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Human Rights Organizations File Amicus Brief Opposing Chevron RICO Decision

Ruling poses serious threat to free speech and democracy
15 July 2014 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Chevron and U.S. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan have acted to trample the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens who dare to speak out against human rights abuses, environmental destruction and corporate misdeeds, according to human rights and environmental organizations Amnesty International, Amazon Watch, Friends of the Earth and the Rainforest Action Network, among others.     More »

Ecuador Villagers Seek to Block Patton Boggs Settlement Due to "Flagrant" Ethical Violations

22 May 2014 | Hinton Communications

Quito, Ecuador – Ecuadorian villagers are demanding that a U.S. federal court block the settlement between the Patton Boggs law firm and Chevron on the grounds that it contains "flagrant" ethical violations that impose severe prejudice on the indigenous rainforest communities that won a historic environmental judgment against the oil giant.     More »

Chevron Management Hit with Protests on Five Continents over Environmental Abuses

"Global Day of Action" Asks Consumers and Governments to Reject Chevron Products
21 May 2014 | Amazon Watch

Richmond, CA – In a global protest event spanning five continents, several communities affected by Chevron's sloppy operational practices call on consumers and governments to not do business with oil giant until the company's management team cleans up its act and implements new policies to better protect the environment.     More »

Chevron Tests Revealed Illegal Levels of Toxins

Fake cleanup misled villagers who built homes on polluted sites
12 May 2014 | Hinton Communications

New York, NY – Contamination tests, taken by Chevron during an Ecuador trial, revealed illegal levels of toxins, some carcinogenic, in the soil and water of the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »

In Chevron Case, Stratus' Truth-Telling Loses Out to Oil Company Money

12 April 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The decision by the environmental consulting firm Stratus to settle its legal dispute with Chevron and to criticize lawyers for the affected people in Ecuador represents a triumph of money and power over justice.     More »

Video Exposes Chevron's Decimation of Indigenous Groups In Ecuador's Amazon

A Sordid Tale of Crime and Cover-up By Major U.S. Oil Company
16 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In the Ecuadorian rainforest, far from the eyes of the U.S. news media, sits one of the world's most devastating environmental disasters – one that has killed numerous people and likely will kill thousands more in the coming years from cancer and other oil-related diseases if not properly remediated.     More »

Chevron Fraud Scandal In Ecuador Implicates Rice University Professor

Dr. Pedro J. Alvarez Asked to Disavow Report Submitted In $18 Billion Environmental Case In Ecuador
3 January 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – A prominent environmental engineering professor at Rice University has been implicated in a fraud scandal in Ecuador's courts after submitting a report defending Chevron that appears to be the product of fabricated evidence, say lawyers for the plaintiffs.     More »

Chevron Used Two Prominent U.S. Professors to Defraud Ecuador Court, Documents Reveal

Smoking Gun Evidence that Company Duped Its Own Paid Experts to Hide Presence of Cancer-causing toxins at Chevron Well Sites
29 December 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Even though it lost the historic $18 billion trial in Ecuador, Chevron continues to defraud Ecuador's appellate courts by refusing to disclose that it altered a key document to induce two U.S. academic "experts" to endorse fake testing methods to hide the presence of massive quantities of cancer-causing toxins at the company's former well sites in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest, according to new documents released under federal court order.     More »

Chevron Used Secret Lab to Hide Dirty Soil Samples from Ecuador Court, Say Company Documents

Oil Giant Also Duped Its Own Paid Experts To Give False Testimony About Deceptive Sampling
20 December 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – In an ever more stunning expose of Chevron's fraud before the Ecuador court, a U.S. federal judge has ordered the disclosure of documents that demonstrate Chevron used a secret lab in the United States to hide the existence of dirty soil samples taken from the company's contaminated former well sites in the Amazon.     More »

Key Documents & Court Filings from Aguinda Legal Team

April - July 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

On February 14th, a court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador ruled in favor of the residents of the Amazonian rainforest who have spent the last 18 years trying to force Chevron executives to clean up their deadly mess. Here are some essential documents for understanding this decision and the current status of the case.     More »

Press Kit on the Lago Agrio Ruling and Chevron's Retaliatory Attacks

March 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

On February 14th, a court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador ruled in favor of the residents of the Amazonian rainforest who have spent the last 18 years trying to force Chevron executives to clean up their deadly mess. Here are some essential documents for understanding this decision and the current status of the case.     More »

Texaco's Sham Remediation of Contamination at Well Sites

March 2011 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In 1995, Chevron entered into a remediation agreement with the Government of Ecuador. This agreement is in the center of Chevron's defense against the plaintiffs' charge that the oil giant intentionally contaminated the Ecuadorian rainforest. Without it, Chevron has no defense.     More »

Key Witness Testifies that Chevron Paid Bribes, Switched Soil Samples in $27b Ecuador Lawsui

