News and Multimedia from 2009

Statement of Amazon Defense Coalition Over Allegations by Chevron in $27B Ecuador Environmental Case

31 August 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – Statement from Karen Hinton, spokeswoman from Amazon Defense Coalition.     Read more...

Chevron, Ecuador and a Clash of Cultures

Intertwined with the lawsuit are the indignities suffered by Ecuador's native peoples
29 August 2009 | Los Angeles Times

The facts of Aguinda vs. Texaco Inc. haven't changed since the lawsuit was first filed in 1993, but the world has. After 16 years of litigation in the United States and Ecuador, the lawsuit against Chevron Corp. has become a cause celebre among human rights activists and environmentalists.     Read more...

Oil, Ecuador and Its People

Today, a swath of the Ecuadorean Amazon remains contaminated beyond imagining. Neither side disputes the devastation, only who should pay for it. Chevron says it is the state oil company's responsibility
28 August 2009 | Los Angeles Times

Today, a swath of the Ecuadorean Amazon remains contaminated beyond imagining. Neither side disputes the devastation, only who should pay for it. Chevron says it is the state oil company's responsibility.     Read more...

Ecuadorean Lawyer Battles Big Oil

The award-winning activist has been working for years on a class-action lawsuit against Texaco
27 August 2009 | The Register-Guard

Troubled by the impact of oil industry contamination on his Lago Agrio region, Pablo Fajardo at 18 led a local group seeking cleanup and reparations. He became an attorney and at 35 assumed the role of lead counsel in a David vs. Goliath lawsuit against Chevron, which acquired Texaco in 2001.     Read more...

Corporation Responsible for Worst Oil-Related Disaster on Earth Sponsors Nonprofits Conference

Chevron Continues PR Campaign to Mask Human Rights Abuses in Ecuador
27 August 2009 | Amazon Watch

San Francisco – Chevron, a company facing widespread criticism by many Bay Area organizations for human rights abuses and environmental destruction, is the primary sponsor of CompassPoint's "Nonprofit Day".      Read more...

Amazon Watch Letter to CompassPoint Non-Profit Day Participants

27 August 2009 | Amazon Watch

As your organization participates in CompassPoint’s annual Nonprofit Day, we wish to share important information with you about the involvement of the event’s flagship sponsor - Chevron - in serious, ongoing human rights violations in what is being called the worst oil related disaster on the planet.     Read more...

Big Penalties Loom for Chevron in Ecuador

An Ecuadoran judge's ruling in an environmental case may make U.S. companies rethink the strategy of pushing lawsuits into overseas courts
24 August 2009 | Business Week

Sixteen years after it was first filed and seven years after it was tossed out of U.S. courts, an environmental contamination lawsuit growing out of Texaco's oil drilling in Ecuador has become a giant legal and public relations headache for Chevron (CVX), which bought Texaco in 2001.     Read more...

Groundbreaking Film CRUDE Nominated for "Best Documentary" at the 24th Imagen Awards

20 August 2009 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch has launched a special campaign to promote CRUDE, Joe Berlinger’s award-winning documentary film that chronicles the epic battle to hold oil giant Chevron (formerly Texaco) accountable for it’s systematic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon – an environmental tragedy experts call "the Rainforest Chernobyl."     Read more...

Chevron Suffers Further Setbacks in $27 Billion Ecuador Environmental Trial

Court Fines Chevron Lawyer for Causing Delay; Criminal Prosecution Gains Steam
18 August 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

An Ecuadorian trial judge dealt Chevron another setback when he fined the company’s local counsel for trying to delay the end of a $27 billion environmental trial and referred a court-ordered report to Ecuador’s national prosecutor for possible use in a criminal prosecution of the company, according to court papers made available this week.     Read more...

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

18 August 2009

Amazon Watch has a new animation from Mark Fiore that sends Chevron a stern warning to clean up their mess in Ecuador!     Read more...