News and Multimedia from 2006

Ecuador seeks Chevron probe

U.S. officials asked to look at rain forest contamination claim
23 December 2006 | San Francisco Chronicle

Ecuador's attorney general has asked U.S. officials to investigate Chevron Corp's alleged "fraud and deceit" connected with oil-field contamination in the Amazon rain forest, the latest salvo in a long-running legal dispute.     Read more...

Ecuador Attorney General Asks U.S. Justice Department to Investigate Chevron Fraud

Quito Claims Oil Giant Misrepresented Test Results In Rainforest Clean-Up
Amazon Watch

Ecuador has taken the unusual step of formally requesting the U.S. Justice Department investigate Chevron over a possible fraud to cover up what experts believe could be the largest oil-related contamination in the world. - one 30 times larger than the Exxon Valdez spill.     Read more...

Myths and Facts About the Ecuador Disaster

Analyzing Chevron's Misleading Claims
20 November 2006

Document debunking 13 of Chevron's lies and distortions about its liability in Ecuador for the world’s worst oil-related environmental disaster.     Read more...

Investigation Cites Seven Examples of Chevron Fraud in Ecuador Rainforest

Indicates Oil Giant Paid Less Than 1% of Actual Cost Of Clean-Up, Then Lied About Results
15 November 2006 | Amazon Watch

A new investigative report on Chevron's controversial operations in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest details seven examples of fraud committed by the oil giant to hide a potential multi-billion dollar liability from shareholders and the financial markets.     Read more...

Mother Who Testified About Toxic Pollution In Chevron Rainforest Trial Dies of Cancer

Family In San Carlos Has Suffered Multiple Deaths
15 November 2006 | Amazon Defense Coalition

A woman with three teen-aged children from a community in the Amazon rainforest known as the "cancer zone" has died of the fatal disease just months after accusing Chevron in court testimony of having dumped tons of toxic waste near her small farm.     Read more...

Ecuadorians Seek Chevron Ruling

15 November 2006 | Associated Press

A lawyer for indigenous groups suing Chevron Corp. said Monday the judge should skip further analysis of wells and rule on their charge that the U.S. oil giant never properly cleaned up toxic pollution in a swath of Amazon jungle.     Read more...

Embattled Chevron Executive to Be Put Under Oath Today In $6 Billion Rainforest Lawsuit

Testimony of Reis Veiga Comes As New Report Details Chevron’s Growing Problems in Ecuador
8 November 2006 | Amazon Watch

Embattled Chevron Executive Richard Reis Veiga, already under investigation in Ecuador on fraud charges over his role in a botched environmental clean-up, is scheduled to be put under oath today by Ecuador's government as part of a multi-billon dollar civil case in U.S. federal court to determine who pays for what experts believe is the world's worst oil-related contamination.     Read more...

Amnesty International Issues Second Urgent Action To Protect Team Suing Chevron Over Rainforest Disaster

Cites "Grave Danger" In Ecuador over Historic Environmental Lawsuit
7 November 2006 | Amazon Watch

Amnesty International has issued a second "urgent action" bulletin citing "grave danger" in Ecuador for members of a team of lawyers and scientists suing the U.S. corporation Chevron after an attempted robbery of the woman who serves as a press spokesperson for the group.     Read more...

Report on Texaco's Fraudulent "Remediation" in the 1990s

November 2006

This report, assembled by the Amazon Defense Coalition, identifies the major ways in which Texaco's alleged remediation of its contaminated waste pits from 1995 to 1998 was a fraud, and in fact left high levels of contamination at many sites.     Read more...

Amnesty International Bulletin on Threats and Intimidation

Ecuador: Further Information on Fear for Safety
3 November 2006 | Amnesty International

In response to reports of threats and attacks on members of the legal and scientific team challenging Chevron in Ecuador, Amnesty International issued an "urgent action bulletin" to draw attention to the danger faced by these individuals.     Read more...