point" to force the petroleum giant to confront its responsibility for the “Rainforest Chernobyl” that it systematically created in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...

ChevronTexaco Investors Travel to Ecuador for Fact-Finding Mission about the Corporation's Controversial Oil Operations

Representatives Control More than $360 Million in Company Stock
Will View Oil Pits, Meet with Indigenous Communities Suing ChevronTexaco, and Hear from Company Representatives

Amazon Watch

ChevronTexaco Investors travel to Ecuador forfact-finding mission about the corporation's controversial oil operations. Representatives control more than $360 million in company stock. Will view oil pits, meet with indigenous communities suing ChevronTexaco, and hear from company representatives.     Read more...