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Ecuador Villagers Seek to Block Patton Boggs Settlement Due to "Flagrant" Ethical Violations

22 May 2014 | Hinton Communications

Quito, Ecuador – Ecuadorian villagers are demanding that a U.S. federal court block the settlement between the Patton Boggs law firm and Chevron on the grounds that it contains "flagrant" ethical violations that impose severe prejudice on the indigenous rainforest communities that won a historic environmental judgment against the oil giant.     Read more...

Chevron Management Hit with Protests on Five Continents over Environmental Abuses

"Global Day of Action" Asks Consumers and Governments to Reject Chevron Products
21 May 2014 | Amazon Watch

Richmond, CA – In a global protest event spanning five continents, several communities affected by Chevron's sloppy operational practices call on consumers and governments to not do business with oil giant until the company's management team cleans up its act and implements new policies to better protect the environment.     Read more...

Chevron Tests Revealed Illegal Levels of Toxins

Fake cleanup misled villagers who built homes on polluted sites
12 May 2014 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – Contamination tests, taken by Chevron during an Ecuador trial, revealed illegal levels of toxins, some carcinogenic, in the soil and water of the Ecuadorian rainforest.     Read more...

Under Fire from Critics, Chevron CEO Quietly Moves Annual Shareholder Meeting to Remote Town in Texas

28 April 2014 | Gowen Group Law Office

San Francisco, CA – Under fire from shareholders and rainforest villagers over a $9.5 billion court judgment, Chevron CEO John Watson has made elaborate plans to move his annual meeting to a remote Texas town in the heart of oil country as a way to avoid his critics.     Read more...

Communities from Five Countries Blast Chevron Over Shoddy Environmental Practices

Launch Global Campaign Against Company and its Products
25 April 2014 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Community leaders from several countries, including indigenous and farmer communities from the rainforest of Ecuador, announced today a worldwide call for global day of actions in opposition to Chevron to be launched during late May just before the company's 2014 annual shareholders meeting.     Read more...

Report: Judge Kaplan Let Chevron Make "Mockery of Justice" in New York RICO Case

4 April 2014 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – A new report concludes Chevron made a "mockery of justice" and bribed a witness during its retaliatory RICO case in New York, leading to a likely reversal by U.S. appellate courts and a growing risk for the oil giant in jurisdictions where the villagers are trying to seize assets to pay for a clean-up of their ancestral lands.     Read more...

Donziger, Ecuadorians File Emergency Motion to Stay Judge Kaplan's RICO Decision

18 March 2014 | Donziger and Associates

New York, NY – aying the decision in Chevron's RICO case is without legal precedent, New York Attorney Steven Donziger and two Ecuadorian villagers today filed papers with Judge Lewis A. Kaplan seeking to stay his decision granting an injunction and other remedies to Chevron after it was hit with a $9.5 billion judgment in Ecuador for deliberately dumping toxic waste into the rainforest.     Read more...

Sentencia de Caso "RICO" No Detiene las Acciones de Cobro de las Victimas de Chevron

4 March 2014 | UDAPT

Quito, Ecuador – La decisión del juez Lews Kaplan en favor de Chevron – que condena a los moradores de la Amazonía ecuatoriana y a sus representantes – constituye una burla al Estado de Derecho, y no servirá para mitigar el riesgo que enfrenta la petrolera ante el inminente cobro de la sentencia dictada en su contra por la justicia ecuatoriana, sostiene Juan Pablo Sáenz, abogado de los indígenas y colonos que vencieron a la petrolera en las cortes ecuatorianas.     Read more...

Federal Ruling in Ecuador Pollution Case Violates First Amendment

4 March 2014 | Amazon Watch

New York, NY – Amazon Watch stands with Ecuadorian communities in rejecting a misguided judgment delaying justice for some 30,000 indigenous people and farmers who continue to suffer from the company's toxic legacy in the Amazon rainforest.     Read more...

Chevron's Flawed RICO Decision in Ecuador Case Violates First Amendment and Will Backfire in International Courts, Defendants Say

4 March 2014 | Donziger and Associates

New York, NY – A decision in favor of Chevron in a New York RICO case is wrong on the facts and the law, violates the First Amendment, and has little chance of helping the oil giant block international enforcement actions, according to statements issued today by the defendants.     Read more...