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In Chevron Case, Stratus' Truth-Telling Loses Out to Oil Company Money

12 April 2013 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The decision by the environmental consulting firm Stratus to settle its legal dispute with Chevron and to criticize lawyers for the affected people in Ecuador represents a triumph of money and power over justice.     More »

New Evidence That Chevron Used U.S. Professors to Defraud Ecuador Court In $18 Billion Environmental Lawsuit

Alvarez and Mackay Under Spotlight For Defending Efforts to Hide Contamination From Ecuador Judge
7 February 2012 | Amazon Defense Coalition

New York, NY – Chevron is refusing to deny that it defrauded Ecuador's courts by altering a key document to induce U.S. academic "experts" to endorse fake testing methods to hide the presence of massive quantities of cancer-causing toxins at the company's former well sites in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.     More »

Chevron's Ecuador Cancer Problem: 10,000 People at Risk of Contracting Disease in Coming Decades, Says Expert

Oil Giant Faces Up to $69 Billion in Liability for Potential Cancer Deaths
14 October 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – Almost 10,000 people in Ecuador face a significant risk of contracting cancer in the coming decades due to Chevron's refusal to clean up the billions of gallons of oil waste it dumped into the rain forest, a leading American expert has reported to the Ecuador court where Chevron is a defendant in a multi-billion dollar environmental trial.     More »

Chevron Should Pay for Its Pollution in Ecuador

1 October 2010 | The Wall Street Journal

Scientific evidence from experts demonstrates that Chevron has been contaminating an area in Ecuador the size of Rhode Island and taking advantage of indigenous groups for decades. Now Chevron is trying to sabotage a seven-year trial to evade accountability.     More »

Summary of Analysis of Damages to Ecuador's Amazon Basin

17 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In accordance with the Ecuador Court's Order, the Ecuadorian communities submitted a legal brief along with six Annexes prepared by environmental, economic, and medical consultants retained by the communities. These expert valuation assessments were submitted to add additional scientific analysis and insight for the Court on the issue of damages utilizing evidence in the record and from relevant public studies.     More »

Plaintiffs Up Alleged Chevron Damages in Ecuador

17 September 2010 | Associated Press

The plaintiffs suing Chevron Corp. over oil contamination in a large swath of Ecuador's jungle have raised their estimate of damages to a range of $40 billion to $90 billion. The plaintiffs' previous damages claim of $27 billion had been endorsed by the court-appointed expert in the bitter, long-running case.     More »

Discovery Closed In $27B Enviro Suit Against Chevron

17 September 2010 | Law360

An Ecuadorean judge overseeing a multibillion-dollar environmental suit accusing Texaco Petroleum Co. of polluting the Amazon rain forest has closed the evidentiary phase of the trial, even though Texaco parent Chevron Corp. hoped to present more information discovered through related litigation in U.S. courts.     More »

Chevron Faces Tens of Billions in Clean-up Costs; Potential Death Toll Put at 10,000 in Ecuador Rainforest

Top American Technical Experts Weigh In On High-Profile Damages Case
17 September 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A group of highly respected American technical and medical experts, using conservative assumptions, have concluded that it could cost Chevron up to tens of billions of dollars to clean up oil waste discharged into Ecuador's rainforest and compensate local communities for the damage it caused over the 26 years it operated a large oil concession, according to valuation assessments submitted Thursday to the Ecuador trial court.     More »

Chevron's Amazon 'Fake Cleanup' Trial

25 June 2009 | United Press International

A report submitted this week to a court in Ecuador finding dangerous levels of contamination at oil wells Chevron says it cleaned up in the 1990s is expected to reinforce a fraud indictment against two Chevron lawyers in a $27.3 billion environmental lawsuit against the oil company.     More »

Cancer Study in Village of San Carlos

Occupational Environmental Medicine

This report, published in Occupational Environmental Medicine by M San Sebastián, B Armstrong, J A Córdoba and C Stephens, highlights the high rate of cancer suffered by the Ecuadorian rainforest community of San Carlos, linking this to toxins found in local drinking water that result from oil contamination.     More »

Letter Arguing that Chevron Misleads About Health Impacts

April 2005

Fifty eminent scientists and doctors from across Latin America, North America and Europe write to the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health to warn that Chevron's paid experts may mislead about the health impacts of the oil giant's operations in Ecuador.     More »

Incidence of Childhood Leukemia and Oil Exploitation in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador

July 2004 | International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

This disturbing scientific report published in the July 2004 edition of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health by Anna Karin Hurtig and Miguel San Sebastian, links Chevron's extensive oil contamination of the Ecuadorian rainforest to instances of child leukemia that are three times the national average.     More »

A Public Health Emergency

Oil exploitation in the Amazon basin of Ecuador: a public health emergency
Pan American Journal of Public Health

This report by Miguel San Sebastián and Anna-Karin Hurtig, which was published by the Pan American Journal of Public Health in 2004, summarizes the evidence that there is a public health emergency in the Ecuadorian Oriente, and that these conditions are linked to the region's history of oil exploitation and pollution.     More »

Scientist Recommends Petroecuador Face Pollution Trial

29 October 2003 | Associated Press

A Spanish scientist working with plaintiffs in a lawsuit accusing Texaco of polluting part of Ecuador's Amazon jungle said Wednesday that the company's former partner - state-owned Petroecuador - should also face trial.     More »

"Yana Curi" Report on Health Impacts of Oil Activity

Report providing an overview of negative health impacts suffered in the Oriente in the presence of oil development.     More »

Pregnancy and Oil Contamination

October 2002 | International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

This report, published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health by Miguel San Sebastián, PhD, Ben Armstrong, PhD and Carolyn Stephens, PhD., details tests that determined toxic levels of contaminants in drinking water produced higher levels of spontaneous abortion than in areas with non-toxic drinking water.     More »

Geographical Differences in Cancer Incidence in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador in Relation to Residence Near Oil Fields

International Journal of Epidemiology of the International Epidemiological Association

This report on a study completed by Anna-Karin Hurtig and Miguel San Sebastián was printed in the UK by the International Journal of Epidemiology of the International Epidemiological Association. It examines the link between cancer risk and exposure to oil operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     More »