Communities Urge Ecuadorian Prosecutors to Interview Chevron Contractor Diego Borja over Massive Fraud by Oil Giant
11 June 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A Chevron contractor bragged that he participated in a wide-ranging fraud by Chevron to pay bribes, fake court-ordered soil samples and doctor evidence to cover up the company's culpability in a $27.3 billion environmental lawsuit, according to sworn testimony from a key government witness.     More »

Chevron Lawyers Commit Fraud to Undercount Oil Contamination in Ecuador

29 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's lawyers are trying to defraud an Ecuadorian Court by reporting contamination results in an environmental trial using laboratory tests that intentionally exclude the detection of harmful hydrocarbons, representatives of the indigenous and farmer communities suing Chevron said today.     More »

Chevron Lied To Columbia Journalism Review About Toxic Oil Well

20 April 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The plaintiffs in the eco-disaster lawsuit in Ecuador against Chevron released information today that proves the oil giant lied to the highly respected Columbia Journalism Review about an oil well site in the rainforest featured in a 60 Minutes piece that aired almost a year ago.     More »

LA Times Editorial Calls For Investigation Into Chevron’s Release Of Its “Sting” Videotapes

September 7 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In an editorial this Saturday, the Los Angeles Times called for an investigation into Chevron’s production and release of its "sting" videotapes that seek to derail a $27 billion lawsuit brought against the company for oil contamination in the Ecuadorian rainforest.     More »

Ecuador vs. Chevron: Evidence of a Fix, or Video Entrapment?

3 September 2009 | TIME Magazine

The videos, recorded in June, show Judge Juan Nuñez in meetings with two men, an American and an Ecuadorian, who are allegedly soliciting cleanup deals. Nuñez appears to be merely explaining to them the judicial process involved in the Chevron suit.     More »

Chevron, Ecuador and a Clash of Cultures

Intertwined with the lawsuit are the indignities suffered by Ecuador's native peoples
29 August 2009 | Los Angeles Times

The facts of Aguinda vs. Texaco Inc. haven't changed since the lawsuit was first filed in 1993, but the world has. After 16 years of litigation in the United States and Ecuador, the lawsuit against Chevron Corp. has become a cause celebre among human rights activists and environmentalists.     More »

Oil, Ecuador and Its People

Today, a swath of the Ecuadorean Amazon remains contaminated beyond imagining. Neither side disputes the devastation, only who should pay for it. Chevron says it is the state oil company's responsibility
28 August 2009 | Los Angeles Times

Today, a swath of the Ecuadorean Amazon remains contaminated beyond imagining. Neither side disputes the devastation, only who should pay for it. Chevron says it is the state oil company's responsibility.     More »

Chevron's Amazon 'Fake Cleanup' Trial

25 June 2009 | United Press International

A report submitted this week to a court in Ecuador finding dangerous levels of contamination at oil wells Chevron says it cleaned up in the 1990s is expected to reinforce a fraud indictment against two Chevron lawyers in a $27.3 billion environmental lawsuit against the oil company.     More »

New Evidence of Chevron Fraud From Final Judicial Inspections in $27 Billion Environmental Case

24 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Evidence that two Chevron lawyers committed fraud in Ecuador apparently has grown stronger with a new court-ordered report finding extensive levels of toxic contamination at two oil well sites that the company claimed to have “remediated” in the mid-1990s.      More »

Chevron Providing Misleading Information to Shareholders about Failed Remediation

Evidence Shows Oil Giant Continues to Deceive Shareholders
4 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Battered by negative publicity and shareholder pressure over a potential $27 billion environmental liability in Ecuador, Chevron’s legal team is mischaracterizing the scientific evidence in a lawsuit to try to claim billions of gallons of toxic waste it dumped in the Amazon pose no risk to human health, representatives of the Amazon communities charged today.     More »

Chevron Has Only Itself to Blame for Historic $16 Billion Claim in Ecuador Case, Lawyers Say

Company's Bungled Legal Strategy Created Much of Scientific Proof Used Against It by Independent Court Expert
14 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has only itself to blame for facing a judgment of up to $16 billion in a historic environmental case in Ecuador because it produced most of the evidence that is now being used against it, say representatives of the rainforest groups that brought the case.     More »

Report on Chevron's Deceptive Sampling Techniques

8 March 2006

This 2006 report analyzes the soil sampling and analysis techniques used by Chevron's experts at sites under inspection in Ecuador. It concludes that Chevron used methods that were calculated in several ways to minimize or hide evidence of contamination.     More »

August 2005 Press Kit on Judicial Inspection Results

Scientific Results in Ecuador Trial Point to a Billion-Dollar Liability for Chevron
24 August 2005 | Amazon Watch / Amazon Defense Coalition

The included tables compare the results of soil and water samples taken by the plaintiffs and by Chevron, revealing that even Chevron's own samples reveal strong evidence of contamination above Ecuadorian norms. As early as 2005, Chevron was proving the case against itself.     More »